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  1. clowlock

    So played the new CV's

    Yes i'm already aware of how to dodge cv strikes, that's why i mentioned he only used DB and rockets, which are far easier to land than torps and no amount of manouvering can really save you from that. What i mean is that he was flying, through my defensive fire and not even bothering to avoid my AA, he could just drop me and i would barely shoot any planes down, shot down a total of 30 planes, all the times the CV striked me my DFAA was active. Forgot to add, DM AA rating is over 100 lol.
  2. clowlock

    So played the new CV's

    Those are bots however, bots in this game are very dumb, to put it nicely. Against a player it's different, still flying through defensive fire and dropping like it's nothing seems a bit OP.
  3. clowlock

    So played the new CV's

    Gotta know how you pulled that off after i got bullied by a midway right through my defensive fire.
  4. clowlock

    So played the new CV's

    Just come from a match in my DM where a Midway was able to strike me through defensive fire multiple times, with rockets and dive bombers, doing about 5k per run. VERY BALANS. Now that's not a lot compared to current but the damage adds up, and the most important part of it all being that i was in a Des Moines. (also that there was nothing i could do besides hope in my aa with defensive fire, which did [edited] all to save me) The only enjoyable thing about that match was deleting his Worcester butt buddy in 3 salvos, American Piercing rounds are great.
  5. clowlock

    Kiev or Ognevoi first?

    Ognevoi torps. Kiev guns.
  6. 61 in Sims. Best i've seen, another friendly Sims also got 25 plane kills for a total of 86 between both Sims. I don't remember the schnell kills but over 10 for sure.
  7. clowlock

    Rental ships.

    So i've noticed some people apparently got some T8 prems as rentals alongside some kind of personal mission, i searched the forums and the website to try and find some info about this but i haven't been able to find anything. Can someone explain what's up with that, and if there is any chance to obtain the personal mission and the rentals or if it's just random.
  8. Lost a Confederate and high caliber match on my Akizuki because i assumed a Cleveland and a Harekaze would be able to distract an enemy Atago while i melt the enemy akizuki. Long story short Atago blapped me for most of my HP, Aki finishes me off, Cleveland and Harekaze proceed to fail horribly. Still the Akizuki is just so fun to play even when you lose because your team is full o' potatoes. My recommendation, fast ship with lots of dakka, usually very fun to play.
  9. A nice match i just wanted to share, sadly i don't have replays enabled but maybe someone in this battle does. Loving the Akizuki with the 32mm pen, and Yamamoto makes the dakka dakka very fancy with those red tracers. (and before someone mentions the graphics, yes i have potato computer)
  10. Title says it all, Shiratsuyu is probably a good example of a ship where i'll gladly trade TRB for better guns, considering how much better the Akatsuki is. Also because having IJN gunboats in the lower tiers would be very fun. (and of course because it would make sense that the gunboat line would be gunboats all the way to get people used to the playstyle, but WG isn't about decisions that make sense now is it? ) please don't ban me.)
  11. clowlock

    Who Wins This Fight?

    Either both of you die or damage saturation saves 1 of you.
  12. Surprised to see no one mentioned the Shenyang. It's a tier IV Minekaze with Farragut torpedoes and Nicholas guns. Best tier IV seal clubber by far.
  13. clowlock

    An Intellectually poor man's argument

    ^^ This, it's ironic he claims that others are uneducated while thinking that stats can't be used to support an argument. (atleast in WoWs)
  14. clowlock

    An Intellectually poor man's argument

    In case you're wondering: the fallacy fallacy You presumed that because a claim has been poorly argued, or a fallacy has been made, that the claim itself must be wrong. It is entirely possible to make a claim that is false yet argue with logical coherency for that claim, just as it is possible to make a claim that is true and justify it with various fallacies and poor arguments. Example: Recognizing that Amanda had committed a fallacy in arguing that we should eat healthy food because a nutritionist said it was popular, Alyse said we should therefore eat bacon double cheeseburgers every day.
  15. clowlock

    Quad Cit Yamato

    Also the only BB in the game with the "your armor mayaswell not be there" cannons, i'd say it's fine.