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    I live on the great lakes so first and formost im obbsessed with Great Lakes Freighters. My great grandfather served abord the Tirpitz so naturally I was exposed to WWII history as a young child and ive become obsessed with that as well. I accell specifically in naval history. I am a modeller and have over 80 military models in my collection, i am also obsessed with aesthetics, as a modeller you have to be. At first I went to school to become a pastor before switching to a welding degree.
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  1. It still amazes me that people are astounded that some cruisers are longer than some battleships. Most dreadnoughts did not exceed 600' in length, most WWII cruisers were around 600' long. That is why you have light cruisers like Nurnberg being longer than battleships like Texas and heavy cruisers like Graf Spee being longer than battleships like Arizona. Cesare at least exceeds 600', so for a dreadnought, she's actually pretty big. Anyways, nice thread as always mouse! :)
  2. Still, pales in comparison to other actual purebred German destroyers like Wolfgang Zenker. Besides, like I said, Germany does not need a foreign design destroyer, she has enough of her own. Germany is not Pan-Asia or Poland where you cant make a line or have premium ships without foreign designs. Just because people want Dutch ships in-game, and believe me I'm one of them, does not mean that we should waste a German premium spot on a Dutch ship. And where's the pride in having a Dutch ship that served for another country? If you want a Dutch ship, De Ruyter and Java are much better candidates than ZH-1 coming from a national pride standpoint. People need to forget about ZH-1. I was hoping for a historical Z-1936A(mob) premium destroyer to make up for the ugly a-historical POS we have in-game in the line at tier 8.
  3. I'd prefer a purebred German premium destroyer. ZH1 was originally Dutch and really didn't do all that much. Then again, she still did more than Z-61, so there's that. :P I can understand people wanting Dutch ships, I'd love some Dutch ships myself, but keep 'em out of the German tech tree. They're not necessary there.
  4. Would have preferred a real, historically significant German destroyer over a paper-ship, but hey, I'm not in-charge. Historically significant ships will sell because of their name alone, regardless of performance. Premium paper ships struggle to sell well unless they are blatantly overpowered because there is little to draw the player to them. They've never heard of the ship before and not much is known about the ship in the first place. De Grasse sold poorly because 1: its not overpowered and therefore must suck, and 2: because it is essentially a paper ship. On the other hand, people still bought Graf Zeppelin, despite all the warning not to buy her, because she is a historically significant or otherwise famous ship. Paper ships are necessary for filling out ship-lines, but for the love of God keep them the hell out of the premium shop. There are a good number of historically significant German destroyers to chose from for a tier 6 premium destroyer, nobody asked for, or wanted a paper ship! Bad, WG, Bad!
  5. Well, the actual physical model of the Kawachi's guns in-game are still representative of their different calibers. Only the stats differ. If WG did the same for Brandenburg, it would be possible to give the center turret the same stats as the 40 caliber guns without changing the model. In either event, all 3 gun turrets will have to have the same performance statistics, no matter which caliber is chosen. Kawachi has more better-performing guns in either situation, but she lacks Brandenburg's nimbleness, tough armor, and torpedoes. Balance is not achieved through firepower alone. If it was, there is no way Myogi and Wyoming would occupy the same tier. Myogi is able to occupy the same tier because, although she doesn't boast as much firepower as Wyoming does, she has more hitpoints, more secondaries, and is much faster, just to name a few of her benefits.
  6. You must not have read the whole thread. I addressed this issue. It already exists with Kawachi. Historically she had 2x2 12/50s and 4x2 12/45s. In-game, she has all 12/45s. Wargaming would probably do the same for Brandenburg if they ever added her to the game.
  7. Two of the ships were also given to Turkey before WWI, so they could be either a German or a Turkish premium!
  8. Well, this is Germany's first ocean-going battleship. Quite simply, they may not yet have had a dockyard or a dry-dock large enough to make her any longer. That's just a guess, though.
