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  1. Because I don't want to play FDG again just to get Hannover. I already had the line completed. Meanwhile I completed the Soviet DD line and reset it, but I can buy Zorkiy despite not having Delny.
  2. Genuine question, how? I'd rather have the shotguns that the GK has than the 457s that cant hit the broadside of a barn from the inside due to more pew pew. Also there's the AA nerf but that's minor.
  3. Yeah that seems ridiculous honestly. I've completed both lines and I don't want to waste time playing FDG just for a gimped GK.
  4. Gonna be real annoyed if I'm not allowed since I haven't spaded the line. I have the GK in my port but I never even researched Delny :/
  5. So since the superships have released for the tech tree, I noticed that the game permits me to purchase Zorkiy even though I don't have Delny as I had reset the Soviet DD line in the past when the top tier was Khaba, but I cant buy Hannover even though I completed the German BB line when GK was top tier because I've not researched Preussen. This sounds like an oversight. I would've submitted a ticket but the website for that doesn't seem to work