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  1. :(

    This...is just evil.
  2. Nihon Minato Kanmusu Jieitai [NMKJT] is Recruiting!

    We are recruiting. Consider joining us for a good casual experience spread between multiple games. Details are in the original post of this thread. Discord Invite link will be given via Direct Message (contact info in original post)
  3. Casting aside the alias I've used for so many years.

    1. Hatsuzuki_Kuchikukan


      Oh hello Kaga xD

    2. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega
    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Good morning and all the best to you!

  4. This ship. Oh, yes!


    Nostalgia and bliss all in one package.


    I must do SerB's holy work. ;)


  5. Saw a Fletcher earlier tonight with a very special take on the use of DDs on Domination maps.

    "It isn't a DD's job to cap."


    Run that by me again.

    1. Jim_Byrnes


      Everyone has a hobby..maybe his is a bit well, different?

  6. The great BB Nerf bat can't come fast enough.


    I will enjoy every second of using that ship.

  7. Seeing players with thousands of matches under their belts confusing Overmatch mechanics with Overpentration mechanics...


    I suddenly see why the quality of the games has taken a nosedive from the times of old.

    1. KiyoSenkan


      Wow, you saw that too?

    2. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega


      Yep. That was a thing...or rather...probably still is a thing with those posters.


      That Asashio thread was kind of sad to read.

  8. This match was a thrill. A real first in many years. Shame to say I couldn't carry this one through. The results are impressive on their own.



    You read that right...on a loss, that's more XP than the highest scoring member of the enemy team.shot-18_03.25_22_39.31-0199.thumb.jpg.eee2003953cb0530f811cda4a9ee3bf3.jpg



    So, what happened? Literally, I misjudged something by one click and ate an overpen from a BB on the tip of my ship's bow (after dropping off detect too). A single tap of the S-key would likely have lead to victory.


    Also...too bad I have yet to reenable replays. RiP!!!

  9. Nihon Minato Kanmusu Jieitai [NMKJT] is Recruiting!

    Some Changes to the OP: Updated contact information for our community officers. Minor Clarification on our recruitment status and one of policies (see FAQ) Just a reminder: We are recruiting.