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    History, preferably WWII or Roman. Science, both real and fictional. Books, preferably a well-written history or a fun novel. Museums, of any sort - though I'll admit I'm still figuring out Art museums. And historical sites of nearly any kind, outdoor ones preferred.
  1. D_Jackson531

    what nation has the best cruisers

    I, too, prefer the USN cruisers. The CAs have crushing firepower, while the CLs have unmatched utility. Both lines have solid AAA, good concealment, and acceptable mobility. Both will teach you about good team play, use of consumables, and positioning.
  2. D_Jackson531

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    It's a tricky question. Both are powerful utility and support ships. Both like to spend the early match chilling in cover, using their bonkers fire arc to lob shells at hapless targets. Both use radar to chase off DDS (or better, get 'em deleted). Both have crazy damage potential. And both tend to explode and sink when caught in the open. Worcester has more utility, with more consumable slots and firing arcs that are well night impossible to get away from except by running out of range. She is also slightly less squishy when showing broadside. But as others have noted, she *needs* a 14 pt captain to maximize her power. And she's not as useful against well armored targets, having to burn them to death with cheap - and repairable - HE and fire damage. Des Memes (and her sister, Salem) may have slightly less utility and dare not show broadside to *anything* because it will citadel her... but those insane auto-loading 203mm guns don't care what the target is, they can damage it, they will damage it, and if the captain is at all smart you'll be looking at an angled bow that will keep the target from readily hurting him (unless the guns are very, very big). Also, you unlock all her potential with a 10 point captain. So if you want the ultimate utility support cruiser, the Worcester is it. She has a tools for nearly any job, but she needs help from her allies - and they need her. But if you want a cruiser that can switch from support to "gotta kill them all" mode when provided an opening... feed the Memes.
  3. My stats say I did a 160k damage game in my Kamikaze R one time, but the replay is sadly missing. I hope you are willing to accept this 150k damage Benson game as an acceptable substitute. As a bonus, most of that is done after I get reduced to about 2.5k hp right at the start of the match.
  4. D_Jackson531

    Survivor Saturday - Your Toughest Ship

    Statistically, my Benson, Kagero and Kamikaze R are the ones I die least in. But for sheer refusal to die under fire while still smashing gaping holes in other ship's hp pools, I'll take my North Carolina and New Mexico, please.
  5. D_Jackson531

    Who have you seen in game

    Egads, it was a long time ago, but I once found myself playing alongside @TheChieftain (in a Warspite) and his division mate @NoHaxHere (in an Aboa) while playing my Sims.