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  1. Is the Shopping Cart Legit?

    I still can't see the shopping cart
  2. I've done it!

  3. I think Admiral is pulling our leg here
  4. AFTVent Day 6 Mission

    Thanks for clarifying the issue!
  5. AFTVent Day 6 Mission

    I really hope that is the case.
  6. Million Credit Club

    Congrats, I have yet to make that much in a single match :(
  7. I recall the Molotov also being very very accurate.
  8. How about instead of trying to mock me, try helping me. It would be better for everyone!
  9. Do they have a little check box to enable replays yet like in WoT? I can't seem to find one.
  10. Santa's Massive haul. :)

    My friend just gifted me 3 admiral crates, i opened them up and... Got 3 Ishizuchis and 3 10 point commanders
  11. The ship will be in the shop this Friday if I am not mistaken.
  12. Slow Updates

    Crawling at 60kb here, it was never like this for me before. Normaly I get 2mb every time I update. This is horrible!
  13. I thought it was the 9th