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  1. We live for the Daka. We die for the Daka.

  2. That is a spicy gudbote.



  3. First time I pull Moskva out of harbor in a long time and I get the pleasure of a friendly Montana taking away 3/4 of my HP.


    Someone remind me why I play this game again?

    1. Jim_Byrnes


      Yeah, that would torque me up too! Sadly it happens to us all now and then...

  4. Casting aside the alias I've used for so many years.

    1. Kamaitachi_Mio


      Oh hello Kaga xD

    2. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega
    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Good morning and all the best to you!

  5. This ship. Oh, yes!


    Nostalgia and bliss all in one package.


    I must do SerB's holy work. ;)


  6. Saw a Fletcher earlier tonight with a very special take on the use of DDs on Domination maps.

    "It isn't a DD's job to cap."


    Run that by me again.

    1. Jim_Byrnes


      Everyone has a hobby..maybe his is a bit well, different?

  7. The great BB Nerf bat can't come fast enough.


    I will enjoy every second of using that ship.

  8. Seeing players with thousands of matches under their belts confusing Overmatch mechanics with Overpentration mechanics...


    I suddenly see why the quality of the games has taken a nosedive from the times of old.

    1. KiyoSenkan


      Wow, you saw that too?

    2. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega


      Yep. That was a thing...or rather...probably still is a thing with those posters.


      That Asashio thread was kind of sad to read.

  9. This match was a thrill. A real first in many years. Shame to say I couldn't carry this one through. The results are impressive on their own.



    You read that right...on a loss, that's more XP than the highest scoring member of the enemy team.shot-18_03.25_22_39.31-0199.thumb.jpg.eee2003953cb0530f811cda4a9ee3bf3.jpg



    So, what happened? Literally, I misjudged something by one click and ate an overpen from a BB on the tip of my ship's bow (after dropping off detect too). A single tap of the S-key would likely have lead to victory.


    Also...too bad I have yet to reenable replays. RiP!!!

  10. To old friends,

    I welcome you to join my community's Discord server. It's a fun little place with a bit of memes and spunk flung everywhere. Just know that there are some pretty strong voices on this server.



  11. Had a moment on server that felt like this a little bit ago. Might have been meme worthy. Unrestricted Nuking was contemplated.