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  1. French BBs

    Well, that info is almost a month old. I'm guessing those changes were rolled back, because the ranges on both the live server and the supertest are as i posted above. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  2. French BBs

    Stock Secondary Range according to 7.1.0 supertest files X GK - 7.7km France - 7km IX FDG - 7.6km Alsace - 7km VIII Bismarck - 7.5km Richelieu - 5km VII Gneisenau - 5.3km Lyon - 5km Do the French BBs get some kind of special secondary range booster that i'm not aware of?? Because otherwise ze Germans still have the longest secondary ranges.
  3. Tirpitz first. WG said themselves that premium ships are modeled as accurately as possible, and despite this, there is a laundry list of errors and inaccuracies in Tirpitz's model. Like YamatoA150 said, they are updating old models. So far Tenryu, Kuma, and Ryujo A have been given a facelift as far as i know.
  4. Is there

    I'm late to the party.... but GK is 305m long. I dont know about Hindenburg, but shes slightly longer than Scharnhorst, so probably 790' or thereabouts.
  5. It has two cage masts.... I dont think its supposed to be any battleship in particular. Cage masts were an American thing.
  6. well sure, in no specific order.... There is the Commandant Teste Conversion... The Duquesne conversion.... there is the PA4 project... The Joffre project... Jean Bart was at one time considered for conversion... There is the Arromanches (ex-HMS Colossus) The Lafayette (ex-USS Langley) and of course, the Bearn
  7. France has enough for a tech tree as well.
  8. CVs in Co-Op

    I for one, enjoy the new CVs in coop. Good to get some consistent plane kills for once. I'd rather a CV over a DD any day! I'm glad the days of having nearly entire teams of bot DDs are gone. DDs don't have a lot of hitpoints, which means the more DDs on a team the less potential damage to farm... that on top of coop battles already having half as many enemy ships to shoot at as random battles. CVs at least have a good chunk of hitpoints.
  9. Tirpitz is still faster. Montana's design speed was 30kn, Tirpitz's was 31.5kn Yeah, I'm not a madman. ;)
  10. Several researchers have noted that the majority of the industrial areas were on the city outskirts and were not targeted during the raids, only the city proper was targeted. It is obvious that military targets were not solely targeted during the raid, if that were the case the city would not have been leveled and there would not have been 25,000 civilian deaths.
  11. Uh, yes they did. Lt. Izaki Sato was one of only 10 men to survive the sinking of the battleship Yamashiro. In his statements, he recalls how after Yamashiro sank there were many survivors in the water until US Destroyers came alongside and "destroyed" most of them with gunfire. And then there was the firebombing of Dresden, a cultural landmark of little-no strategic significance, which killed approx 25,000 civilians. Or the terror bombing of Cologne who's primary purpose was to do enough damage and kill enough civilians to convince Germany to surrender, the only military targets destroyed in Cologne were flak batteries, during Operation Millenium alone 12,840 building were severely damaged or destroyed, 9 of them hospitals, 17 of them churches, 16 of them schools... obviously not military targets. The Allies were obviously not above ordering the destruction of innocent lives during WWII.
  12. Yass! Love Tuvan throat singing! Huun-Huur-Tu is my favorite group!
  13. If you must keep just one, keep the one that is actually historically significant. That's my two cents.
  14. This.... this hurts to look at. I have no words.....
  15. A carrier emblem on a Russian flag just recently appeared in the files, a British one as well for that matter. So its extremely probable that a Russian and British premium carrier is on the horizon. Work on De Grasse started in August 1942 but progressed slowly and was eventually canceled in February 1943 due primarily to lack of materials and workers. GZ's sister was also broken up on the slipways. So realistically 5 carriers that work was started on. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not saying that a German CV line is a priority, or that it will be appearing any time soon, I'm just saying that when WG does eventually run out of primary content they'd be fools not to make a German CV line. Every new line in-game brings in more money because people spend money to convert xp to progress up the line and there are usually more people playing in general when a new line is released. A German CV line is certainly doable, as I said twice over even, there is plenty of content available to work with. We'd be foolish to assume that, when the time comes, WG will pass up the opportunity to make money on a new line because they've all of a sudden developed a sense of morals and don't want a line of mostly paper. Look at WOT and WOWP, WG obviously has no problem with introducing lines of mostly paper. Simply put, WG is a business, a business has to make money, a German cv line presents the opportunity to squeeze just a little more money out of their product before they run out of major content, as a business it would be unwise not for them to jump at such an opportunity. GZ is an obvious premium CV, line or not, simply because she is recognizable and fame sells. They could have given us Peter Strasser instead of GZ and they would have been statistically the same but there's no way Peter Strasser would sell better than GZ just because of her name. Making GZ a premium was a smart business decision. One needs only to look at the fact that people actually bought the GZ despite very enthusiastic warnings from highly respected community member not to buy the ship because of how unbalanced and terrible it is. Why would anyone buy GZ despite these warnings?? Simple, GZ is famous/recognizable, that alone ensured that some people would buy her no matter what. Hood was not a great ship when she was released and many community members even suggested saving your money and not buying Hood, but I bought Hood anyways. Why?? Because she's the MFing Hood for Pete's sake! Again, fame sells. I'm also betting on a French CV line as well, btw. The Germans had an obsession with tube masts, every one of their light cruisers had 'em, two of their heavy cruisers had em (with a third under construction), both of their pre-dreds had 'em, and every one of their carrier designs had 'em. It was just an extremely popular German naval design practice for the time. The tube mast presented a way to build a tall, lightweight but strong structure that you could add platforms to as needed. With so many German projects focussed on saving weight, the tube mast was an obvious choice.