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  1. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Disconnect to login screen

    Kick to login screen bug is back in full force, since the pre-patch. Just like what happened back in April with the space ships patch. Game is nearly unplayable.
  2. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Quick temporary fix for BB AP against DDs

    And I thought this thread was going to be about adding buckshot loads for my BB. Oh well, no varmint hunting for me.
  3. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    From my experience with the fps drop issue, when it appears: - It only happens sometimes, usually after I play for a few hours. - It seems to happen more often right after server reset. - fps plummet at the moment of first contact with enemy ships. Even if I cannot see the ships, as soon as anyone on my team starts spotting ships, the game loses 50+ fps. Also note that I was using a high end system, with fps limiter normally set to 60 fps. This happens consistently once the fps issue starts. - Going in and out of sniper view also causes big fps drops consistently, once the fps issue appears. - Rotating camera view left and right causes more fps drop, but fowards and backwards (spectator view) camera movement does not cause nearly the fps drop (minor stutters). -Torpedo fire mode causes more fps drop. -Gunfire also has a noticable impact on fps drop, but not as much as torpedo mode.