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  1. AldoRey50

    Tier IV, 9 vs 9, 3 CV's per side

    My Ark B comes to mind - she's relegated to a port queen gathering rust.
  2. AldoRey50

    Tier IV, 9 vs 9, 3 CV's per side

    Sorry to say, but CV's are a broken mechanic and no amount of gerrymandering is going to fix it. IRL CV's ended the reign of gunboats. At the end of WWII the US used the BB's as either AAA screens or floating artillery platforms vs ground targets. This game is basically a naval artillery shooter, and CV's have no place in it at all. Just like arty in WOT, WG is trying to jam a square peg in a round hole with poor results. Best just to phase it out altogether.
  3. AldoRey50

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    Hear Hear! Well said...
  4. AldoRey50

    Tier 6 fun again?

    Since when are CV's in ranked? Granted I've been away a while, but really? No more ranked for me!
  5. No, I think it's the other way around. You'll see the other ships often enough in your chosen vessel to know how they perform against you. But when you move to a new ship, whether it be a new tier or a new class in the same tier, that's when the learning starts. Re-load times, firing arcs, speed, turning rate, turning radius - these are things you need to learn to feel comfortable in your vessel. Once you know what they other guy can do against you, you need to learn your counters and tactics. It's more about you than it is about them.
  6. AldoRey50

    Thank You WG for the T5 Ranked Season

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Did most of it in my Cesare but broke out the Gremy out of mothballs for a few games.
  7. AldoRey50

    Ahead Full Friday - Speed and Maneuverability

    Giulio Cesare. Good concealment for a BB, Battlecruiser speed, fast re-load. Decent turn radius. No fear of DD's and deadly to CA's.
  8. AldoRey50

    Which Premiums to add to my wish list?

    Of the T8 BB's you mentioned I have the Roma and Tirpitz. Not terribly good with either but Roma is a disappointment, I would recommend the Tirpitz. However, the Guilio Cesare at T5 is pure joy to me, if you don' t have I would definitely give it a look. GL, HF, GH
  9. AldoRey50

    a newcomer question

    Welcome, Gramps! I feel your pain, went 2-10 yesterday. It seems that most of my teams were all going in one direction, leaving a flank open. So I guarded the open flank, and of course being alone that did not end well for me. I was hoping the mass push on the other side would break through, and mostly it didn't. Thing is, I didn't let it get me down - I knew I was going to suffer, but I just looked at it as away to improve my WASD skills. Take the good, forget the bad, learn from each game, and just have fun.
  10. AldoRey50

    bad managment

    In before lock! And buh bye! Good Luck! (Good riddance.)
  11. AldoRey50

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - The Fighting French!

    Still grinding up the French BB tree, but up to the Normandie, and find her to be a beast.
  12. AldoRey50

    I hate the Guilo Cesar, yes I said it

    I have and love her. 60% win rate. I also have the Gremmy, which is supposed to be OP, but when I drive her it's a mehbote. We just happen to click with different botes is all. But I agree, never sell a premmie, let it rust in dock if necessary, like my Gremmy.
  13. AldoRey50

    will they ever add this to game?

    So do I...
  14. Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to support your mod collection. I know its time consuming, and you don't have to do it. Much props and respect!
  15. As always, thanks for the great work & support! <0