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  1. 901234

    Puerto Rico's Citadel?

    That armor viewer that Yuro used [or at least where the image was acquired from] is from GM3d, which mines this stuff. Warship's own built in armor viewer generally does not provide this kind of detail. Unfortunately, GM3d is a paid service so unless you are willing to fork over some money you probably won't be able to view this without mining it yourself.
  2. Does anyone happen to have gameparams.data [extracted from res_packages/content using WG unpack tool] from previous patches? [further decoding is not necessary - I found code that does that] I want to compare shell ballistics from previous patches PM me if you happen to have them - list which patches they are unless they are somewhere inside the file that I didn't notice
  3. 901234

    So, the Kremlin's getting nerfed

    FYI - Shells with higher penetration retain more velocity when passing through armor of the same thickness than shells with lower penetration. - So Krupp can in fact increase over-penetrations by increasing the velocity of shells after penetration
  4. 901234

    So, the Kremlin's getting nerfed

    If they changed the Krupp of the shell - then penetration will be lower by the same percentage of drop If they reduced the mass of the shell - then penetration will be lower and shell trajectories will be a bit more floaty [air drag slows down the shell more] - Likely Effects: Less effective at penetrating angled high tier battleships Fewer over-penetrations in certain cases [Lower penetration, Lower impact velocity -> Lower post penetration velocity] Marginally harder to hit ships at range Marginally easier to shoot over islands [Ofc significance of change depends on actual values] Edit: They actually increased the Krupp and reduced the mass - This actually meant the penetration went up with a slight increase in flight times and reduction in impact velocities
  5. In b4 thread gets closed from 42% WR 1k battles shimakaze players
  6. 901234

    Cruiser bow plating question

    fairly certain those are just single plates [like there aren't plates right behind each other]- though you can remove the rest of the ship and check it from the other side to confirm
  7. 901234

    Moskva Concealment should be buffed

    btw - Moskva range with Legendary Mod is 21km
  8. Radar and hydro are like proximity detection - everything in the radius [center of the ship to the center of the ship I think] gets lit up regardless of line of sight, smoke, or even weather events - If you have these consumables equipped on your ship you can click on the settings icon next to the map to show the circle of detection for these consumables - note these don't 100% line up so you should try to get used to them and you have to do this with each ship you have equipped Hydro can be used for and is very effective for torpedo detection but in certain cases of rushing people and especially if you have German hydro - which have better detection ranges tier for tier Deepwater torps have new icons - larger of the new ones cannot hit DDs [Pan Asian DDs - for now], smaller one [Asashio torps] can only hit BBs and CVs - they compensate for having very short torpedo acquisition distances [much easier to hit targets that you can hit] Cruisers generally have to be aware of BB salvos at every distance - they have more than enough pen to force you to use auto bounce pretty much all ranges to not regularly get citadelled Also when AP-ing BBs with cruisers you can check the casemate values of BBs in the armor viewer in game - then you can check whether you can pen each section with penetration calculators like this: https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ - though in general heavy cruisers can ap bb casemates at almost all engagement ranges provided autobounce and ability to hit the shells Cruisers also generally should not fire AP on DDs as getting pens is inconsistent - few exceptions here and there but still [Probably more text heavy than you may have liked but it isn't that easy to come up with accurate and simpler answers]
  9. It should be worth noting that most island positions do have certain limitations in the angle of fire and minimum distance where you can shoot over. Most of these positions tend to be slightly more centralized, one can spam these positions from map edges. Some of the smaller islands can also be countered quite efficiently by setting up crossfires Due to the inherent physics of air drag on ballistic projectiles, you don't necessarily need to have more floaty shells to shoot back at someone that is shooting over islands - Since shell heights peak past the mid-way point If the opponent is not careful certain long-range gaps could be opened up to allow for potentially very potent salvos on the opponent's broadside. - especially on maps like Sleeping Giant People camping islands generally are not moving which largely limits the degree to which they can dodge incoming salvos If the island position that the opponent chooses lacks support, the general inability for ships in those positions to shoot at closer range targets combined with the inability to really self-spot them permanently means that those positions can be overrun quite easily. In addition, quite often these islands can be quite close to the enemy and may make leaving those positions quite difficult effectively meaning that if the opponent is caught in those positions, they are sort of waiting to die. - Typically many radar positions tend to have this attribute especially considering that people might commit angled in early in the game, thus making leaving the position even harder And of course, the enemy team could just kite out of the range of the people holding those island positions [light cruisers generally do not have very high effective range] also limiting its effectiveness - though it could be argued that they did secure map control but this still does limit their ability to directly do damage and kill things TL;DR hiding behind islands is generally not as straightforward of a strategy as one might initially expect and certainly come with limitations of their own [Might still have missed a few things here and there, but I've probably already spent too much time writing this :P]
  10. In addition, shell's velocity after impact is likely determined by this equation: v_2 = v_1 * (1-exp((d-p)/d)) p: penetration d: layer thickness v: velocity before and after Source: I do also have a program that can calculate post pen detonation distance after penetrating single plates of armor though it does not yet work with multiple plates - so if anyone wants some data from that I am happy to provide it.
  11. 901234

    Do the 150's have 1/4 pen?

    150s on German cruisers [and I think battleships [secondaries]] do have 1/4 pen - Though shells of similar caliber on ships of different nations do not
  12. 901234

    Countering CL's in CA's

    Do note that if you get caught out at close range, you will get spammed down really hard. But if you are outside of like 10km you should be fine.
  13. 8 in Farragut and Des Moines - DM one also had 313k dmg
  14. 901234

    Countering CL's in CA's

    Most high DPM ships have poor flight times, meaning that in a mid to long range engagement you should be able to dodge most of their shots while still hitting most yours thus out trading them. - Basically force mid to long range engagements or spam their positions from outside their range using spotters etc.
  15. 901234

    Henri IV AP pen chart?

    Got a better source: https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ - gives more info like impact angles, impact velocities, and flight time