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  1. In b4 thread gets closed from 42% WR 1k battles shimakaze players
  2. 901234

    Cruiser bow plating question

    fairly certain those are just single plates [like there aren't plates right behind each other]- though you can remove the rest of the ship and check it from the other side to confirm
  3. 901234

    Moskva Concealment should be buffed

    btw - Moskva range with Legendary Mod is 21km
  4. Radar and hydro are like proximity detection - everything in the radius [center of the ship to the center of the ship I think] gets lit up regardless of line of sight, smoke, or even weather events - If you have these consumables equipped on your ship you can click on the settings icon next to the map to show the circle of detection for these consumables - note these don't 100% line up so you should try to get used to them and you have to do this with each ship you have equipped Hydro can be used for and is very effective for torpedo detection but in certain cases of rushing people and especially if you have German hydro - which have better detection ranges tier for tier Deepwater torps have new icons - larger of the new ones cannot hit DDs [Pan Asian DDs - for now], smaller one [Asashio torps] can only hit BBs and CVs - they compensate for having very short torpedo acquisition distances [much easier to hit targets that you can hit] Cruisers generally have to be aware of BB salvos at every distance - they have more than enough pen to force you to use auto bounce pretty much all ranges to not regularly get citadelled Also when AP-ing BBs with cruisers you can check the casemate values of BBs in the armor viewer in game - then you can check whether you can pen each section with penetration calculators like this: https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ - though in general heavy cruisers can ap bb casemates at almost all engagement ranges provided autobounce and ability to hit the shells Cruisers also generally should not fire AP on DDs as getting pens is inconsistent - few exceptions here and there but still [Probably more text heavy than you may have liked but it isn't that easy to come up with accurate and simpler answers]
  5. In addition, shell's velocity after impact is likely determined by this equation: v_2 = v_1 * (1-exp((d-p)/d)) p: penetration d: layer thickness v: velocity before and after Source: I do also have a program that can calculate post pen detonation distance after penetrating single plates of armor though it does not yet work with multiple plates - so if anyone wants some data from that I am happy to provide it.
  6. 901234

    Do the 150's have 1/4 pen?

    150s on German cruisers [and I think battleships [secondaries]] do have 1/4 pen - Though shells of similar caliber on ships of different nations do not
  7. 901234

    Countering CL's in CA's

    Do note that if you get caught out at close range, you will get spammed down really hard. But if you are outside of like 10km you should be fine.
  8. 8 in Farragut and Des Moines - DM one also had 313k dmg
  9. 901234

    Countering CL's in CA's

    Most high DPM ships have poor flight times, meaning that in a mid to long range engagement you should be able to dodge most of their shots while still hitting most yours thus out trading them. - Basically force mid to long range engagements or spam their positions from outside their range using spotters etc.
  10. 901234

    Henri IV AP pen chart?

    Got a better source: https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ - gives more info like impact angles, impact velocities, and flight time
  11. 901234

    Moskva Concealment should be buffed

    tbh, something might've* been needed before the 50mm lower bow and Hindenburg nerf. Now, not really...
  12. 901234

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Again may you should actually play those ships before coming to these conclusions. - also played what t9 cruisers lol? - on pts? lul? And it gives a free kill if the DD is dumb is rushing in suicidally - which it should.
  13. 901234

    Possible Solution to Radar

    - Stuff like Belfast and Missouri are edge cases - specific poor ship design rather than a larger problem with the consumable - worth noting that radar was in fact introduced with the Russian cruiser line, not with either Belfast or Missouri. So your argument of radar being exclusively introduced as a sales gimmick to make OP premiums does not quite add up. - Seeing that you have never played a t8+ radar cruiser you probably aren't aware of the nuances of actually positioning and using them effectively - ex. finding positions to cover yourself, be able to disengage, and shoot the target being radared. - Nor do you seem to be aware of how squishy some of those ships can be [particularly the long duration radar ships] - now that Worcester is getting nerfed. - Basic gameplay logic like not rushing halfway into cap obviously covered by radar without intel [that there aren't radar ship close by] and then properly dodging return fire [since you shouldn't be like 7km from the radar ship] means that it should be possible to get out before losing too much hp. -- Also, other problems like taking too much damage from BBs while being radared is not necessarily a radar problem. - It's a BB AP problem - In addition, this game revolves around forcing people out of positions with spotting and focus fire not going for suicide plays at the beginning - basically: go wide spot/torp the radar ship, make him feel uncomfortable or outright kill them and then cap - or if possible take advantage of terrain features in caps or near to avoid or minimize damage and then get out after radar runs out
  14. 901234

    Hindy and IFHE

    No - the only threshold that will get penned is 57mm armor - only found on Izumo and Yamato deck armor. Considering KMS fire chance is already rather low, using ifhe will only unnecessarily hurt you.
  15. 901234

    Does Des Moines Benifit with IFHE?

    It doesn't for the most part. It's only ever worth running if you are running into a lot of USN BBs - which do benefit from using ifhe because you will be able to pen the 38mm deck. - Otherwise you are just reducing your fire chance for no gain.