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  1. RicketyEdge

    Belle Epoque Collection

    Not at this time AFAIK, though I think later on you'll probably be able to buy them for coal in the arsenal or for real world coin in the premium shop. I have two missing so I get the frustration. Hate having incomplete collections.
  2. RicketyEdge

    So, the was Cesare Stealth Nerfed...

    I didn't need any more reasons to get rid of the GC, but hey, thanks for helping cement my decision WG.
  3. RicketyEdge

    How Many Ships

    I can't imagine ports with over 100 ships in 'em, I'd spend more time looking for what I want to drive than actually driving it.
  4. RicketyEdge

    How Many Ships

    32. 12 Premiums and 20 TechTree ships.
  5. RicketyEdge

    Defensive fire upgrade mod2? for coal.

    I usually stick to COOP until I research the modules. I got the feeling (right or wrong) that I'm handicapping the team bringing a stock ship to the fight. That and it gives me a chance to learn the ins and outs of driving the boat without catching flak from the "git gud" crowd.
  6. RicketyEdge

    Why do so many people not use camo?

    The base camo is cheap. No excuse for going out without it, unless you are that hard up for silver.
  7. RicketyEdge

    Defensive fire upgrade mod2? for coal.

    By the time I'm done grinding the Fiji (just started) I'm sure the Alaska won't be quite so common.
  8. Just leave a tanker truck filled with Stolichnaya parked on the beach. That'll keep them busy for a while.
  9. RicketyEdge

    Defensive fire upgrade mod2? for coal.

    Heard Edinburgh's supposedly so bad my plan is to Free XP past her into Neptune. Could always sell it for silver.
  10. Compensation? Let me trade her in for her T6 price in doubloons so I can buy something I actually want. I have no time for kneecapped Italian BB's.
  11. RicketyEdge

    [edited] a bot (game generated) player in Random

    Bots play better than that.
  12. RicketyEdge

    National Flag for Perth

    If we can't have the national flag for the period I'll happily settle for the Naval Jack.
  13. RicketyEdge

    National Flag for Perth

    Hey WG don't forget that for Canada the period flag is the RED ENSIGN.
  14. I've had lots of those conversations. Wife: What are you doing? Me: Well I just popped smoke in my Haida now I'm trolling at 1/4 speed firing off HE at that Colorado, once they close to within about 6 clicks I'll pop off my torps. If the flooding doesn't get the dirty SOB, the fires will. Wife: ... Me: *sigh* I'm playing boats honey. Boom Boom! Pow Pow!