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  1. Can you please please please either adjust this scenario down a notch or completely remove it from the rotation? The other missions can be done relatively easily with random groups of players of various skill, and are still easy enough to fail if you don't do it right. This mission is so stupidly hard for random groups that I've been stuck on failing teams dozens of times in a row. Sometimes I have great damage and kills, other times I'm the dead dummy, but it's reaching the point where I want to just stop playing the whole week it is going. And, I have noticed I'm not the only player that hates this one's current setup. It's perfectly fine if you are running a dedicated team of people who know the mission and work well together. Reasonably speaking, how many of the times it is played are run by those groups? And, you can do that even if it is not the mission of the week. This mission was already tough before you turned up the aggression on the AI ships, but it was at least winnable by random people.
  2. Mechduck

    PvE Ship Choice

    I know I have seen various takes on this, but I'm looking for a PvE specific answer. Most of what I have seen are more Random/Ranked/Clan Battle related. Please forgive me for asking again. Once I get all the steel/coal from the New Years event, I will have enough coal to purchase one of two ships: Georgia or Pommern. My dilemma is that I'm a PvE main, but I'm also a split USN/German main. I have plenty of tech tree ships from both, but I also have a handful of USN premiums. My favorites are Texas, Sims, and Massachusetts. I absolutely love the Mass. She's probably my favorite ship currently. On the other hand, I also have both the Gneisenau (yes, I actually kept her... fun ship) and the Bismarck, both of which are in my top 5. I do not have Tirpitz or Scharnhorst (though I'd love to have the latter). I'm also not afraid of ships that get mixed-at-best reviews, or have screwball mechanics. I run (and thoroughly enjoy) the Graf Spee in COOP and Scenarios. If you want to pull my ship stats, by all means see if there are any hints. I tend to prefer mid range combat over long range sling out battles. There is a possibility of me getting into Ranked Sprint at some point, but I'm still going to be mostly PvE. The biggest issue I have, is I can only get one. I know Georgia is leaving the shop very soon, but if I go with her there's a really really good chance I won't build up enough coal to get Pommern before she leaves the Armory. And financially I can't spend actual money to get either. So, if you had to choose one of them and only one, which would you choose?
  3. Mechduck

    Premium Shop: Champagne

    FDR looks cool, but I don't get near enough Steel to pull that off. No, what I would really love to see in the game is USS Hornet with the Doolittle Raid configuration. Make it a Tier 6 or 8, with 3 flights of B-25's (2xHE 1xAP, something like that) doing the Brits' level-bombing trick. I would fork out $$$ for that! And yes I know the Enterprise (Also Yorktown class) sits at Tier 8, but that doesn't mean Hornet in this configuration would have to.
  4. "Hey wait, why is that island shooting at me?" I love it! I'm going to have to add that to my camo collection. It's like a cheesy Hawaiian shirt, with guns!
  5. Mechduck

    CV Rework Feedback

    That is a good point in itself. They've stated they will need to balance things significantly before the overhaul is unleashed on the main servers. They've also stated that Death Star CV strikes being ridiculous is one of the reasons they are pushing this overhaul. Perhaps in future test server revisions we will begin to see their balancing maneuvers take shape. At this point it's way to early to make the call of it being really good or bad. We just need to play on the test servers, and tell them what feels bad/broken so they can make corrections. I think a good mix of comments from those who hate CVs and those who love them will give them room to find a middle ground where these ships can live.
  6. Mechduck

    CV Rework Feedback

    Not everyone share's that mindset. As things stand currently, the CV's need a major rework to really bring something to the game in a balanced way. That said, I still enjoy playing them, and I don't have a major problem playing against them either. They add a new layer to the game, something to keep the pace flowing. As for your unfortunate experience in the test server, this is an early BETA, and what you see is no guarantee of what you will eventually get. Give Wargaming a little credit here: they are actually trying to get real feedback from those of us who aren't supertesters. To do that they have to control the variables, make tweaks, then test and adjust again. It's like tuning a rifle scope: Even with a great boresighting tool you will rarely hit a bullseye right off the bench. I believe they actually can make the CV class good for the game. The question is whether or not they will. Also, all of us volunteered to take the punishment of a very early stage of what will amounts to a major overhaul. We all knew (or should have known) that this is not a finished product.
  7. Mechduck

    CV Rework Feedback

    I would imagine (read hope) that since they have stated they want the carriers to be strong on the attack, but not able to deliver consistent alpha strikes that they would tweak the AP bombs a bit. I cannot count how many times I've seen a Bismark deleted by just 2 dive bomber strikes where they get more hits than misses. Add to that the fact that with a skilled captain controlling the planes, you can get the dispersion down significantly enough to get far more hits than misses. They would be crazy not to cut down the impact of the individual bombs, or make it harder for the carrying plane to get through.
  8. Mechduck

    CV Rework Feedback

    I noticed that they stated Japanese bombers will carry penetration bombs, while US planes will carry HE. I have not been able to read through everything, so I was wondering if this will be the new norm, or is this just for testing purposes and you get to choose your loadout later. Otherwise first impressions look very very promising. Looking forward to this going live for testing tomorrow. Also, I'm on the Ranger in the current setup. If she drops to 6, I would be interested to see what they put in her place. Maybe move the Lexington down to 7 and put in Yorktown class at 8?