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  1. tincan7

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Very Well Done r/
  2. Well Done, very well indeed r/USN 32 yrs
  3. For me the Mass was the bread winner I ran the Tirp (14% win) the Benson (24% win) and Kidd (50% win) and did not have much luck It all changed when I ran the Mass - thanks to tips from Jingles and Zoup Did not think I would like 1 vs 1 - but turned out to be a great proving grounds, and will definitely improve my game play Think it took around 84 games to rank out - not the best player as you can see. r/
  4. Would like to see the runner ups r/
  5. tincan7

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    Nice job on the visualizations - will this also include getting the shells to rotate to the right instead of the current to the left - which no shipboard artillery does? Great game keep up the good work r/
  6. nice - thanks would suggest finding an English major to proof the text. r/
  7. you are sadly mistaken my friend
  8. So WG wants to know who from the US Military is playing?
  9. Let me get this straight - WG (Russian) wants to know who is in our Military (US, EU....)
  10. tincan7

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    Glad you fixed the banner in port thing - can you pls fix the proper rotation of shells in flight when you press Z to follow your shells fired? Currently they rotate to the left - all Naval Artillery rotate to the right Thanking you in advance r/ P.S. - great game keep up the good work!!!
  11. tincan7

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    ALso not sold on the new NTC Maybe win a set amount of games in each Tier (in order) to gain special items Maybe once 19 Point Skippers in all grind ships in one line - then you can spend ship XP (that you really cant use unless you fork out $$$$$$ to convert) on special items with additional super duper items available when all Premium Ships (that you own) in the same line also have 19 PT Skippers Once this is done then a Battle E goes on the smoke stack or some other scare badge type marker. Special items like -4% detectability, +5% shell dispersion, new flags that would increased fire and flooding protection - anything that may increase ship survivability without getting too crazy r/
  12. tincan7

    Apollo Splashdown - Space Camo

    Don't really like the idea of fringe camo in in historical play - kanda takes away from the historical part r/
  13. Looking good WG Will the correct shell rotation be addressed soon? Shells rotate to the right not to the left - minor thing, yet really stands out. It would be like the flags not changing direction with the ship reverses after hitting one of those sneaky islands Great game - keep up the good work - and keep it real as historical real as possible r/ p.s. - am sure you meant CV speed will increase to 35 kts not increase by 35 kts which would mean Midway could do 60+ kts :)