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  1. saintsfan1622000

    Throwdown Thursday - The Ranked Sprint

    Very bad idea. Marblehead and Omaha class ships are wayyyy too soft. Any BB will citadel you at almost any angle. Most at any angle. You'd do better in an Iron Duke or Nicholas.
  2. saintsfan1622000

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    I hope not. I don't get why a non-British ship would get it. I thought it was a unique trait for RN ships? I guess not anymore.
  3. saintsfan1622000

    Season 11 start date?

    Ranked Sprint has two 12-day seasons. The first is 6v6 and the second is 8v8. So 24 days in total. That means it will be over before November's patch.
  4. saintsfan1622000

    Season 11 start date?

    Previously WG ran a season of ranked, then about a two-week break, and then a season of CBs. Ranked Sprint starts Friday and will include two 12-day seasons. CB season 4 should start sometime after that. Then there would be season 11 of Ranked. So if CBs start in November and end in January, Ranked season 11 could start in January or February. We don't know if Ranked Sprint will become a regular part of the rotation, but I'm sure WG wants it to.
  5. saintsfan1622000

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    This is not "real" ranked. It just happens to use the same name with "sprint" added on. How can anyone compare 23 ranks with 10 and about 60 stars needed to ranked sprint's 21 to rank out? The modes are clearly not the same. with one being a very watered down version of the other. Again, ranking out normally takes at least 100 games for most players. Sometimes 200 to 300 games. Sprint will take top players less than 20 games and most players around 35 games. There is just no comparison. Yes, maybe the rewards should be a little better, especially if you rank out in both seasons of sprint, but steel is just too much for this.
  6. saintsfan1622000

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    I don't understand how people can expect to get steel from this event. Think about it. You can rank out in as few as 13 games. That's about four hours of game time. Compare that to real ranked, where the best players rank out in 100 games and the average is probably 250. How can you expect to get steel, which WG has repeatedly said will be a competitive resource? Ranked Sprint is clearly a junior version of ranked and not a true competitive mode, as ranked and CBs are. I do think the rewards are low, considering what you can just farm on daily challenges and boxes. This game mode will be more competitive than randoms, with the best players playing only in divs with GCs, Fujins, Gremys, etc. I'd like to see more flags that it gives, but I think the top level players will rank out in less than 20 games and the average will be maybe 35.
  7. saintsfan1622000

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    Keep in mind the Fujin trio has not been sold since the spring of 2017, which was a year and a half ago. So if you're a newer player, you don't have one. Still, that means anyone with one is a veteran and likely has a 19-point captain on it. So they will definitely be a threat. Considering it's a "junior" version of ranked, I imagine the rewards will be lower than normal, so many veteran players will not bother at all. The GC is the best BB for ranked. Speed, guns, detect, torp belt, it has it all. Tier 5 cruisers are too soft. An Omaha-class won't be able to angle to tier 5 BB guns, the GC has 320mm, the Kongo and Texas 356mm and the Iron Duke has 343mm. So that will just be citadel city. The Fury Taco is probably the best, but you'd be better off in a DD or BB overall. The Iron Duke will be a good second choice if you lack a GC. With it's 40 per cent fire chance and high HE alpha it can still rack up damage on angled BBs.
  8. I have almost 900K Free XP, 30K Coal and 10K Steel. I already own the Musashi and bought the Salem for another tier X box with a coupon and that used up all my coal. No coupon until December and it'll take me a month or more to build up coal to over 100K. I'd love to get the French tier X and the Super Alsace, but not sure about the Alaska as I'm not a high tier CA player. I'd also love to get the Black.
  9. saintsfan1622000

    Ranked Blitz Tier 5 Preview

    Yep. The Iron Duke is a good choice. Great HE, 10 guns, good armour, good firing angles, etc.
  10. saintsfan1622000

    Ranked Blitz Tier 5 Preview

    Lucky man with all the OP tier 5 DDs. I'd kill for a Gremy. I bought the Yubari during CBT. **** me.
  11. saintsfan1622000

    Ranked Blitz Tier 5 Preview

    Omaha is way too soft. New York is just worse than the Iron Duke. Iron Duke will be the best non-premium BB and the Kongo won't be bad either. The German Tier V is an OK choice for a BB. Overall, cruisers at tier 5 are just too soft. Fury Taco or the Emil are the best two, but I'd go DD or BB before either of those.
  12. saintsfan1622000

    Khabarovsk Guide by Rannith

    If there is no other DD, sure, cap. But in most games, there will be multiple DDs on each team. Early game capping is just too risky.
  13. saintsfan1622000

    Khabarovsk Guide by Rannith

    "Generally the role of this ship is no different than any other destroyer. Your job is to spot the enemy force, capture nodes, and provide support by lighting fires, and using torps." I very much disagree. The Khab is a light cruiser. Its job is to support other DDs with its guns to bully them out of caps when spotted and then tax the damage con of CAs and BBs. It can cap and spot late game, but not early. It can also use its speed and heal to take well over 1M potential damage. Trying to cap is just way to risky when other DDs out spot you by so much. I average over 90K in mine with a 61 per cent win rate.
  14. I would pay a lot for a Gremy or Fujin.
  15. Hello all, Are you in a smaller clan that does not have enough members for CBs? Looking for a move active clan or a more complete clan base? Are you a clan leader looking to quickly grow? Need more people for CBs? Rogue Fleet would love to add more players before season four of CBs starts in the next few weeks. We plan to field four or more teams this season and will make another run for Hurricane. Message me for more info. Below are wins from season three against good teams: