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  1. AdmiralQ

    Is AA Really that bad?

    I bought Texas, who was sold on her insane t7 AA. and it was fun when it was RTS. now her AA is basically useless. the fact that several good AA ships sail together and the CV planes can still hit. that is insane.
  2. AdmiralQ

    Well WG shows more scummyness

    I didn't buy it. never touched this one. but trying to warn people about this scam to prevent them from being ripped off.
  3. Well Flamu showed what a scam the Kong/Godzilla thing. He tried to get a refund. was refused
  4. they don't think. considering all the stupid crap they do, they don't use their brains anymore. They only seek dollar signs and not see they could earn more by not milking for every cent
  5. not to mention the gman is only on the ship in port and the roar is muted over the standard voice. so TOTAL RIP OFF
  6. AdmiralQ

    What's left unsaid about Subs

    which means, maybe two years
  7. they can't work. not with this style of game.
  8. no, the fact they haven't gotten the data they want in the testing server shows that they don't work. all comments was boring
  9. they will not provide that. again real life subs of ww2 contributed NOTHING in the actual battles. all they did was before and after it. heir main goal was taking out convoys of supplies and if get a chance snipe a warship. but they had to be careful. they didn't get involved when the fleets duked it out. and WG's history is not good. going back to World of tanks. I was there when they nerf batted the arty. it got so bad that i wcould be locked on to a tank that was not moving. in the open and freaking large. (The Tog 2) fire and miss by a wide marging. and they are still dealign with the after math of that. Then there was the infamous Rubicon patch that got the backlash so bad that it was canceled. hell they didn't even use the patch number for it ever again. Then after I left when all chat was disabled they introduced armored cars that are so fast that you will miss most of your shots at them and even if you hit a wheel they are only a fraction slower rather then disabled or very slow. while they can punch back. Hell I saw a clip of one of the prem cars that has extra wheels on it's side be so broken that those side wheels can tank a heavy tank shot at point blank range for no damage causign the car to return fire and take out the heavy tank winning the game. and only NOW years after these cars were introduced are they looking at that issue. Note having said cars in was yet another broken promise by WG when they promised only tracked vehicles. then lets go to here. CVs had issues. i think they could have been solved by tutorials and allowing the US cv's better loadouts. but we got the rework and NOONE is happy with it. Hell Graf Zepplin is still messed up from her screwed up launch and AA builds are useless now. (my poor Texas). Then the cool idea of the dockyard forever tainted by it's first launch with PR event which they put insane times to try to get that ship for free. and when the devs asked for one of them to try to free grind it. they said no, they had a job to do. Yeah, SO DOES THE VERY PLAYER BASE YOU GET MONEY FROM! since then the Dockyard has been a joke and I only do it for the coal and steel for now there is no way to get the final ship for free. you can only get it with doubloons. well sorry WG, your actions have closed my wallet to you. then there was the attempt to end BB camping in the back with a bow armor nerf to stop it. by sheer irony it made it worse and it never got past the test server. note it got that far. Now to subs. after having Cheiften PROMISE that their would be no subs for it didn't fit the game. (he is right by the way) Then they started working on it in 2017. first halloween event which was okay but many of us said no to it every being in randoms. and every test we have seen the ships are not even close to historical. (yes arcade shooter games but most ships in this game are limited to how their real world version performed. hence never see a US standard go faster then 21 knots. Subs are even slower ON THE SURFACE. even slower underwater they never had homing torps during this era. and those that have tested have said it's boring and not fun. hell the reason they are shoving the testing in ranked is because they didn't get the data desired. why? because again boring play and wasting time on the test server has no compensation for your public account. and when they keep having grind events people rather do that then test a class that is not popular to the player base as a whole. If they enter random battles I am done. that is my red line. they get in and i go for good. Let's not forget the Commander rework. Something which absolutely NOONE wanted. but not only did they do it. they rushed it. subs, as much as i hate them they are taking their time on but this they did in less then a year. they announced to launch in what 3 months? and during that they were warned of the issues with deadeye. and they ignored it. now after the rework they are removing deadeye after a MONTH and they are looking at possibly more around autumn. again why did they do this when noone asked for it and they seemingly messed up with it as its not even lasting a year before major changes to it. Seems like they should not have done it or should have taken their time and avoid all these issues. WG is facing the same problems alot of the industry is. these companies forcing things in that players don't want for various reasons. rushing things out before properly testing them. hurting their rep. yes they might get new players but are they staying? Meanwhile veterans that used to spend money, some alot of money on this game have closed their wallets or up and left. They are chasing away player who kept buying premium time or by the latest ship they bring out for that phantom future whale. History lesson folks. Command & Conquer: even if you have never played any game you know of this franchise. for over a decade it was one of the top RTS franchises to exist. steady player base. Created by Westwood Studios. bought by EA, who eventually closed Westwood and directly controlled it. the studio they had in charge of it had many successful games with it. but then EA decided to change thigns up. Taking what was supposed to be an asian MMO game loosley based on a C&C game and forced the devs to retool it as Tiberium Twilight. the final entry in one of the three universes of the Franchise. It was an utter disaster when it was released. none of what made C&C famous and loved was present and had a crappy campaign to boot. a poor end to that universe. they actually closed that studio and formed a new one to take over. That one was closed down before it could even release a game. they tried goign back to the tried and true formula of C&C but again EA wanted MMO and it never got past alpha. then after a couple years they made Rivals, a MOBILE game. again it did not do well and only since the release of C&C remastered has the mending started. EA is not alone in this. look at Anthem, Marvel's Avengers, Fallout 76, and many others are failing because the companies want a quick buck rather go for long term investment. (ironic because they promote 10 years of life for the mentions games only for them to collapse after a year). WG needs to stop, think and see that driving the core player base away for the phantom whale player i nthe future is not a good long term prospect.
  10. AdmiralQ

    If subs are not fun, why implement them?

    except it's dumb yet look at gaming news, not just WG but several game companies are makign REALLY stupid mistakes for money grabs that will cost them money in the end. I left WOT, and likely never ever going back to it. WOWS is headign that way. Just do to subs alone. they frankly DO NOT BELONG IN THIS GAME. to recupe cost, close the useless World of Warplanes servers for War of Thunder has clearly beaten them there. and use those free servers for a sub focused game.
  11. it's because of WG'a history of bringing in crap that makes people dread updates now. I started in World of Tanks and their choices drove me away. now I am close to leaving this game for good.
  12. AdmiralQ

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    getting closer to just leaving for good and never touch a wg game again
  13. Mount batten is prediciting subs in randoms. if so i am gone for good. WG never learns from all the errors it does. they are putting subs in ranked. why? not enough data. well maybe that should tell you something WG. we don't want subs in this game! also you give no incentive for people to use the PT for tresting. maybde if they got awards you may get more feedback
  14. AdmiralQ

    WG, What the hell

    and that was an 11 inch gun. this was yammys 18.1 on a I beleive US cv which never went for armored hanger