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  1. Suspended for supposedly running botting scripts despite having a completely Vanilla, out-of-the-box game client. WeeGee, are you making a practice of rewarding people for the crapthey supposedly find rather in a quota system rather than trying to improve the game, its community, or the events available to the community?

    1. KiyoSenkan


      ...What the heck is there in a vanilla client they could even claim triggered such a system? Seriously, quality control guys.

    2. Zuikaku_Best_CV


      There was a lot of bans heard from this few days by different people that did not use mods or just training room, might be bugs on the report system.

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Of all the opinions I have of your posts (excellent) being a low life cheater who needs a crutch to win isn't one of them!