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  1. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    When did the...

    Doesnt DoY have better autobounce angles for her AP though?
  2. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Stealth Nerfing of ships.

    Going to have to say, I have been playing Mid tiers a lot lately and no, Giulio Cesare plays the same as she always has.
  3. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    Wow that sounds almost like Singlish (Singapore English) for a moment there 😂
  4. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    and thats where my main opposition comes from. Its the fact they wont change her much when they up tier her, nor will they take into account the player population who are playing the ship, affecting the stats
  5. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    Exactly but well, some people dont seem to get it. I am fine if I have to play GC at tier 6 if she is given the appropriate buffs into tier 6. But nobody likes it when you are told, dont worry we wont change anything of what you bought, then suddenly from nowhere, they are going against it, especially after they used the status of said items to milk as much sales of crates before declaring they are going to make the change. Consumer confidence is important, a hit to said confidence would mean lesser demand in the future, but not that it will affect me tbh, I will still fork out for the ships I like historically. Also tbh, the OP ships in question all have a way of countering them. Skillful play and making use of mechanics and unsurprisingly, it seems that most people complaining about said ships seem to lack the knowledge on how to deal with them most of the time. Also another point to note is that while the stats of the Giulio Cesare is outperforming her peers, the players who own her are a much smaller population size(at least 5 times smaller than that of the other ships) than the other tier 5 ships which has an effect on the statistics of the ship when compared to the larger population sizes of the other ships. Yes there are certainly bad players playing her but the good players playing her has a much higher impact on the stats and it seems that the good players are playing her a lot. Hell the first few pages worth of stats on Warship numbers mostly are unicum players and there are a number of them who played more than 200 games each on their Giulio Cesares. I think instead of knee jerk reactions that instantly calls a ships OP, we should also factor in the people controlling the ships and their skill levels. Yes it is stronger than her in tier tech tree counterparts but is it her traits that make her that strong or the players playing them that makes them that strong. Which in this case, it might be that the skilled players are affecting the stats disproportionately because they play more games in her than the potatoes
  6. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    I think you have a misconception of people who buy premium ships. You seem to think everyone buys premiums because they want to club the seals or something of the sort. Shall I enlighten you to another type of players who buy premium ships called the historical enthusiasts who buys the ships because of their history? But no, apparently they buy their ships to club non paying players.
  7. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    If Giulio must be hit with a nerf--

    I made a post with the idea that the Giulio Cesare are played most frequently by skilled players which makes its stats artificially boosted as there is a very small population size with Giulio Cesare. I support the idea of leaving her where she is due to that
  8. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Could Giulio Cesare be OP because of the people who play it?

    tbh what makes it OP is that it is a small ship(smaller than the Duca in terms of length) which affects turret placement(which helps with dispersion), turning radius and rudder shift along with the max speed. As a result she is like an in between of a cruiser and a BB which means if you know the tactics for a cruiser and a BB you can do very well. If I recall last year they also buffed her in some way.. I forgot what the buff was... Buffing an already strong ship isnt the best idea... But which is why I am suggesting it was the players that are playing her thats making her OP. Because her strengths rewards skill and doesnt reward brain dead gameplay
  9. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Could Giulio Cesare be OP because of the people who play it?

    Well which is why I am suggesting that it could be that majority of the games played in her is by people who are competent. And you fall under said category because your stats of 56% win rate and 40+k average dmg indicates you know the tactics with various ship types and when to use certain tactics. Its not unicum to be sure but it is certainly much better than those who we consider to be the average player
  10. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Could Giulio Cesare be OP because of the people who play it?

    @LittleWhiteMouse just curious as to your opinion on this line of thought... (sorry for disturbing)
  11. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Could Giulio Cesare be OP because of the people who play it?

    I am fine with the need for balance but if we factor in that the stats are constantly being reinforced or made better by good players who play her frequently and given then small population size which further compounds the effect that they will have on the stats... It would explain why she outperforms certain tier 7 battleships as well... Which could mean they would be nerfing a ship that is only that absurdly good statistically because of the people who play them.. Its just a thought. I am curious as to what some of the CCs who would be more involved with the data thinks of this line of thought
  12. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Can anybody condemn the sinking of Yamato?

    She was? Guess I need to start reading up
  13. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Could Giulio Cesare be OP because of the people who play it?

    Finally someone who understands what I am getting at. I was literally doing this same debate on facebook and I was being called a flat earther (dont know how arguing for statistical significance means I believe in some weird and stupid conspiracy theory but whatever I guess) by the guy who was in opposition to the point I am making
  14. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Can anybody condemn the sinking of Yamato?

    well then again that is true but well I saw it that way because Arizona was the flagship of the Pacific Fleet when she sank and Yamato was flagship of the Combine Fleet. So to avenge the flagship you sink the enemy's flagship
  15. Nihon_Senkan_Yamato

    Could Giulio Cesare be OP because of the people who play it?

    I am more referring to the proportion of skilled players within the population and the frequency of them playing GC affecting the stats to be what it is. I dont have the data. Its going to take ages to look through the players and all their stats of more than 100000 players to gather the data, far too much time than most of us have so this is just a thought