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  1. Why did the Germans add torpedo tubes to the Tirpitz around the beginning of 1942? I presume they were meant as additional firepower for commerce raiding.

    1. dseehafer


      Precisely. After Gneisenau and Scharnhorst returned from their raids in 1940 Lutjens suggested to Raeder that all capital ships be given torpedo tubes to make the dispatching of enemy commerce quicker and cheaper. (It took Scharn and Gneis 72 shells to sink the freighter Chilean Reefer where 1 torpedo should have been enough to do the job). Bismarck was hurriedly pressed into service before she could receive hers but Tirpitz got hers before she was deemed fit for combat and Gneis and Scharn each got two triple torpedo tubes from Leipzig and Nurnberg.

    2. zucchinibob


      Ok, makes sense.

      So they removed torpedo tubes from two CLs to arms the Scharn sisters, didn't know that.

      Thank you, sir, for your answer.