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  1. OstwindFlakpanzer

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    it's a free boat. it's not like it's all you're getting during the campaign either. you'll be playing like you normally do anyhow. it's still nowhere near as bad as the worst premium I've ever gotten from wargaming - think matilda black prince in WoT. If acquiring this boat was somehow detrimental to your experience I can see all the griping, but if it's MEH don't play it or just sell it. it's a free below average boat that you don't have to sail. it's not like they are forcing you to eat dog crap or something.
  2. OstwindFlakpanzer

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    it's free. they'll buff her eventually when the data shows how bad it's performing - think Tirpitz and it's secondary buff. for now it's still good for training purposes. I'll take it for free.
  3. OstwindFlakpanzer

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    when was the last garbage boat? can't say I recall....?
  4. OstwindFlakpanzer

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant

    how's this ship stack up to the freebies given for the event? any tangible benefits to forking out the cash for the gallant versus using the provided ones? (other than keeping WG in business)