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  1. tincan7

    Big Hunt: Results

    Glad to see it go New Operations would be time better spent I think - at least maybe a Ironclad 1860's - 1880's theme - that would be fun r/
  2. Leroy Jenkins should at 21 Points should be MCPO of the Navy r/
  3. Jenkins' top rank should be MCPO of the Navy at 21 Points r/
  4. tincan7

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    Battle of the Beasts - yet another step away from Navel Battles. Civil War Iron Clad battles (1860-1890's maybe) would keep original theme - yet offer something new - SCI-FI, no interest at all, sry Art Department hit a home run with the Parachutes!!!! r/
  5. April fools - rats, like this better than the Big Hunt r/
  6. tincan7

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    Really? Think a Civil War Iron Clad format would me a better choice r/
  7. tincan7

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    Very nice Effects update. Makes the game that more interesting When will you correct the spin of artillery? Currently when you press the Z key to follow your rounds down range, they spin the wrong direction Keep up the great work r/
  8. When that happens to me - Repeated (not just oops I mashed the shoot button while pointing at you and hitting the F11 key for a well done) well aimed shots from an Ally, I just sail away if I can - its a game, dont worry about those that cause you damage and do not apologize. You intentionally shoot an Ally - Not good - never good r/
  9. tincan7

    [ALL] ModStation

    Many thanks - had the same issue r/
  10. tincan7

    Ship Loan

    Good idea - team mates could loan team mates ships to try out
  11. Nice fix's - wonder when proper shell rotation will be addressed. If you press Z to follow your shells - they rotate left instead of right r/
  12. tincan7

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    Sry no interest r/
  13. American Civil War area Iron Clads would be nice r/
  14. really? My Little Pony next?