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  1. saintsfan1622000

    This anti-CV stuff is getting old

    Remove CVs. Forever. Lock them away. Do the same with subs. And superships. #JustSayNo
  2. saintsfan1622000

    Steel Ship Coupon Suggestions

    It really depends on what you like to play and what you're looking for. Which class is your main? Are you looking for a ship that's fun to play? Good for competitive (CBs and ranked)? A ship that is different?
  3. saintsfan1622000

    A really annoying problem

    Yes. I have had this issue as well for some time now. The way it snaps your view back around is quite jarring.
  4. saintsfan1622000

    New German Destroyers Review

    Why is the Z-31 so bad? Terrible guns, torps, speed, etc. What does WG have against it? There should be an investigation.
  5. saintsfan1622000

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    My biggest problem with brawls (ignoring the fact they are taking place during clan battle AND ranked seasons) is they rewards just are not worth it. To play for three to four hours for 2M credits, 80K captain X, 10K coal and whatever else is just silly. You could earn more than that in randoms AND play whenever you want in any class and ship.
  6. saintsfan1622000

    Update 0.10.5, balance changes

    Did the Colombo really need a buff? Why? Because Deadeye is gone? I disagree.
  7. saintsfan1622000

    Warships Size Comparison: Destroyers

    Sorry. I didn't have time to read what it said. Interesting to just include ships that were built.
  8. saintsfan1622000

    Warships Size Comparison: Destroyers

    It seems that several ships were missing. I didn't see the Groz or Khaba, to name two of them.
  9. saintsfan1622000

    Santa Crates

    @Hapa_Fodder So does this mean I can buy santa boxes today and still get a refund if I ask for It by the 13th?
  10. saintsfan1622000

    Always courageous containers?

    I took a break from the game for about a month and missed most of those boxes. I'm 6/16 on the collection. Is there a way to get them now or not?
  11. Not all of those ships were released this year. I don't get the Poll.
  12. saintsfan1622000

    KOTS XI begins now!

    There were no ship bans in the first round. A list of which ships were used will be on the KOTS Discord at some point.
  13. saintsfan1622000

    Campaign end date?

    Thanks. It was not clear in the announcement. I checked through it and could not find an end date or a time limit.
  14. saintsfan1622000

    Campaign end date?

    Hello. So I don't see an end date for the new campaign. I'm focusing on the Anchorage now and plan to finish the campaign later. When does the campaign end? Or is it a permanent one? Thanks.
  15. saintsfan1622000

    ST, hybrids

    So the CV rework is still not where it should be, and now this is being tested? I think the issues with the CVs should be fixed first. But now WG is working on subs, new captain skills, AA and CV spotting AND hybrids. That's just a lot going on at once.