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  1. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Game Crashing / Freezing Randomly With 8.9

    I have the exact same issue as well, plus other issues which I am fairly certain are all related, and have little to nothing to do with hardware. Crashes on team menu before entering the match. *Will* crash again immediately when I try to restart the game. Will continue to crash when trying to restart the game, and I must do a complete computer shut down (not just restart) to get the game to work again. Lots of graphics major glitches. Long/late load times for battles. Sound glitches. Other odd GUI glitches. Screen freezing. Etc. Issues have been getting progressively worse since the last patch, but I first started noticing issues two patches ago. Something major is fubar with the game. I put in a ticket recently for an even more egregious, game breaking, team screen freeze issue, and after a bit of leg pulling, WG said that there is an issue that they are working on trying to resolve, and no fix is available at this time. All we can do is wait this out.
  2. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Interface displays are not synchronized

    I have been having this same issue as of two patches ago, and it has been getting progressively worse, even after I ran a game repair. I believe that whatever is causing this is also related to a recent outbreak of a 'game freeze' bug, but appears to me more like just a 'GUI freeze' bug, possibly related to some kind of synch issue.
  3. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Game Freeze Bug

    I had the exact same issue yesterday, but even more catastrophic, it happened to my ENTIRE TEAM (and only my team), at the same time! I put up the replay if anyone is curious. Interestingly enough, the CV on our team comments that his screen freeze happened just as his planes were taking off from his deck, like the OP stated happened to him. Also note, that the replay is not entirely accurate. My ship did not experience the freeze issue during the live game until several moments after my team mates commented about it chat, and my boat did not freeze at the location shown in the replay. So whatever caused the issue, also caused the replay to record something different than what I experienced during the live game. I am at a loss to explain how a game issue like this can affect an entire team, and only one team. My hypothesis is that there is some sort of odd synchronization issue here, and that it is somehow related to interface data (maybe interface graphics data?). I am basing my hypothesis on long standing past observations of odd interface related issues, and new, recent (since the halloween patch) severe graphics bugs, mostly GUI related, and game crashes that I have been seeing. (EDIT): Also note, I have been seeing the "Red Sky, no texture found" bug again recently. Anyone got some good theories on what kind of issue can cause an entire team to have their screens freeze? 20191116_113258_PJSC034-Zao-1944_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  4. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Major graphics bug. Mostly in Twilight battles.

    Update. I stopped trying to run Twilight mode, and everything was fine...until the newest patch. Now it's worse. Game is getting critical errors, crashing, in all game modes. Crazy graphics glitches are more frequent now. The crashing problem always happens at the start of matches, right before I enter the map. Also, the "red sky; texture not found" bug has returned. Other new issues: -gun fire sounds stop working at times. -after I die, if I am viewing the match from the position of a team mate, their health pool bar will show empty, even though the boat has HP left. -letters missing from words (player/ship names) on the interface when viewing the teams menu prior to entering a battle. I occasionally see words, and interface elements that are completely out of place. Like elements from my port screen mysteriously appearing while I am in battle. I get the feeling that this issue is more than just a graphics bug caused from over heating. And it seems connected to the "Red Sky" bug from a couple of patches back. One last thing to note. The problems pretty much only happen after I walk away from my computer for more than a few (15+) minutes, then start playing again. If I play steady, I can run matches for a few hours, no problems. But if I stop playing, and come back, it's almost certain to glitch out.
  5. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    WG 20th Anniversary bonus code

    Thread bump.
  6. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Major graphics bug. Mostly in Twilight battles.

    That is possible. The computer is clean, and manages to run wows @26 fps on low settings, even on the Twilight map, which is adequate. But it could be that it is over heating because of the extra graphics load required on that map, even though it can run it.
  7. I haven't seen anyone post about this yet, so I am mentioning it. In Twilight battles I have frequently encountered a graphics bug that makes the game unplayable. At the start of the match my entire screen is covered by multiple, solid colored "square blocks," triangles, and lines. Colors are usually blue, green, yellow, white, and red. Also, I see partial text appearing on the screen where it should never appear. Example- I see text from my port appearing in odd locations on the screen during a Twilight battle, mixed in with the colored blocks I described above. The colored blocks will move, change size, and color, disappear, and reappear relative to the direction I point my mouse cursor towards. The bugged graphics appears to be superimposed over normal looking water, and terrain, but I can only see that sometimes, depending on how I point my mouse cursor. It's totally crazy looking, and makes it unplayable. The first time I saw this bug was in a training room. But now I am seeing it frequently in Twilight battles, and I don't think I will be able to complete the event if this continues. I am using an older i3 desktop, with integrated i3 graphics.
  8. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    Thanks for the tips. I already use the rudder module, as the boat has dreadful rudder shift, and turn radius compared to other IJN cruisers. And trying to operate the boat at any range less than 15 know from a BB is a fast death. But I didn't spend 1,000,000 FXP for a premium boat that I need to specially spec a captain for it. That defeats half it's value of being a premium. Nor did I buy it to contribute a losing play style boat (back line potato, HE spam, hide from all damage) to random matches.
  9. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    I came to ask the same question as the OP. I want to refund this 1,000,000 FXP heaping pile of garbage. I feel robbed. Why, some of you may ask? This boat is simply not worth it's high price. It's a rip-off. The only thing this boat does well is generate teammate agro in randoms because of the boats -required- back line, potato play style. Its not an enjoyable, or particularly useful play style for randoms, performance considerations aside. This boat does not have a viable play style for random battles, nor does it earn XP, or credits any better than my tier 8/9 cruisers. WG knew this boat was garbage, which is why they gave it the useless rapid heal to try to compensate for a boat that regularly loses 1/2 it's HP from any range, or angle. But the heal is useless, because most of the damage you take is citadel damage, or else, you're dead in 2-3 salvos anyways, and the rapid heals never have time to get used. I'm rather p.o.'d that I can't refund this thing.
  10. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Japanese Aircraft Carrier Kaga Found By R/V Petrel

    I was getting ready to post this story from a different site too, so I'll just add this link here. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/rv-petrel-battle-midway-kaga-wreck-aircraft-carrier-ww2-paul-allen-a9161481.html?amp
  11. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Keep getting disconnected during gamplay

    Same here. 8.2 worked great. But the mini patch after that screwed something up really bad.
  12. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Disconnect to login screen

    Kick to login screen bug is back in full force, since the pre-patch. Just like what happened back in April with the space ships patch. Game is nearly unplayable.
  13. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Quick temporary fix for BB AP against DDs

    And I thought this thread was going to be about adding buckshot loads for my BB. Oh well, no varmint hunting for me.
  14. Trigger_Happy_Jax

    Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    From my experience with the fps drop issue, when it appears: - It only happens sometimes, usually after I play for a few hours. - It seems to happen more often right after server reset. - fps plummet at the moment of first contact with enemy ships. Even if I cannot see the ships, as soon as anyone on my team starts spotting ships, the game loses 50+ fps. Also note that I was using a high end system, with fps limiter normally set to 60 fps. This happens consistently once the fps issue starts. - Going in and out of sniper view also causes big fps drops consistently, once the fps issue appears. - Rotating camera view left and right causes more fps drop, but fowards and backwards (spectator view) camera movement does not cause nearly the fps drop (minor stutters). -Torpedo fire mode causes more fps drop. -Gunfire also has a noticable impact on fps drop, but not as much as torpedo mode.