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  1. AdmiralQ

    ARP Yamato Bundles

    with the selling of the ARP Yammato Wg has broken yet another promise. Promise. "You can't buy a tier ten ship straight out." ARP Yammy is a exact clone of the tech Yammy with ARP camo, commander, oh it comes with the legendary module. So why should we ever trust anything WG tells else ever again?
  2. just wartch Mighty Jingles vids.
  3. the problem is when you can pay credits for gold ammo. before it was real money so a rarely used thing. no it's spammed.
  4. and considering how most games are coming out this is not a good system. ME Andromeda, Fallout 76, Anthem, Marvels Avengers......WOT
  5. hence why I say close the warplane servers for a sub game
  6. I know. they are not very accurate, slow, freaking long reload and still not really tanky. Wg is full of morons to not think this line through
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O89bGeErC4Y wether you guys like Flamu or not these are good points to be made. Subs should not ignore torpedeo protection they should not have homing torps they should not be so fast underwater. they should not charge battery underwater. frankly they should not be in THIS game. give them their own game. hell closed down Warplanes, War of Thunder has clearly beaten you there. use those servers for a sub game.
  8. that's what they are goign for. note I think Wg dropped the ball here. these ships should be tanking and accurate with there guns to make up for the slow speed and reload.
  9. alpha damage. IF they hit
  10. AdmiralQ

    weird lag spikes

    never had the issue before also just checked. NOT FREE
  11. AdmiralQ

    weird lag spikes

    wifi and what is pingplotter?
  12. okay for the past few days been gettign werid lag spikes. first couple of matches just fine. then suddenly my ping goes from 25 to 400 plus. I have to wait a half hour before it stays at 36 but eventually it jumps back up again.
  13. AdmiralQ

    Texas needs a buff

    no because i rarely needed to the AA was that good.
  14. AdmiralQ

    Texas needs a buff

    no, never needed to in the past
  15. AdmiralQ

    Texas needs a buff

    that was a tier 4 cv focusing on mke and manage several hits. texas used to have Tier 7 AA. prerework those planes would have been slaughtered.