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  1. Karma - Real life

    Camo68, on 25 January 2017 - 08:50 PM, said: Here's a few more. Over the next day or so I will scan it to a pdf booklet and share. Camo68 these are excellent! thanks for sharing...looking forward to your presentation, good luck!
  2. Karma - Real life

    Camo68, on 25 January 2017 - 07:16 PM, said: if there is interest I can scan and post all the images. Wow! that's luck what a historical gem to get your hands on...certainly would like to see more. Thanks for sharing the previous pics.
  3. ​hey there Doom, been checking out these photo presentations for a bit...[oh yes I'm a history fiend] these are quite impressive, just thought you should know. Great work! +1...can't wait to see the next installation. all the best!
  4. Any guitar players on here?

    ​ ... hello there gentlemen! I know , I know, a little late to the party... [ironic for a drummer?]... good to meet you all! Fletcher7_1944, on 03 January 2017 - 03:21 PM, said: I was just wondering. I got into it at the age of 40 or so, something I'd always been interested in but never tried. (my first experience with playing a musical instrument as a kid went over like a lead balloon... I had no idea what a cool instrument the sax really was,lol.) Can't say I'm any good, but it's fun to try! Just no time to learn, with a full time job... ...it can certainly jazz things up FreebirdTHB, on 03 January 2017 - 03:50 PM, said: Nice, after years of relative little progress and boredom with the few songs I knew, I sat the guitar down. Picked it back up a couple years ago and haven't looked back. I wish you tube had been around in 1983. There are some good teachers to be found there. yeah it's crazy how things have progressed as far as technology and outboard gear and the internet. I think my head would've exploded back then if it was anything like today and all the possibilities... Umikami, on 03 January 2017 - 04:31 PM, said: Has an old, banded Strat and he plays it on his back while he sings out louie, lou-eye. (and been doin just that since about 1969, bro; ROCK ON!!) ​...now I'd pay to see that show! = [CHEERS!]
  5. pck3, on 15 January 2017 - 11:40 PM, said: That would NEVER get a terroristic threat charge...... so what laws are you referring to? perhaps these... US Legal - Is making threats over the internet illegal? & 18 U.S. Code § 875 - Interstate communications​ and here's just an example... "When is an online threat illegal and when is it free speech; CBS News? even though state laws may differ
  6. ... OP, this seems familiar, (wonder if the offenders name is the same on my blacklist?) as long as I've been here there seems to be more of this occurring, perhaps WG needs to start paying more attention to those IP address associated with those accounts. Believe it or not, in todays world, what those kind of people that think it's funny, cool or for whatever reason... acts like that can start to fall into "cyberbullying", which is also a crime.
  7. Question to no lifes

    khorender_1, on 15 January 2017 - 02:10 PM, said: My wife lets me be generous with my retirement now that's hilarious and a great response! +1 as for me personally... because I can...LIFES GOOD!
  8. Musicology... how you feel about this list?

    ... Well Jimi Hendrix did play a right handed guitar upside down and restrung backwards, so, that is a challenge
  9. Face palm...

    injunmick, on 14 January 2017 - 03:00 PM, said: Thats great, put what you said on the pic, would be great. ...ok, you asked, I oblige
  10. Face palm...

    Just because the game is WoWs does not mean it's like WoW... there are no quests to explore or see out there...
  11. ​Like with all things, the advances in technology are making for some interesting ideologies. However, this isn't an FX or Syfy episode either. now think... in 5-10 yrs from now... what these may evolve into [for example = the cell phones since 2006]