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  1. All righty then - my referee has submitted a ticket. We'll be interested in the reply she receives. Thank you! VonHund
  2. Would kinda like the reward system to actually work as advertised. If there is intended to be a delay between the referee accepting the invitation, playing the required games and the rewards being issued it would be nice if WG would make that delay known. As-is I and my referee are left to guess that the indicated rewards are not going to be issued...which is really unfortunate. Information regarding this from WG would be nice.
  3. I know it's out of the theme of the posts in this forum but I do have a question regarding the rewards for this program. When is it anticipated the rewards will be issued on each account (the veteran and the referee)? My invitee has played a few games on a tier six ship both in co-op and scenario but nothing has been delivered to her account. Is there a wait time? Thanks! VonHund
  4. Actually population is up a bit. Watch Zoup's video regarding the population stats - interesting for those into the numbers.
  5. Yep - same issue. I share one computer and launcher with one of my kids for this game. I was the first to log in and I did get the two free containers but when she logged in there was nothing.
  6. Yep - pretty normal...OK...missing a couple T9 ships. T8 is frequently not so fun for this very reason. T7 though seems to be a great place to be if you're not able/interested in playing T10.
  7. Same issue...since 7.11 the auto-log feature does not seem to work and I have to enter my password 2-3 times before successfully entering the game. Exiting the game and the launcher gracefully does not seem to help either.