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  1. tincan7

    PTS 0.11.5 pt 2

    I do like this version of convoy better than the other one. The more convoy routes - the better I think. Would it be possible to have only the Escort Team know the Convoy route? r/ Still dont like subs - pls loose the homing torps and the faster than a DD reload
  2. tincan7

    Ship's Log: Rental Submarines

    Still not a fan of OP Subs Sry r/
  3. tincan7

    Brawls in Update 0.11.3: Round 2

    Indeed, my thoughts almost exactly the same, played 1st game went great, 2nd game, think we might have been the 44% Clan, not so good. That aside, seemed no different than a Clan, rank or Random Battle with less/more ships. Do you get higher XP rewards? Why play this mode other than you can play with larger DIV? Dont get it sry - sure seems like a Random with a time window. r/
  4. Loose the Homing torps and Sub would be less OP. I don't mind CV's or Subs, different play style when gong against them - could test out a battle mode with and without CVs and Subs - and see what happens r/
  5. tincan7

    PTS 0.11.3

    Superships: Not really a fan - will get them as they become available to remain completive. Italian Destroyers: No interest, sry. Dockyard: Be nice to be able to play the Atlantico - also, rewards seem kind of lackluster for the grind as compared to previous dockyard events. Visual Improvements: Very well done - be nice to fix shell rotation when hitting the "Z" key to watch rounds go down range. Currently they spin the wrong direction. You have the flags trailing in the correct direction - shell spin should be easy fix. HD Textures: Again, nice. Aircraft Camos: Pretty - could there be AC camo with similar effects/bonus such as offered by the different ship camos? Submarines: No comment, No interest. Sry. Observations/Suggestions: A convoy battle type where defenders are in DDs/Cruisers/Battleships and attackers are in subs/DDs/cruisers Higher Tier (and maybe lower Tier) Operations would be nice. Stuns - WOT has them when arty hits near and Cdr can get knocked out from a hit - something to look at if ship has max fires or bridge is hit (a certain amount of times) that max effectiveness of all Ship Characteristics/CDR skills reduced slightly for several seconds. Not prevented from use, just say 10% less effective for a short period of time. Reduce number of modes in PTS, seems to be a long wait to enter a mode. r/
  6. tincan7

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    Naval Battles - Is start time "Tme Zone" driven?
  7. Naval Battles - Is start time "Tme Zone" driven?


  8. tincan7

    Turtle Ship in the Armory

    Wooden Ships - your getting closer to doing Iron Clads from the late 1860's That would be way more fun than spinning around in a wired looking DD spamming torps High praise to the Art Department for the great in-game graphics r/
  9. Bourgogne or Incomparable.

    Any thoughts on which one to get?


  10. tincan7

    Warship Size Comparison: Axis Powers

    Nice video Could you add Commission dates? (of if a paper ship design timeframe) Thanks and 15 out of 10 Stars for the Art Department r/ P.S. - would like to add your emojis to my cellphone - is that possible?
  11. tincan7

    Kawanishi H8K: The Turns of Fate

    Cant wait for Coast Watchers to be added to the game to spot enemy ship movement - not That said - nice article Many thanks r/
  12. Thanks for your service AirCrewChief r/
  13. I saw a barn fly in a wind storm a few years back.
  14. tincan7

    Results: Aviere Camouflage Contest

    Download not working in game Worked on WOWS website r/
  15. tincan7

    Results: Aviere Camouflage Contest

    Download not working r/