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  1. Rest in Peace Dseehafer. I'll miss conversing with ya and reading all your interesting and often witty posts. 

    I plan to continue writing historical pieces in a similar style to yours. I have been writing such posts for a good while, but now I think that work is even more important. I hope you'd approve. 


    To Dseehafer's wife, I offer my condolences. Your husband was a well read, kind, and intelligent fellow, and I think we'll all miss him. 

  2. Rest in Peace Dseehafer. Your historical pieces were a beautiful thing to read and I hope to see you on the Heaven server one day.

  3. To the family and friends of Dseehafer my heartfelt sorrow and condolences on hearing of his passing. His scope and breadth of shiplore and details were legendary here and his insight and commentary will be sorely missed! Fair winds and following seas Sir! 

  4. Rest in Peace brother.

  5. Rest in peace sir, from both myself and from Raptor_alcor. We'll both miss seeing your posts. 

  6. We all will miss you dseehafer!

    1. yamato6945


      dseehafer you'll be greatly missed by this community Fair Winds and Following Sea's 

  7. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Hello everybody, this is... hseehafer... I was dseehafer's wife. It took me a while to bust in here which is why I asked Doomlock to make this page for me, but I'm here now. I thank you all for the kind words you have all said about my husband and would like to let you all know that I would like to print this out to display at his funeral. Thank you all again.
  8. I'll miss you.

    1. yamato6945


      Rest in Peace 

  9. Why did the Germans add torpedo tubes to the Tirpitz around the beginning of 1942? I presume they were meant as additional firepower for commerce raiding.

    1. dseehafer


      Precisely. After Gneisenau and Scharnhorst returned from their raids in 1940 Lutjens suggested to Raeder that all capital ships be given torpedo tubes to make the dispatching of enemy commerce quicker and cheaper. (It took Scharn and Gneis 72 shells to sink the freighter Chilean Reefer where 1 torpedo should have been enough to do the job). Bismarck was hurriedly pressed into service before she could receive hers but Tirpitz got hers before she was deemed fit for combat and Gneis and Scharn each got two triple torpedo tubes from Leipzig and Nurnberg.

    2. zucchinibob


      Ok, makes sense.

      So they removed torpedo tubes from two CLs to arms the Scharn sisters, didn't know that.

      Thank you, sir, for your answer.


  10. 1939 Battleship Nassau

    If Nassau was rebuilt in the 20s she wouldn't have had a triangular funnel cap as the Germans didn't start doing triangular funnel caps until the late 30s.

    That's called balance, that does not make them unplayable battleships. If anything that makes them more desirable as the community tends to reject ships that have great survivability in trade for weak firepower (like Hood)
  12. "The findings of a scientific study conducted during the storm which sank the Daniel J Morell showed that strain gages installed on a ship which survived the storm recorded a stress of 23,000 pounds per square inch, much higher than ever recorded on any ocean vessel." - Risky Bussines: Iron Ships, Iron Men


    Image result for daniel j morrell




    12 guns potentially firing 3 rounds per minute, armor comparable to Wyoming though with a lower deck and therefore lower citadel. I think you are drastically underplaying the Tegethoff class. They'd be perfectly fine at tier 4. The only real downsides to the class in-game are, as you mentioned, the TDS (if the model it accurately) and low hitpoints for tier 4 being some 6,000t lighter than ArkB. However, having lower end survivability in exchange for extreme firepower is a good balancing factor.