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  1. LuisonatorDragon

    Ship Review: Mouse in the Iowa

    Yeah, bought it just a couple of hours ago, had some matches with her. Damn, her bow is really strong, the guns are nice, and I even broadsided another broadside Iowa and coudln't connect a single Citadel hit, so I assume they really fixed it. Though, that grind for Hull B and Hull C is going to kill me. I hate Random battles, but I'll have to do some in order to get the xp (either that, or grind for free xp on my SIms or get premium) Though one thing about her I hate; her damn rudder shift time. I've rammed so many islands in so few games, I'm lucky the game doesn't lower your HP everytime you beach yourself lol
  2. LuisonatorDragon

    Ship Review: Mouse in the Iowa

    I unlocked the Iowa a couple of months ago, had around 2 or 3 games with her before I sold her. Not because it was a bad ship tbh, but because I had planned on using her as an AA ship with some concealment and suddenly I noticed the AA is too... Unreliable, to say the least, after the new CV update. Planes that would have gone down when getting within range of her or the North Carolina now seem to be impervious to my AA. Still, her guns were great (took some getting used to after using the low velocity NC guns) and she could take hits head on. Also, I'm not much of a Random battle player, so grinding XP and Credits for her upgrades was too hard and expensive, but I might soon give her a second chance (currently sticking to USN Heavy Cruisers. I want to get the Des Moines, though the Buffalo has certainly earned my affection). I agree, with her recent buff this post might discourage recent players from getting her.
  3. LuisonatorDragon

    What's a good game for you? Time to show off!

    Aaaaand just realized I posted this on the wrong topic. Great lol.
  4. Hey all. So, I've seen people complain about credits/exp obtained being low even when they manage to sink the most ships on the game. I'm aware that sinking a ship doesn't yield as much XP as cumulative damage, capping, etc. So I wanted to show off this match I had with my relatively new Baltimore (which I got thanks in part to the free xp generated from my Sims, bought thanks to the community input on one of my post. I don't regret it, thanks guys!), and was wondering if it can really be said it was a decent match Credit/Exp wise (ended up 4th spot). Also, I'd like to invite you guys to show off how more or less your average/great match results look like, for some inspiration, you know? Have a nice day, and fair seas!
  5. LuisonatorDragon

    Server Crash

    24 hours now. 24... I smell compensation flags EDIT. It is working right now, currently in a match, so good so far
  6. LuisonatorDragon

    Server Crash

    I don't have a CV, so I doubt it's actually a common factor. What server are we all from? I'm from NA. Could it be that a specific server crashed?
  7. LuisonatorDragon

    Server Crash

    It's been happening to me since 6:00 AM here (now it's 2:33 PM) and I still got this message. Just when I had a day off of University and when I'm about to unlock another ship... Well, guess I can consider that 24h premium I got yesterday wasted lol
  8. LuisonatorDragon

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    Sims bought, already enjoying it though getting used to the long range torpedoes is kind of hard. Thanks all for your opinions!
  9. LuisonatorDragon

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    All right, decided to settle with purchasing a Sims (end of the month, gotta wait to get paid on my new job). Thanks all for the suggestions, really appreciated!
  10. LuisonatorDragon

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    Well Kidd seems to be unpopular so far lol. I'll count all the suggestions (Sims, Kidd, and have to count the other suggestions as 'Others' too), then decide tomorrow after some more people comment. SO far Sims is winning with Others close behind. P.S. Dude that suggested me the T-61, now you're tempting me to buy it and ditch those other two lol
  11. LuisonatorDragon

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    To those recommending me ships from other countries, would those ships help me with grinding xp for USN, or does the xp stay with their current countries? Because if it doesn't help... (not that I'm not going to take those suggestions into account, you're the experienced players)
  12. LuisonatorDragon

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    So, I've been playing this game for... I don't know, some months? I'm at 370 Coop Battles, and at 228 Random Battles (not much of a hardcore PvP), and I focus mostly on USN ships (worked all my way up to the North Carolina, which I love, and experimented with every other branch a little bit). Currently my highest ships are North Carolina, New Orleans and Farragut (stopped using CV's), and I plan to catch up my Heavy Cruiser and DD line up to T8. I recently started to love how DD's work; rush in, be sneaky, punch someone on the face, get out. Simple and extremly fun, though obviously risky lol (but you know, he who doesn't risk doesn't win)... Anyways, straight to the point now. As I said, I'm not a fan of PvP, I'm more of a casual player. I don't exactly have money for periodical payments for Premium, but I realized I can spend up to $30 on this game, as a way to support it and also bump my Credits/Exp. I got 2 options right now; I can go for the Sims or the Kidd (not interested enough to buy a BB or Cruiser) . I know, both are completely different tiers, but I wanted to have a little bit of input about how these ships perform. I'm currently leaning towards the Sim, as I saw she has 2 torpedo launchers opposed to the Kidd's 1 torpedo launcher, though the Kidd can surpass the Sims in range... So, which ship would you recommend for a casual player to buy and grind out some Credits/Xp? Maybe I'll finally start going to more Random Battles... Thank you in advance.