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  1. 5 DDs each team is fun to play???
  2. I just wonder if WOT put ST tanks in the live server? And also how many regular players like me will go to check some developer blog?
  3. Cuz we regular players do not know if it has torps, smoke or radar.
  4. Anything wrong? Some shabi gave me a warning?
  5. And I can just suicide in savage game so I can have enough base XP!
  6. How many battles does WG expect for a player to play per day?
  7. And now UI freezzing
  8. And also put those ST ships into the live server without detail description to all players. Not enough players for ST server? Put those crapinto the live server and ruin this game? I am wondering how WOT works with ST tanks.
  9. Twice in a row. Can WG make a real game rather than those crapmodes?
  10. Ft_tiger

    A question about ST

    Seems Yes now.
  11. Ft_tiger

    A question about ST

    If I were WG, I would just ignore those crappy players, besides, they spend lots of money on this game.
  12. Ft_tiger

    A question about ST

    But never seen one can survive. Even my Khab has the best armor for HE shells among DDs, but still can be removed by APs.
  13. Ft_tiger

    A question about ST

    Heard that they don't need to write anything, just fill some questionnaires, way easier and faster than before. And this guy really "devoted huge chunks of time to testing whatever ship the game tells him to test".
  14. Ft_tiger

    A question about ST

    And it is only for WOWS. Still waiting for BFV having huge discount, $50 CAD is not worthy now. Maybe back to BF4.