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  1. I have been a fan of your work since I started playing 5 years ago. I had been waiting for updates on your size comparison models for years. I had hoped you were just busy with other things in life, but now I've finally gotten the gumption to visit your profile and I see the sad truth. Rest in peace. You were a gifted artist and historian. Your talent will be missed. 

  2. Fair seas, dude, fair seas.

  3. I am sorry for your loss.

    I remember reading his detailed series when the forums had just started.  I mean I still remember his topic about getting married and being a father....... I feel for their family and hope that they are doing well.

    For the sea is so wide and the ship so small, may the waves be calm and the wind gently blowing, onto the next course onto the next journey.

  4. Death is the last chapter in time but only the first in eternity.

    Rest in peace and sail on to whatever waits on the other side.

  5. Rest in Peace dear brother of the game, I did not know you, but from what I have read about you, then I wish I had of.

    It is always a loss when such a person as you departs us here in the mortal world, but I am sure you are still with us spiritually.

    God bless you brother.

    GhostWarrior (NA) & iJoby (EU)

  6. RIP dseehafer, my condolences to his wife and loved ones, may you be on eternal patrol and honor your memory.


  7. Rest in Peace Dseehafer. I'll miss conversing with ya and reading all your interesting and often witty posts. 

    I plan to continue writing historical pieces in a similar style to yours. I have been writing such posts for a good while, but now I think that work is even more important. I hope you'd approve. 


    To Dseehafer's wife, I offer my condolences. Your husband was a well read, kind, and intelligent fellow, and I think we'll all miss him. 

  8. Rest in Peace Dseehafer. Your historical pieces were a beautiful thing to read and I hope to see you on the Heaven server one day.

  9. To the family and friends of Dseehafer my heartfelt sorrow and condolences on hearing of his passing. His scope and breadth of shiplore and details were legendary here and his insight and commentary will be sorely missed! Fair winds and following seas Sir! 

  10. Rest in Peace brother.

  11. Rest in peace sir, from both myself and from Raptor_alcor. We'll both miss seeing your posts. 

  12. We all will miss you dseehafer!

    1. yamato6945


      dseehafer you'll be greatly missed by this community Fair Winds and Following Sea's 

  13. I'll miss you.

    1. yamato6945


      Rest in Peace