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  1. Well, we saved the Shchors on the first try.


    1. Cruiser_Atago


      This Aegis Op is pretty easy. The bots travel so slow and unless people's torpedo dodging skills are very questionable, shouldn't be too bad. I'm the person out there that always wants to see some Yamato at the end for the lols :Smile_popcorn:

    2. Kitano_Honoka


      I was trying to click on "hard" difficulty setting when I first opened it up. To my sadness, it hasn't been implemented yet. :(

    3. Cruiser_Atago


      I've played Aegis roughly 10 times now. All were about the same. For one game, there spawned at the end an Amagi, 2 Fusos, and a Kongo alongside the usual 3 CV's. I was like, what in the unholy mother of god is this? I actually died cause I was pushed up far not expecting it, but heck I'd do that over and over if I could, over the usual low tier boats.