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  1. For those in the know,



  2. Not sure why the PR Meme thread got nuked from orbit, but nice play out of the Gaijin Forum Admin playbook.


    I guess we'll see them pull out the Weeb Hating Banhammer next?

  3. I just saw the PR Directive numbers.




    Absolutely. [edited]. Not. Doing. Any. Of. That. This. Holiday. Season.


    Family and friends are important things. Pixels that encourage me to pay through the [edited]to get something of neutral quality to the game: [edited] that crap.


    If you all want to hang out, I welcome that. Hit me up on discord or through DMs.

    1. Atomic_Manatee


      I really wish they named it Hawaii or Guam, instead of my home country.

  4. Kitano_Honoka

    Unfun gameplay for tier 8 DD

    "Spreadsheet says, 'He had fun.'"
  5. Kitano_Honoka

    [NHALE] Looking for Members!

    Good luck with recruiting.
  6. Kitano_Honoka

    Nihon Minato Kanmusu Jieitai [NMKJT] is Recruiting!

    We'll get you into the main channels of our discord server soon enough!
  7. Kitano_Honoka

    Nihon Minato Kanmusu Jieitai [NMKJT] is Recruiting!

    Had a minor issue with the channel for arrivals that needed to be cleared up. That has been sorted out. What to expect upon using the discord link: You will be placed into out Landing Pad Channel. This is a welcoming channel. We encourage you to interact with the officers. You will be able to review our community rules, announcements, and the bot faq channels. After a little bit of conversation, we will grant you access to the wider parts of the server.
  8. Some teams can't be pulled across the goal line.





  9. Thread Necromancy completed with a dash of cuteness. Approximate Representation of me while I wait for someone to reply:
  10. *Peeks in thread* How're you all doing?
  11. Kitano_Honoka

    Nihon Minato Kanmusu Jieitai [NMKJT] is Recruiting!

    Update: Discord Link has been added to the Original Post of this thread.
  12. My feelings about the game over the last couple of years: "Mistakes were made"

    The patch roadmap: Those feelings are intensifying.

  13. Kitano_Honoka

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    You can get some digital artwork from their online shop. They're about $2 a piece. https://kyoani.shop-pro.jp/ It is mostly Free! and Hibike Euphonium. Hopefully they add more.
  14. Kitano_Honoka

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    If you're looking to help Kyoto Animation during this time, please consider donating or sharing the link to the gofundme. https://www.gofundme.com/help-kyoani-heal
  15. Kitano_Honoka

    Nihon Minato Kanmusu Jieitai [NMKJT] is Recruiting!

    We are still around. We are still accepting people. DM (one of us) if you are interested in a casual group to play this game with, discuss other games, and play related titles.