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  1. Yeah Soviet CV's. Wargaming you finally did it, you have driven me from this game. After talking with my clan leader, I will be de-installing this game. I lived with my disappointment in discovering this was going to be an arcade shooter that only gives a passing nod to history or reality. Just can't take this latest trip down your Yellow Brick Road with you.
  2. ripello

    Historical game mode

    Not that kind of game, but too bad, because that's what I wanted when I first started playing.
  3. ripello

    Steroid Subs

  4. ripello

    Open your eyes community

    I already did over a year ago. Some people just take longer to learn lessons.
  5. ripello

    Thanks WG for making it so easy to uninstall PT.

    You do know that you catch more flies with honey than with salt, No need to get personnel..
  6. Didn't you know only the best players should play this game and the rest of us should just uninstall and let them play with them self's?
  7. All I can say, WE WILL NEVER HAVE SUBMARINES IN THIS GAME. So I am not so sure that they won't ever have gold ammo.
  8. Yes, I have noticed this also, but as you are finding out, it does little good coming here to get an answer. Nothing anyone asks about anything cannot be a real thing unless you have a replay, even if other people have experienced the same thing.
  9. ripello

    Quitting WoWs

    I am basically in the same shape as you and have gone from an everyday player to a just play for clan wars.
  10. ripello

    Is this the Golden Age of Cruisers?

    Didn't know how to respond to that.
  11. ripello

    Wows Culture

    The only way ideals become reality is though good people putting them into practice.
  12. Someone has to pay for all those "cool video's" I would imagine that they can't be cheap to produce and they do nothing to improve the state of play, hey but it gives them so neat stuff to do on our dime. I know this will bring me flack, but I am past the point of caring if this game lives or dies.
  13. ripello

    Detonation should still give flags.

    Just add this issue to others that seem to be leading to see how much money they can squeeze out of the player base. This to me at least, shows they seem to think that their game may be having player base probs and are looking to make as much cash as they can whilst they can.
  14. ripello

    Naval Battles: BXP AGAIN and it went UP^

    Yes, that screen shot only shows total not base EXP. Might help prove your point if you included that, other wise it is pointless.