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  1. That depends on if you believe the customer is actually informed. How many of the people dropping 59000 dubloons think they own the ship instead of renting it for as long as WG wants. Under the EULA they could take them away in mid January if they wanted. Plus it doesn't have the nerf shield(not that it needs it) of a true premium. It will be interesting to see how many people go out and drop a couple of hundred bucks on it. I stopped putting cash into this game when the lootboxes came out. I was thinking about picking up some dubs to ease the grind, but after seeing the prices and the grind option, WG can count on a closed wallet from me.
  2. More like slap them with a fish for encouraging these types of crazy prices. Everyone else gets screwed because some special eds can't control their purchasing and feel obligated to throw money at the wall to be first.
  3. acidicghost

    Military Flag

    Are you willing to give up your Musashi since other players can't get it? It is only fair after all. Or you could stop crying about a minor economic bonus that those of us who played before you did get because..... we started playing before you did. Do you also want me to lose my Arkansas Beta because you can't get one?