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  1. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Premium Ship Review: München

    Nice review. Didn’t realize München had such potential
  2. Sad to see one of my old Clan mates pass away. I hope he's in a better place now and I wish his family all the best.
  3. Almost as if people don't like playing competitive modes with CVs
  4. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    @aerilis2 should run Last Stand
  5. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    DM Donskoi help..... P-p-p-p-lease!!

    blab.mp4 Donskoi AP can slap, but only if the target is fully broadside. Otherwise I would just stick to HE
  6. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Puerto Rico Grind

  7. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    World of Warships Wiki PSA

    It's a Goose Attack!
  8. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Salem a "Special Ship"?

    As far as I can remember none of the T10s have been sold for cash. So every T10 non tech tree ship will be in the special category.
  9. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    What keeps you playing the game?

    I’m in a similar boat as Ducky and Saints. I’ve ground the lines, played in every season of CB and gotten some leaderboard positions. There simply isn’t enough fresh content to keep me interested. If it weren’t for my clan and all the cool people I’ve met, I would have quit a long time ago. Now the only thing that really keeps me logging in is my new Wiki position. Hopefully I can share my years of warships wisdom with other players and give back to the community.
  10. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Premium Ship Review #132 - Smolensk

    Great review!
  11. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Viribus Unitus

    A shame that a ship is finally released from my home nation, and it’s in rather dire shape. I’ll spend my excess doubloons on it once it graces the armory, but definitely not going to spend any real money on it.
  12. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Smolensk made Mino obsolete.

    While Mino can definitely still be fun occasionally, the way the meta has progressed, she ain't what she used to be. And while we are on the topic of T10 cruisers that don't see much meta relevance anymore, Stalin and Moskva have to make way for the new Russian Bias. Some how DDs have been become better AP shooters than Cruisers.
  13. With the 6th Season of Clan Battles having arrived, ADOPT has created a short guide on the ideal ship choices and corresponding captain skills and modules. Of course, we have no way of predicting the meta and this guide might be invalid 2 weeks from now. But it should be a good reference point for lower level clans or people unfamiliar with the T8 competitive format. I hope you find the information useful and good luck in Clan Battles! Link to the Spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VQaUtCDbLhzIMcxukg0puQZjjgRYMl3moQpAsSQi3fc/edit?usp=sharing
  14. XxBl4ck_J4ckxX

    Katori is Bad They Said...

    Katori is actually a very strong ship. Railguns, superb fire chance, fighter aircraft!!, long range torpedoes and a secondary battery!!!, make this ship borderline OP. Tier 4 matches are actually preferred when playing the Katori, as it will allow you to farm more damage and possibly give you a challenge, something that is completely lacking in T3 games. When WG buffed her from T1 to T3, they unlocked a beast constrained only by the shackles of "noob friendly introductory tier". Ever since that change, T3 ships having been living in fear, knowing that if they see a Katori on the enemy lineup, their doom was certain. I am glad to see you are enjoying this truly amazing ship and I hope you continue spreading the gospel of Katori!