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  1. ADOPT Clan Recruiting

    wouldn't have been that way if you stopped by every once in a while
  2. ADOPT Clan Recruiting

    oWo what's this? A new recruit thread? Was my bumping not sufficient anymore?
  3. screams in burning
  4. Obviously a fake clan since none of them are even in it
  5. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    You can still hang around the discord and ask for help as you are learning the game
  6. so then as an Austrian I should be good? Last time I checked we only had kangaroos in the Zoo
  7. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Still plenty of space in Adopt2
  8. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    JubJub posting owo?
  9. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Solidly in Storm 1, Typhoon is just around the corner
  10. ADOPT Clan Battles Training Stream

    Time stamps are in the video, so easy access for what ever topic on CB you really want to learn about. Give it peak regardless of your commitment to this season of CB. I assure you, you'll learn something new.
  11. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Great night. About to have both squads in Storm!
  12. Looking for a good clan

    These are the NA forums, so it would be pretty weird if he wasn't on NA. You require your in game account to write here after all.
  13. [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    Our Alpha and Bravo squad is always looking for more members. Come learn our pro strats which is totally not 7 Khabas