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  1. EvilTim666

    Armory doesn't load

    I fixed it by going back to port, and then opened the armoury again.
  2. EvilTim666

    Error Contacting Server

    Femmenenly (sp?) is looking into it apparently.
  3. EvilTim666

    Error Contacting Server

    Same as other people - cannot connect to the update server. Internet connection is fine.
  4. EvilTim666

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    I received warnings from Norton AV complaining that the digital signature was not valid for the game and for the browser process that loads when you go into the armoury.
  5. EvilTim666

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    I am a bit of a whale. I've bought a lot of ships, containers, etc. I took one look at the AL containers and said ... nope! These are not even remotely worth it. ~10$ (Cdn) per container? No way. $4, $3, maybe even $5 ... maybe. $10. No way. (now, if there was a chance to get the ship with the captain, then they might be worth it) Tim
  6. EvilTim666

    My 80 Halloween Premium Container Haul

    I bought 40 - I got (from memory - which ain't very good!) - 2x25K XP - 3-4 permanent camos (had the rest already) - 7.5K gold - 3-4 combat missions - an absolute (I can't say it in the forums)-ton of camos (mostly the sword wind? camo + many halloween camos) If I didn't have most of the permanent camos I might have gotten more. Still, you're probably looking at about a 20-25% chance of something other than a 15x (some camo).
  7. EvilTim666

    Royal Navy ARC DD mission drop rate

    Bought 26 crates. Got 2 missions in the first 5-6 containers. Bought some more containers using sovereigns, got the Jervis in the very last standard container (something like 16-21 standard containers total) Tim
  8. I opened 20 premium containers and 10 small/non-premium containers. I got the tier 5 and 6 quickly (1st prem container, then 5-6th prem container I think), and then nothing else.
  9. EvilTim666

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Randomly: Tier IV - Imperator N. - 100K, Myogi - 100K, Phoenix - 100K Tier V - New York - 133K Tier VI - 162K damage, New Mex. 151K - Warspite Tier VIII - 187K - Tirpitz Fastest to 100K damage: Kongo - less than 4 minutes. :) Kills: 5 - Arkansas Beta, Nagato, Wyoming, Arizona, Phoenix, Chester (sorry), Caledon 6 - Myogi, St. Louis, 7 - Omaha