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  1. My feelings about the game over the last couple of years: "Mistakes were made"

    The patch roadmap: Those feelings are intensifying.

  2. Kitano_Honoka

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    You can get some digital artwork from their online shop. They're about $2 a piece. https://kyoani.shop-pro.jp/ It is mostly Free! and Hibike Euphonium. Hopefully they add more.
  3. Kitano_Honoka

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    If you're looking to help Kyoto Animation during this time, please consider donating or sharing the link to the gofundme. https://www.gofundme.com/help-kyoani-heal
  4. Kitano_Honoka

    Nihon Minato Kanmusu Jieitai [NMKJT] is Recruiting!

    We are still around. We are still accepting people. DM (one of us) if you are interested in a casual group to play this game with, discuss other games, and play related titles.
  5. I'm back on YouTube! Stop by for a chat and help me get this ball rolling again.


  6. The rework and subsequent hotfix make it abundantly clear that the dev team have lost the plot with this game. This hotfix is nothing to be celebrated. They only increased the amount of participation points that one side of the equation is receiving and made the other side of the interaction into something most players won't play for the long term. 


    The summation of these two efforts is that they have simply changed the formula to achieve the same results we had before:

    • No skill/advanced knowledge on either side of the interaction.
    • High tier CVs either stomp or are minor footnotes.
    • Participation rewards simply for hitting battle and getting lucky with MM to get a CV are present.
    • CVs still dominate the vision game. This isn't necessarily an issue that can be directly resolved, but it points to the crap vision system this game has in place.

    I'd love to see more inspiration in the implementation than the WoT Arty/Alternative viewpoints. Bombsights and AA Mount sights could not only be an interesting visual aesthetic, but also a good way to add layers of skill to the game.

    Not asking for simulator level here, but there needs to be skill-based interactions added on both sides of this interaction. And yes, I do believe that players should be forced to pick which threat they are prioritizing defense against: surface or air. 

    1. Cruiser_Atago


      Lol, did you catch all the 400,000-550,000 damage games that were coming out of the woodwork all over from before said hotpatch? :Smile_coin:
      The way CV's were meant to be played

    2. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Wait til subs are finally implemented in game :Smile_trollface:

  7. Long Range CV Torps are confirmed viable and cancer. Learning curve to predict without the indicator is real however so I would be hard pressed to suggest a nerf.


    Results from a 15 minute game where I spent 6 minutes derping around. 




    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Another Master! *bows*

  8. This patch should not have hit the live server.

  9. Overall, this feels more balanced but it feels even clunkier than before.


    They really need to work on the UI and how to create a more natural feeling plane experience.



    1. Wo_9


      you are quite adaptable. 

    2. Kitano_Honoka


      @Wo_9 Turn off your targeting computer and use the force.

  10. We live for the Daka. We die for the Daka.

  11. That is a spicy gudbote.



  12. First time I pull Moskva out of harbor in a long time and I get the pleasure of a friendly Montana taking away 3/4 of my HP.


    Someone remind me why I play this game again?

    1. Jim_Byrnes


      Yeah, that would torque me up too! Sadly it happens to us all now and then...

  13. Casting aside the alias I've used for so many years.

    1. Kamaitachi_Mio


      Oh hello Kaga xD

    2. Kitano_Honoka
    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Good morning and all the best to you!

  14. This ship. Oh, yes!


    Nostalgia and bliss all in one package.


    I must do SerB's holy work. ;)