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  1. I was very worried if IFHE change killed the ship, but it turns out fine, playstyle has to be changed though. combination of speed, spaced armor, high-velocity guns, hydro and HEAL makes a great DD hunter IFHE is still an absolute must to hurt 27mm CA armor New do and don'ts in this ship Do: Bully DDs wreck broadside CAs spam stealth torps at key locations hold fires Don't (play the ship) (count on allies) shoot anything past 10km, BB especially If everything is done right the ship can still pull a Kraken off, IMO the fact that it can't hurt BBs makes me really focus on what it is good at. (still the change sucks)
  2. darkalex

    premium italian cl after ifhe change

    Only problem being the fire chance is pretty bad without ifhe already
  3. I know it's not important to majority of players, but I actually enjoy Abruzzi quite a bit, however new ifhe gives +25% pen to tier7 and -50% fire chance which means this ship now has 3.5% fire chance and only 31mm pen with ifhe, it's HE DPM is already the worst of tier 7 are they going to change the ship to use SAP or maybe give a refund?
  4. it's metal fish migration season again
  5. I still remember someone detonated a yamato with flecher in beta
  6. It's very rare to see a huge cluster of battleships all sailing in a straight line, I think I might have used all my luck today XD
  7. Maybe also became some battleship's worst nightmare
  8. darkalex

    WG really is a master of math.....

    average damage by number of battle. no, it's missed by 0.4 to a whole number which is very unlikely for roundoff error with this many digits
  9. darkalex

    WG really is a master of math.....

    If you multiply the number back it doesn't yield an approximation of a whole number though, quite strange
  10. darkalex

    WG really is a master of math.....

    that's why russian BBs are accurate!
  11. how many digits is really reasonable to keep
  12. darkalex

    Is HE Alsace a thing?

    In all seriousness did you play alsace after the dispersion nerf?
  13. darkalex

    Is HE Alsace a thing?

    I better off just sell this ship and get into my musashi
  14. darkalex

    Is HE Alsace a thing?

    It is so true to the point I don't find it funny. the same scenario with HE it's at least 5k dmg + a fire, which at least will not make me want to throw my keyboard to my screen
  15. darkalex

    Is HE Alsace a thing?

    "Some damage is better than nothing." precisely