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  1. Same here. Also thought it might have been me.
  2. Also way better torp arcs
  3. Looks to me that she is cooking fish anyway.
  4. Thanks, needed that.
  5. I gave up on this mode early on. I also was in a random game where we finally on a match, and no stars. IMHO the is really more of a clan challenge, not that I mind. It just doesn't seem to fit the current random play style. Without team communication and or coordination, this is just a crap shoot of a mode.
  6. Same here. The one time that the team I was on in random that we did win, no stars. I gave up on this mode early on. IMHO this really is a more of a clan challenge, not that I mind, it just doesn't seem to fit random play.
  7. Yeah I have also seen more of this happening, but I have also seen a lot base camping. Both have seemed to have become more common.
  8. I have also seen the same thing. Thought it was just me. thanks for letting me know that I am not crazy.
  9. If only more parents, including me when I was younger, took as much interest in what their kids are up to as you seem to have done, then maybe there might not be as much of that kind behavior in these games. Thank YOU
  10. I like this idea for the same reasons. Because of weird computer problems, I can't access the topics on the portal page, so didn't know exactly when the reset was going to be over.
  11. Yesterday I had two games where weird things happened after my ship was sunk and the best thing is that other people in the game saw it also! In one game my ship rolled over 2 1/2 times and then started rocking back and forth. Then in another games my ship did 2 360 flat spins and never sank and yes my lag has been terrible.
  12. I have been in a couple different clans in WoT, and have had nothing but bad experiences. I was a very valuable member when first joining, participating in clan activities such as clan wars daily, setting up tournament teams, recruiting and such. But as our clan became larger and more successful, my stats were no longer acceptable to be an asset to the clan. This has happened in all the clans I have joined. I am not the only person who has experienced this happen to them. I only hope that not all clans are this way, but it makes me leery of what will happen when clans come to WoWs.
  13. Same here.
  14. Quaffer, that would be exactly the play for a sub in this game,REALLY BORING.
  15. I hope this game is more like W.o.T. then the game I am currently beta testing. I have suggested for the developers of that game to look at how W.o.T is set up to run to see how good of a job you folks have done. If World of Warships is on par with W.o.T. I will be very pleased. Double blind is the only way to play ships with any kind of realism.