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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone. Clan Brawl takes place this Saturday. 3 vs. 3 format. Should be interesting.
  2. We just finished 10th in season six of CBs. KoTS is about 30 days away now.
  3. saintsfan1622000

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    Nice spreadsheet. I plan to do the same thing to keep track as I did last year. I have every tier X save for the CVs and the Yoshino, plus I reset two lines. So I should get 28 SC in total, I think.
  4. Only two nights left in the CB season, but we have KoTs IX coming up in about a month. Join the Discord and message an officer for info on joining us.
  5. saintsfan1622000

    Question about German Subs.

    Though I'm very concerned with what I've seen in the DD vs. sub gameplay I've watched. I'd like direct control over launching the depth charges and a better system for DDs to locate subs.
  6. saintsfan1622000

    Question about German Subs.

    I hope U-571 gets to be released as a premium at some point. Yes, I know the movie U-571 does not tell the story of the real U-571.
  7. saintsfan1622000

    2100 french tokens for special captain? help!

    You need to reach the top 25 percent in the HoF if you lack the Terrible or the Mog. That gives you 600 more tokens to get to 2,100. You also need to complete every weekly mission aside from the last one that requires the Mog or Le Terrible.
  8. saintsfan1622000

    Preloading of 0.8.8 via WGC available today.

    Yep. I have 25 tier Xs. I was looking forward to opening all of those big boxes.
  9. saintsfan1622000

    Preloading of 0.8.8 via WGC available today.

    Anniversary content.
  10. saintsfan1622000

    Preloading of 0.8.8 via WGC available today.

    8.7 went live on Aug. 21, which was three weeks ago this week. So I'd say 8.8 is set for next week, Sept. 18. I wonder why the update is 2.7GB though. That's more than twice the size of the normal update. There's no new lines coming in 8.8 and just one new port, the desk port. Perhaps the anniversary content is significant.
  11. saintsfan1622000

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    Just keep it off and pray then....
  12. saintsfan1622000

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    T-61, Shinonome, Arizona and Warspite are all good picks I'd say. Also, the 41 if you have it.
  13. saintsfan1622000

    Regrinding US BBs - Colorado

    Yes, it's slow. It's about positioning and target selecting, more so than most due to the slow speed. Still, if you go east and the red team goes west, it's a long, boring game. So try to stay mid-map.
  14. saintsfan1622000

    The "Well Done!" Thread

    @Kami This once again brings up why don't we have a more detailed scoreboard? Why can't we see how much damage everyone did? Why are we limited to just kills, planes shot down and base XP?
  15. saintsfan1622000

    How many crates on average to get one french DD mission??

    I don't see why people spend money on tech tree ships just to get them a month early. Makes zero sense to me.