  9. Greetings all, Recently, we've had some discussions about pre-dreadnoughts. And the biggest concern seems to be that pre-dreadnoughts are hard to balance due to their lack of armament and that having any battleship at tier 2 is a balancing nightmare in and of itself. But what if there was a pre-dreadnought that didn't have to go into tier 2? What if there was a pre-dreadnought that was not limited to a 4-gun broadside? Well, there may be one... The very first class of ocean-going battleship the Germans ever built was the Brandenburg class. They were also revolutionary in that they boasted a 3-turret 6-11" gun broadside, which has led some to classify them as "proto-dreadnoughts" because of their extraordinarily powerful firepower in comparison to the pre-dreadnoughts that came before and even after them. However, despite their awesome firepower the arrangement was considered a failure, the deck and superstructures would suffer blast damage when the center turret was fired and its arcs were very limited, to begin with. This is why the Germans built the more standard 4-gun pre-dreadnoughts after Brandenburg, despite the cut in firepower. "Ok, so it has 2 more guns than any other pre-dreadnought. It still fires at least 2 fewer guns per broadside than any other current tier 3 battleship. I fail to see how Brandenburg is powerful enough to be tier 3." Hold your horses, I'm not done yet... To further increase her offensive dominance over pre-dreadnoughts like Mikasa in-game and to help her catch up to the offensive standards of the tier 3 dreadnoughts in-game, she also has 6 above-water 45cm torpedo tubes in swivel mounts, 3 per side, in the hull (just like Mutsu). Here is where they are located... As long as we're on the topic of firepower we should cover her secondary firepower. As built she had 6x1 105mm and 8x1 88mm. That gives us a secondary battery of 7 guns per broadside, which is nothing special at either tier 2 or 3. Before someone brings up the fact that the center turret guns are actually 5 calibers shorter than her other two turrets and therefore Brandenburg is a multi-caliber ship and can't work in-game I'll remind you that Kawachi is also multi-caliber. It would appear that as long as the guns are the same size WG will allow for differences in caliber. Now, on to the defensive side... Brandenburg is smol, as in tiny. At only 379' long she's some 53' shorter than the Mikasa and is also shorter than many destroyers in-game. This means that she should be both super stealthy and semi-difficult to hit. However, she pays for it in hitpoints... displacing only 10,670t at full load. She is some 5,000t lighter than Mikasa, and is some 7,000t lighter than the next lightest tier 3 dreadnought. However! On top of being small, sneaky, and harder to hit than your average battleship, she's also massively well armored! She boasts a 400mm thick armor belt over her magazines which slims to 300mm at the bow and stern (have fun over-matching that bow armor Yamato) and slims to 200mm below the waterline. Her deck was 60mm thick with 60mm slopes. Her barbettes were protected by 300mm of armor and her turrets were 120mm thick everywhere except for the roof which was 50mm thick. Her upper hull was 42mm thick. To add to that, historically she also had 200mm of teak behind her 400mm belt armor, 300mm of teak behind her bow and stern belt armor and her barbettes were backed by 300mm teak, though wooden armor has not yet been counted or rendered in-game in any way. If it was counted, then Bismarck's belt would actually be 380mm thick as her belt armor was mounted on 60mm thick teak. Anyways.... so she's very well armored, more so than any other tier 3 battleship. In the end, her low hitpoints would only serve to balance her otherwise insane survivability. Realistically, she could probably be made to fit at tier 2 as well, but if there's any pre-dreadnought that has any chance of occupying a tier 3 slot, it's the Brandenburg class. Pros More guns than Mikasa Torpedoes Very well armored Small target (as battleships go, anyways) Should boast an incredibly small turning circle Cons Very low hitpoints Very slow with a top speed of just 17kn Fewer guns than other tier 3 battleships "Meh" secondary battery
  10. "At 04:47 on 1 September, Schleswig-Holstein opened fire with her main battery at the Polish positions on the Westerplatte, and in doing so fired the first shots of World War II. These shots were the signal for ground troops to begin their assault on the installation." The Luftwaffe raid on Wielun began at approx 05:22, almost an hour and a half after S-H opened fire. Some sources, have the raid taking place at 04:40, some 5 minutes before S-H opened fire. So while it's disputed, S-H is usually credited for firing the first shots of the war.
  11. ^ that's why. If it were a general WWII history book, at least 1939-1945, it would most likely have S-H mentioned somewhere. My expedition today proved as much.
  12. It literally fired the first shots of the war. Which books have you read? I highly doubt that none of them mentioned Schleswig-Holstein. My expedition today proved it very hard to find a general WWII book that does not mention S-H. I mean, sure if you're reading a book that talks about WWII from 1941 onwards (saw a few of those today) or only covers the Pacific, or the Battle of Britain, then yeah, you're not going to find S-H in there. But if the book covers, or at least attempts to cover, the entirety of the war it will likely have S-H in it somewhere. S-H firing the first shots of the war.