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  1. What about clans with less than 7?
  2. anyone know where to get the flags? am missing 2 of them r/
  3. Would like to see a "Heads-Up" type display when someone wants to send a message directly to a player. Click on a team mate and send message that displays upper center of screen for a few seconds - just long enough to get their attention. Messages like "hard to port torps coming" or "request smoke" for example Believe this might facilitate working as a team more Thank you for your time and a great game r/
  4. Pigeon Heads-Up display of messages meant for you Would be nice to be able to warn a team mate of pending danger/doom via canned messages similar to the current F-Key generic options I.E. – Tincan7 – Hard to Port Torps, Tincan7 – Stand by for smoke, Tincan7 request smoke ASAP....... Would be nice to click on a team mate and send a “canned” message of importance directly to him or her with this message appearing center upper screen for 2-3 seconds ​In the heat of battle - one may not have time to glance at the message board Would help in coordinating warnings sharp maneuvers and such Also, in WOT I like to take the time to send positive notes to players who had good games – so ability to send notes after battle is over would be very nice – and might promote more comradery ​Last but not least - an option to make the ship's names bigger on screen would be very very nice - for tired old eyes Thank you for your time r/Tincan7