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  1. SCS_Captkirk

    Is Mod Station working

    Mine is out to..I will wait to see if we have to reinstall.
  2. SCS_Captkirk

    Oklahoma ,first battle.

    It is slow...but workable . 2 ships sunk,NY and a Jaguar . 22 planes shot down,22 secondary hits that helped with the DD. Fired only HE and got arsonist on the NY,devastating strike on the DD. 50,607 damage and second on the list. Awesome secondarys but the main reload time of 37 seconds needs a buff. Its not that bad of a ship..
  3. SCS_Captkirk

    Ship names/playernames missing

    I do not have that on my screen...is that from a alternative interface? But the Alt will have to do.
  4. After the patch the player name/ship type in game is missing...just a hit point bar for both sides. I use the WG WoWS mod pack,I uninstalled the game but it still happens. any ideas why?
  5. SCS_Captkirk

    The Sanzang..

    I spent the gold for a "Journey to the West" container..and got the CV Sanzang with a 10 point commander. $89 value. Will be hard to play it as I'm a Kaga player,but I'll look good doing it. Thanks WG.
  6. SCS_Captkirk

    Paid to play (Poll)

    I like the game. I play it to have some fun. "If he dies...he dies." WG is not twisting your arm to play it,you can always stop! It is a game, remember that.
  7. SCS_Captkirk

    Kaga advice

    the sight really helps!!! 3 co op games with 11 torp hits each..all games over 50,000 damage. the bombers are really nice.
  8. SCS_Captkirk

    Kaga advice

    thanks... I can reset the points for the sight...and will do some bot hunting.
  9. SCS_Captkirk

    Kaga advice

    I just got the Kaga..watched the videos and read up on our forums about her. Torpedo mod 1 and 2 and concealment system. 12 point commander from Ryujo: Air supremacy, torpedo acceleration, improved engines, aircraft armor and concealment expert. Some advice before my first battle would be very helpful .
  10. SCS_Captkirk

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    I play warships to have fun,spend time with clan mates/friends or just to relax. I'm not the greatest ship driver but I try to help out as best I can when driving a CV. Scouting first,then torp runs to help out our DD's if they run into trouble. After that its go where needed,help sink the crippled or just general harassment. Fun? yes.Watching my planes get shredded ...not so much. I use the German Weser after trying out the others up to that tier,for me it works as a good solid support CV. Biggest problem for me..remembering who to attack and the ones to avoid,if your ship has bad AA just team up with a good one and I will not hound you. It's the lone wolf I look for and will hunt them to their death....or try to. As far as DD's..nothing depresses a CV driver more then to have one sneak in and sink you. I don't think CV's are OP..it's all about the driver and how good the other side counters the attack.