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  1. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Fun scrim against KSC tonight
  2. [KSC] Kill Steal Confirmed Recuitment

    Good scrimmage tonight. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in KotS
  3. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Only one more day until KotS sign ups!
  4. Come Sail in Syn!

    don't do it Piko. You don't want your clan to be in memes like these
  5. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Great season 2 of Clan Battles. Congrats to ZR for winning it all
  6. Come Sail in Syn!

    Maybe SYN isn't so bad after all
  7. Come Sail in Syn!

    Maybe if you spent less time chatting and more time playing, you could join us in Hurricane
  8. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    NO is probably the better T8 for ranked with it's long duration radar. For progression to T10, both Hindenburg and Des Moines are going to be good ships for CB and ranked.
  9. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Finished of our second CB season very strong. Manged to secure our spot in the top league very nicely
  10. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Managed to sneak in a few more Clan Battles tonight. Top 20 Clans on NA ain't shabby
  11. Stalingrad wins are tied to the clan you got them in. If you join another clan you actually need to get all 30 wins, not just the remaining ones.
  12. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Thanks to CONQR, especially @Evrien and @Amatsukaze_DD for being a huge help this season. We couldn't have made it this far without them.
  13. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Some crazy April fools shenanigans are going down yesterday and today
  14. Interested in a semi-casual clan

    I was going to send you an invite to the clan, but calling it "grober" rather than the correct spelling of "großer" or the acceptable spelling of "grosser", is an infraction I cannot overlook. However, you are still free to join the ADOPT discord https://discord.gg/nSyxT57 and hang out there in order to find divs and talk to mentors. Maybe if you repent for your sin, I might be able to reconsider your application.