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  1. ripello

    Warnings for friendly fire

    This type of response is exactly what I would expect from this crowd. While I totally agree that you alone are responsible for what you shoot and where, I also agree that lots of players play on auto-pilot and pay no attention to what may be happening in the rest of the match ie... such as torps in the water or warnings.
  2. yes there is a way. I don't know what it is , but our clan commander died and one of our deputy commanders was able to take control. Send a ticket.
  3. ripello

    I finally figured it out.

    Ah, the life of a CA main. I am one also, but I find it challenging - frustrating and just play my game.
  4. ripello

    Balanced? Even?

    A lot of wasted anger over one game where the only tier 2 bb in the game was involved. It happens.
  5. ripello

    Game client

    Been having the same problems. I have submitted a ticket, before some wise acre types in the submit ticket response.
  6. Have. I don't know why people have this knee jerk response.
  7. This has been happening to me also. Can even hear the game being played and mouse arrow will move, but no game until the end, then just get results screen.
  8. ripello

    Elite Captian Retraining? Why?

    Feel for you as I made the same mistake with my first 19 point captain. This was after being told it would be fine as my clan leader told me that he did this all the time, however what I didn't know at the time, he only played premium ships!
  9. Yeah it's gotten to where I try to only play mine in co-op.
  10. ripello

    2 Port Issues

    Thanks for the reply Turbo07.
  11. ripello

    2 Port Issues

    I have another problem, the notification icon is constantly showing up for unread news, even after marking them as read. The icon will disappear for a couple of games and then return no matter how many times I mark them as read. And yes the marked as read icon does acknowledge that I clicked on it. Just very annoying.
  12. ripello

    destruction of aircraft carriers

    Very bad translation, and grammar I fear.
  13. ripello

    Huge flux in FPS since last patch

    Yes , I have had this problem also. Only hope they get this fixed as it has cause me several in game issues.
  14. ripello

    Space Battles: Torpedo Beat

    Played 1 game of this, that was all for me. If people like this type of play, more power to them.