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  1. saintsfan1622000

    Clan Battles Might be Glitched Again Tonight

    For the love of God PLEASE don't let this happen AGAIN. COME ON WG!!! My clan had 14 people wait for an hour last week before we could play. NOT AGAIN!!
  2. saintsfan1622000

    Access To Clan Chatroom From Outside The Game

    Its clear WG does not feel to need to add more to CBs or clans, or it's just not worth it to them to do so. I suggest you use Discord.
  3. saintsfan1622000

    CV Rework-The Good, Bad and Ugly

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE what I've seen from the rework. They're making CVs WORSE. It's a real shame WG has spent over a year and who knows how much $$$$ on the rework and THIS is the best they can do. Come on.
  4. saintsfan1622000

    Upcoming ship lines

    We have to keep this in mind: The CV rework is in round two. Round three will happen after round two, probably sometime in late December or January. The ships have not even been balanced yet, as far as I know. Then there are the premium CVs to balance and then test that. At this point, I think a January/February CV rework is not likely to happen. Maybe March or April? RN DDs came out in October, that puts the next line out in January/February based on WG's past release schedule. If the CV rework is delayed for any reason, I'd think WG would need to have a backup to release until the CV rework is ready. I'd think WG wanted the CV rework to launch with 8.0 in January, but I don't see that happening now. I've very disappointed with the rework. I think it's a big step back and it seems WG really doesn't know how to balance CV play and this is just the best they can do, which is a real shame. I think WG realizes they have spent over a year on the rework already and it's STILL not done and they have months left. No way they were going to deviate from what they've been working on with the time and money invested in what's being tested. I'm a big CB player, and I DREAD the impact these DoT CVs are going to have on CBs. It's going to force teams to run Woosters to shred the planes and make the gameplay more static. I just hate that idea.
  5. saintsfan1622000

    No Clan Battles tonight?

    Says it starts in three days. Got 14 people waiting. COME ON WG.
  6. saintsfan1622000

    Clan battles not working

    Just assembled our seven-member team after organizing this afternoon. Client says CBs start in three days. Sunday should be a CB day. Come on WG.
  7. saintsfan1622000

    Clan Bravo Team

    I think you have to have the second clan size upgrade. Hoover over the upgrades in the clan port and it will give you the info on what each upgrade gives.
  8. saintsfan1622000

    So who has a Steel Port already set up?

    We don't have any of the steel ones. We have the first coal upgrade and then all of the remaining upgrades for free XP, commander XP, etc. The steel ones are super expensive, so they were the lowest priority.
  9. saintsfan1622000

    Looking for a clan battle team?

    Hello, I'm an officer and recruiter of R-F (Rogue Fleet). With season four of clan battles around the corner, Rogue Fleet (R-F) is looking to grow. We reached Typhoon in season three and Hurricane in season two. In King of the Sea Season VII, we finished tied for 9th. We have our own Discord and many upgrades on our clan base. This season we plan to run four teams and would like a few more members to fill up the fourth team. We require a player rating of at least 1,200 overall for our sub clan (R-F1) and 1,400 for our main clan. Please have at least one tier X ship. CB experience is preferred. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to talk about it. Below are two games from season three against other top-level teams.
  10. saintsfan1622000

    Tier VI Ranked Sprint - What'cha gonna bring?

    BBs: Warspite for 381s. Maybe Arizona for 12 guns and accuracy. DDs: Anshan, Fushun, T-61. Cruisers: Pretty useless I'd say. Maybe Spee.
  11. R-F is an experienced clan that has made Typhoon or above in all three seasons of CBs. We seek another skilled clan for a scrimmage between Sunday and Tuesday at 7 EST. Message me here and we can work out the details.
  12. saintsfan1622000

    PSA: Black Friday Crates (7.11)

    The crates will be $5 each I'm sure. You have to consider you have a very small chance to get a $50 ship in them, so they will cost $$$$$. Not worth it AT ALL to me. The camos are ok, but not great. I have 1.4M free XP right now. One month of premium is about $12.50, not bad. I don't need the 200 percent camos. The black ships are just silly when you consider many people own the "normal" version of those ships already, as they''ve already paid $50 for them. It's something some people will spend more money to get the same ship with a different camo. WG has not done an interesting special box in a while now. I have no hope for Christmas either. AND I'm upset that the Mizzou was added to super containers. I mean really? What about the people that grinded 750K Free XP two years ago when it was much tougher? Come on.
  13. There will be yet another mission chain to earn the Dreadnought.
  14. saintsfan1622000

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    I've done that and it still shows the same number: 3,913. I think we're getting lost in the weeds here. The facts are only about 10 percent of clans even play CBs and few players put enough time into ranked to rank out. Only 2,045 Stalingrad flags were given out worldwide after season 3 of CBs, so roughly 500 per server. That's 500 players, which at 7 per team would be 71 teams.
  15. saintsfan1622000

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    If you change it to one min battle on Ship comrade the number doesn't change. Still, even if you played 50 ranked games, you still had no chance to rank out. That to means you either were not serious in your attempt, or you realized you could not make it.