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  1. _IronPig_

    How to save screenshot?

    Hold down the Windows key, press left Shift key, and the S key. you can then select which part of the screen to snip
  2. _IronPig_

    Research Bureau for Noobs

    this, from Stats Bloke:
  3. _IronPig_

    Game won't Start

    Update graphics card drivers, Restart computer, Launch game in Safe Mode (drop-down arrow next to orange "Play" button)
  4. _IronPig_

    Stuck on Pre-battle Team Screen

    Thanks wyoedbrown, your solution worked for me! This is the mod that I uninstalled to fix the problem:
  5. _IronPig_

    Stuck on Pre-battle Team Screen

    Same thing just happened to me -- stuck at pre-battle screen. All I could do is press W key 4 times and I assume my ship drove straight ahead into battle? Fortunately, I was in a FDG so I ended up with 2 kills, 79k damage thanks to over 200 secondary hits lol; all while being effectively blind and afk.
  6. _IronPig_

    Resetting the Tech Tree

    Excellent video from StatsBloke explaining the Research Bureau:
  7. _IronPig_

    Warships stuck on LOGGING IN...

    Restart computer, then try to Launch the Game in Safe Mode
  8. this excellent video thoroughly explains the Research Bureau in detail:
  9. _IronPig_

    IJN colored flak bursts

    I believe they were the main gun shells that contained a different color dye for each Japanese capital ship: "The Americans, unfamiliar with battleship combat, were soon astonished by the spectacle of colorful geysers as the first volleys of shellfire found their range. Nagato used a brilliant pink, Haruna used a greenish yellow variously described as green or yellow by the Americans, and Kongō used a blood red dye which could appear red, purple, or even blue in some circumstances. Yamato used no dye loads, so her shell splashes appeared white" "The Japanese reliance on optical range finders aided by color-coded dye loads in each shell and mechanical calculators made it difficult for them to identify their targets through the rain and smoke and limited their ability to maneuver while firing. The different colored splashes the Japanese shells made as they hit the water by the American ships after a near miss prompted one American sailor to quip "They're shooting at us in Technicolor!" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_off_Samar
  10. _IronPig_

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    Free day of Premium Account -- expand the last section of the article, "Other Changes and Improvements", click the orange button "Claim Your Gift"
  11. UNDERWATER Gives two each of the Economic Flags
  12. Great video! YT videos from Mark Felton about the IJN submarine attacks on Australia:
  13. Might be an issue with over-heating? Open up the case and clean out any dust especially on the CPU and video card cooling fans.
  14. _IronPig_

    200% Weekend?

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/five-years-of-victories/ Ends morning of the 24th
  15. _IronPig_

    Naval legends code

    400k credits