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  1. I love the idea of giving out rewards to individual players for earning stars, but just three camos? I have over 1K camos. Why not maybe 10 per star? Or 5 per star? Or another reward altogether.
  2. saintsfan1622000

    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    @iKami This is something I've harped on before, but something I'll talk about again until I feel WG gets it right. It's clear that season five of clan battles is approaching based on what WG officials have said. Clans need time to set up rosters, run scrimmages, decide on ship lineups, etc. before a season starts. Normally we get less than a week notice, which is not enough time. If CBs are starting within 8.2, now would be a great time to announce that so we can find out who in the clan is interested in playing, run our scrimmages and agree on ship lineups and tactics. That simply is not done overnight.
  3. saintsfan1622000

    Graf Zeppelin and Soviet battleships changes

    Good morning @shonai_ and welcome as it appears you are new and don't even have a profile pic yet. So does this mean there is a hotfix today? Would that be 8.1.2?
  4. saintsfan1622000

    Cross server clan battles times

    The NA battles start at 6:30 CDT.
  5. saintsfan1622000

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    I disagree with the Pensacola. It's the first heavy USN CA. People have to adjust to it. It teaches lessons that apply down the rest of the line. Emerald and Mutsuki are weak through. The Queen is very strong as a 380 armed BB at tier 6, the Monarch is a little weak with 380s at tier 8 (raise the cit, really?), the Yorck has been buffed recently, the Kirov is paper but has great guns, the Nagato was fantastic when I played through it and the New Mexico is a pretty tanky ship, but a shotgun. I didn't hate the New Mex, but it's been a long time since I've played it.
  6. saintsfan1622000

    Clan Battles

    They said in the latest dev diary video that the next season will start "Soon." I expect that to mean 8.2 since the test is currently going on, kind of. The first Saturday after the patch is March 30. So that's when I expect season five of CBs to start. Season four ended on Jan. 27, so that's roughly two months later. We've also already had a ranked season since Jan. 27, albeit season 11 lasted less than 30 days. I expect CBs to take place on Sundays, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays again for about four hours each night.
  7. saintsfan1622000

    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    It was understandable the first time this happened. No problem. It's a test after all, right? The second time it was frustrating. At this point, it's just appalling. My clan had about 10 people online for an hour trying to play the test and were not able to play a single game. This is not the first time this has happened. WG has also consistently messed up DST as it relates to CBs. At least they're consistent and the player base knows what to expect. We wouldn't want any surprises, right?
  8. -BN- had a great run in KoTS VIII. All the way to the quarterfinals. They played very well throughout the tourney starting as one of eight seeds and then winning their group. They eliminated AP 2-0 in the round of 16 to advance to the quarters. They're a great group who I"m sure will be back in CBs season five and season 9 of KoTS.
  9. saintsfan1622000

    [R-F] Rogue Fleet is recruiting for clan battles and KoTS

    Made it to the semi-finals in King of the Sea VIII held on March 10, 2019. Lost 3-2 to PWP. Defeated MIA and 5D to get to the semis.
  10. saintsfan1622000

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    I agree with @Ace_04
  11. saintsfan1622000

    season 5 CB

    Sounds like it'll be in 8.2, so I'd guess March 30, which is the first Saturday after the patch.
  12. Cross server is good for people in strange time zones, but won't do anything for the majority who are not.
  13. saintsfan1622000

    Clan battles season Five?

    I know what you mean. The "CV roadmap" talked about patches through 8.4, which would be April's patch. I would think WG is thinking CVs will be a much better state roughly 90 days, three patches and several hotfixes from now. Plus RN CVs will be fully released. I'm still not seeing many CVs in games, especially high-tier games.
  14. saintsfan1622000

    Clan battles season Five?

    I see around the 7:45 mark in the 8.2 video they talk about cross-server matchmaking for clan battles. I assume that means season five is coming. Season four ended on Jan. 27. With 8.2 set for March 27, could season five start on March 30? We've already had a ranked season since CBs season four ended.
  15. saintsfan1622000

    Flags for credits! - finally!

    I'm sitting on about 350M credits. It will be good to use the credits on flags so I can save coal for special upgrades and coal ships. Sierra Mikes sometimes run low as every ship could use a little more speed and for more one of the fire setting flags is under 100 right now. Keep in mind we'll also be able to use coupons on the flags.