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  1. DerKaiserliche

    DM Donskoi help..... P-p-p-p-lease!!

    blab.mp4 Donskoi AP can slap, but only if the target is fully broadside. Otherwise I would just stick to HE
  2. DerKaiserliche

    ARP/-ARP-/_ARP_ is recruiting

    RIP Teahee
  3. It’s not related to the tag, but rather you purchase premium MM with $$$
  4. DerKaiserliche

    The RNG Family is Looking for new members

    @Leopard_IX RIP SYN
  5. DerKaiserliche

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Good Luck on your future endeavors!
  6. DerKaiserliche

    World of Warships Wiki PSA

    It's a Goose Attack!
  7. DerKaiserliche

    ADOPT Clan Recruiting

    8v8 CB sounds like a good time
  8. DerKaiserliche

    Salem a "Special Ship"?

    As far as I can remember none of the T10s have been sold for cash. So every T10 non tech tree ship will be in the special category.
  9. DerKaiserliche

    What keeps you playing the game?

    I’m in a similar boat as Ducky and Saints. I’ve ground the lines, played in every season of CB and gotten some leaderboard positions. There simply isn’t enough fresh content to keep me interested. If it weren’t for my clan and all the cool people I’ve met, I would have quit a long time ago. Now the only thing that really keeps me logging in is my new Wiki position. Hopefully I can share my years of warships wisdom with other players and give back to the community.
  10. DerKaiserliche

    Premium Ship Review #132 - Smolensk

    Great review!