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  1. Feel like I liked the old forum layout better for now-this could take a while getting used to. Like when they took away OWSF from my beloved Gremy...

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    Avacyn channeling her inner troll.
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  4. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    Her upcoming range buff in 0.6.3 might make her much more competitive in the Tier III-V meta. Her main guns gain an additional 2.4 km of range, giving her the ability to engage cruisers beyond the effective range of their primary guns, and the decrease in visibility means that when you can see her, she can also shoot back at you.
  5. JinghisKhan

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  6. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    Thank you! Looking forward to reading them.
  7. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    LWM-any thoughts on what upcoming changes to oper-water stealth firing and the recent changes to Soviet DDs in 0.6.2 have done for the Gremy?
  8. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    Praying this is the case. Otherwise, the Gremlin just becomes an Anshan a tier lower or a Gnevny with better torps, which is still good, but not really "interesting" to play anymore.* *Interesting, of course, being "seal-clubbingly fun" in my humble opinion
  9. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review -- PLAN Anshan (2.0)

    Owning both the Gremyaschy and the Anshan, I feel like they play very differently although they are the same ship visually. The lack of a mega-bloom on the Gremy for the guns gives it a much more appealing stealth-fire meta where I can (with AFT, BFT, DE, CE and Camo) hang back from ~10km to nearly 15km while delivering HE spam the whole while, but the Anshan has a much higher detection bloom penalty and makes it trickier and harder to play effectively as a stealth gunner. The better torpedoes on the Anshan definitely make it more of a generalist, and the higher-tiered opponents it faces up to Tier VIII almost forces me to play more of a torpedo style, reserving my guns for knife fights, targets of opportunity, or harassment.
  10. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    Do you play the Gnevny or Anshan at all? She's very similar to those ships, with her major advantage being the stealh-fire from 10.5km plus along with having 8km torps vs the 4km ones on the Gnevny. If you can play the Gnevny or Anshan to 63%, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to do the same in the Gremyaschy given her better characteristics.
  11. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    The Gremy is unlike most DDs in that your primary weapons are going to be your guns raining HE on frustrated opponents from 10-14 km out while you cackle madly in the background. You don't rush in and try to cap or charge forward to deliver torpedoes-you dictate the engagement range, let your allies spot for you, and pick and chose your targets. It's absurdly fun to play but does require a different playstyle than most other DDs due to her unique capabilities.
  12. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

  13. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    I just pulled one a few days ago and took her out for three Random Battles to test it out. Camo, some flags, BFT, Expert Marksmen, AFT. Holy. Hell. Three missions survived and won, five kills (including one of a Konig on a YOLO torpedo run while a Bayern shielded me till the 6km mark), 145,000 damage, and enough cursing and threats from the other team to fill a lake. There is no other way to describe the Gremyashchy. He is supremely fun to drive and play, no matter the opponent, and I hate playing DDs as a matter of practice. This ship, with that 3km stealthfire window and the grinding, maniacal behavior it inspires in BBs and cruisers under fire by it, is my new favorite 'fun' ship (replacing my cherished Dresden and it's pew-pew 105's). The earning potential and XP training doesn't hurt the least either!
  14. JinghisKhan

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    Fun little ship, but it takes finesse and some skill to truly make her the terror that she can be. The relative glut that is now increasing the number of Gremys on the servers mean that new captains don't typically play to her strengths. I faced two in a Cleveland a few games back and their first instinct was to close in and torp me-which meant my 12 6-inch rifles ate both in the span of two minutes albeit after taking some citadel hits from their 130mm guns as well. Ran into a well-played one a game after that and he burned a Furutaka and a Emerald down to cinders from 11km out without breaking a sweat.