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  1. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Thoughts on CV rework.

    I'm starting to get the feeling the rework is wrong on so many levels, after reading more into it along with this information in its current state it ruins the four reasons why I play carriers so I pray they make some real changes the other way as this is early development.
  2. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Thoughts on CV rework.

    So...I picked an interesting time to jump back over here, so if your flying planes who's looking after the carrier?
  3. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    Technically their called ocean cancer players as the object that launches/carries them floats on the ocean DRRRRR
  4. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Match maker

    I just like to point out your ship can't be "overmatched" by three tiers, also when your up tiered don't think of it as a bad thing, if you beat a higher tier ship you look better by comparison cause they had bigger, badder ship and they still lost
  5. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Why isn’t the CV rework priority 1 like it should be?

    So that's what you've been burning over there, people's straw.... you heartless monster
  6. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Biggest OP thing in the game

    Glad to see I'm not the only one.
  7. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Noob DD has no Camo!

    If a ship has camouflage how you tell it has camouflage or not if you cant see it???
  8. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Richelieu Missing Barbette Armor

    The French threw the extra armor overboard so they could run faster
  9. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Musashi's secondaries v Yamato secondaries?

    The 155's get a chuckle when they start penetrating and citadeling though
  10. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    Manual AA on Tirpitz?

    If your still looking to improve its anti air defense, might I suggest taking the twin catapult fighter perk. I've had many carriers who didn't want to commit and leave me alone when the fighters get airborne. Plus even if they commit and attack having to shake off fighters will mess with their aim.
  11. Doesn't matter which ship I play, I lose Karma just for existing... People don't agree with my questionable methods
  12. Subs would be a great addition to the game, it would bring another layer and depth to the game.
  13. Magic_Fighting_Tuna


    Your assumption is based on a best case scenarios, you seem to forget for AP there is RNG, Angles and Over Penetration/Penetration variables to overcome, HE is pretty much fire and forget so in many ways its a better choice between the two.
  14. Magic_Fighting_Tuna


    It isn't HE is too powerful, its just AP shells are that underpowered they make HE look better then it really is.
  15. Magic_Fighting_Tuna

    How do you deal with in game Abuse and Toxic players?

    I make them suffer for it, nothing sets them off more then dragging out a battle when your the last ship alive