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  1. I am getting absolutely massacred in this thing.. I've tried island stalking, flat out balls in rushing everything.. Enemy Cv's seem to focus me out, dd's focus me out, everything focuses me out and i just melt. I can't get close enough to use the gimmicky 10km accuracy boost and when i do i get one volley off and the ridiculous reload takes it's time. I have the Lenin and that thing versus the Vladi is night and day.. I can take like a [edited] in the Lenin. Thoughts?
  2. Dymitri

    French DD crates: A brutal insult

    I just got the Sirrocco today, it's nice to get at least a tier 5 premium out of it.. Saved me $30 on that so theres some consollation and the other bit is i've got enough exp on the tier 6 to get me the tier 7 right away.. Pros and cons i guess..I've just returned to ships for the first time in two years so all of a sudden these events are thing.. Did a few missions with the Russian BB release and got the Sinop so i figured, wow decent chances lets try for the French dd's, guess you're right. Win some, lose some. Good to know for next time that you mostly lose them.
  3. Dymitri

    French DD crates: A brutal insult

    I'm aware no one's forced me to spend money, as for greed and whatever other [edited] you tossed.. It's called interest in a new part of the game. I don't pay anything for the game so i toss a few bucks at it here and there. I'm familiar with the play style as i play the Khabarovsk line of dd's and don't use smoke and i'm comfortable with that play style. I'm just pointing out the obvious that the rate at which you receive the main rewards is rather poor. Of course, it can all be surmised down to "RNG" but at one point or another, you have to make it attainable if it's the main focus of the damn event..
  4. So.. Since the beginning of the event i've been grinding to get every possible free french dd crate and i've even dumped nearly $60 CDN into buying the premium ones and i've gotten nothing but the tier 5 and tier 6 french dd's.. You need to get the Bayard and all 4 pre-release DD's to finish the event.. Is this a sick joke to get players to dump money or is it actually possible to get these ships. I'm largely miffed at this as i love the play style of the French dd's and wanted to get the Mogador during the event. Would love some input from Wargaming as to why it's so bloody hard to get the ships if this is a pre-release event designed to let players get the ships before full release..