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  1. Selling ARP Ships

    Yep, that's what I use them for. They make great captain training ships.
  2. Because I am retired, I like to play as a time filler. I try and do my best, but at my age, stats mean very little to me versus just having fun and relaxing.
  3. 11 months with only 1 SC

    Yeah, I feel for you. I have also only gotten since last December.
  4. Kill Stealing

    I would bet that many clans are probably already putting his name on a list of people to never invite into their clan.
  5. I guess we will have to agree to disagree, at least from my view point of the games I have played recently. You may have experienced differently in your games. Also I am not complaining, if I feel that I am not enjoying playing a game, I just quit playing the game and will find another, kind of what I did with WOT. Used to spend my play time there.
  6. No, what happens is that when Tier 10's see a tier 8, no matter if there are more strategic targets, kill the lower tiers first and get rid of their pesky guns. A legit strat, but is really frustrating to have to be the team piñata game after game.
  7. Yeah, I haven't seen one since December. Been thinking that they had Quit giving them out.
  8. Staring out

    You might try French CA's. While most people complain about how squishy they are, I find them extremely versatile and above tier6 they get that speed boost which allows them to kite, hit and run, or relocate when needed.
  9. Any weekend missions?

    Too bad, I thought maybe my wife had gotten super powers.
  10. Any weekend missions?

    Could be, anything is possible.
  11. Any weekend missions?

    Yeah this strange, no weekend missions. I guess I will not be playing much then. This will make my wife happy!
  12. I have learned by experience to expect them to end one day earlier than the stated date. They always seem to forget the time difference.
  13. I would like to give any oil I earn to help build a clan. Am an executive officer in rolsd  in Wot. got burnt playing tanks have switched over to ships. If you need another body , please think of me. Oh , I am 61 and retired, so I play a lot.

    1. Dinger83


      Good morning ripello,

      Unfortunately Wolf4 reached capacity yesterday so we're unable to accept any more applicants at this time.



    2. ripello


      Thanks for getting back to me. I'll try another clan, good luck.

  14. Lag in random matches

    Same here. Also thought it might have been me.
  15. Skipping Ibuki?

    Also way better torp arcs