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  1. It's not faulty reasoning, it's the truth. For example, the Inspiration class in the words of the Royal Navy itself: https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/the-equipment/ships/frigates/inspiration-class The first Corvettes were ordered on 25th July 1939. The first Frigates were ordered 11th Feb 1941.
  2. Unfortunately for you, there is more than a century's worth of classes being named after the convention rather than the lead ship. It's certainly less common, but it is wrong to say that is outright doesn't exist. Three different Tribal classes (1905, 1936 & 1958), for example, or five Rivers (1903, 1931, 1942, 1984 & 2001) or even the bête noire that is the Inspiration class (construction ongoing). The rigity of the USN in naming their ships is the exception rather than the rule for the most part. Flower class corvettes did serve in the convoy escort role, thanks to their long range, though the design was followed up by frigates as you say.
  3. Queen Mary has all the makings of a premium, likely bundled in with Seydlitz. Tiger, Renown, Anson and J3 are all overtiered by about one. It's not like there are options lacking elsewhere, so fiddling with the soft stats is needless.
  4. mr3awsome

    Where the Duquesne-Class Cruisers Really that Bad?

    Lack of experience is also true of of everyone else, so I feel like that is not a valid excuse. They are mitigating circumstances, however. Equally, to greater and lesser extents, none of the first generation of post Washington cruisers were repeated, with each successor having improvements over what they came after.
  5. mr3awsome

    British BB Split - Battlecruisers

    Not sure H3a is a tier 8. It's a 14" belt, sloped, at 33.5 knots, and an 8 or 9" deck. Sure, it only has six guns, but they're still 18" guns. Something like J3 seems like a better fit. 15"/50 (3xIII), 12" belt, 4" deck, 32 knots. A general, progressive upgrade over the rebuilt Hood/rebuilt half-sister of Hood. For the tier X, you could have rebuilt H3a (trading firepower for protection) or K3 (trading protection for firepower). K3 has 18" too, but nine rather than six, in exchange for a 12" belt and a 6 or 7" deck. The only other change I would say is having Princess Royal rather than Queen Mary, if only so that WG can sell Queen Mary as a premium, preferably twinned with the German BC Seydlitz. Still, that does mean that tiers III, V, VI, VII & IX are excellent choices, and IV is more of a nitpick than a real gripe. Good job.
  6. Shame you couldn't squeeze the Late 299 in there somewhere, but other than that minor gripe, great work as always.
  7. mr3awsome

    Admin are you off your

    It never stopped them before. Why start now, when it's worked so well...
  8. Might as well then Nope, but if you accept that and they then do make it, at least you get to be pleasantly surprised.
  9. You leave the Mk VII mount alone, it's better than the Mk III. As for the STAAG Mk II, we do already have it in game, on numerous British ships such as but not limited to Neptune, Drake and Daring. It's stats are quite disappointing for what it is, especially when compared to the ridiculous values given to the Mk IV mount. The STAAG Mk II is equal to or better than it in ever way (at the expense of weight), but it does less damage. That aside (especially as that's not on you), Royalist would definitely be a welcome addition.
  10. mr3awsome

    Future Ship lines thread

    I have reservations about Dido at tier VII, considering that they don't compare overly well with Fiji. Indeed, K25 compares more favourably. M1 & N2 suffer much the same, being vertically under armoured for those tiers (3" belt, the deck is equal or better to Neptune & Minotaur), and low displacement relative to tier (M1 displacing less than Leander). Not to mention that both are going at <30 knots. The rate of fire on the QF 5.25"/50 Mk IV is better than the Mk I, but ballistically identical, and with only 6 & 8 guns, it doesn't seem like enough. The 1960 Cruiser, assuming you mean the Large one (Scheme I), then some things are sure no matter which option the main battery ends up being. Compared to Minotaur there are 3/4 of the 3" guns, and the close range AA is limited to two multiple mounts abeam the bridge (presumably the 40mm/70 Mk 11 (twin) or Mk 12 (sextuple)). Knowing WG they'll throw in some extra 20mm/70 Mk V, but that 3.5km bubble might not mean too much for the rest of the team. As for the main battery, at worst it's two Druids stuck together, upgrading to 4/5 of what Minotaur has, progressing to the 35rpm 5" N1, in either its L70 or L62 guise. Not terrible, sure, but not exactly stellar either. Terrible is the armour, being a 2" belt with 1" bulkheads behind, or a flat 3" belt. Deck armour is comparatively good, but I'm not sure that is any form of saving grace.
  11. mr3awsome

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Shame we don't have this camo, it's absolutely lush. As for the disappointment, all I can say is that having been here since the beginning, you get used to it. Unfortunately, it does often end up being a rather burgeoning list, but sometimes that's just how it is. So long as lessons are learned, it's not a wasted experience. Right? PS: Give the dogs some love from me. A fake ship based on a fake ship. "Monarch" is different from the 15" studies in the lead up to what became King George V, being a KGV hull with different turrets and tweaked armour values.
  12. mr3awsome

    Warships "classic"

    Not sure that counts as 'classic' when Paper Ships & Carriers have been a thing since the beginning.
  13. mr3awsome

    Why were 2nd Rates more durable than 3rd Rates?

    There are probably a few, like bits of the keel, if Victory is anything to go by.
  14. mr3awsome

    Why were 2nd Rates more durable than 3rd Rates?

    Well, it would depend on how many decks they had in that case, with 80 gun 3rd rates actually being later. The 3 deckers proved to be too short. Part of it might be Napoleon Total War being NTW, and the need for progression there. Otherwise it would relate to the structure, the lower portions needing to be more strongly built to support the greater weight atop them compared to their 2 decker peers. As for Santisima Trinidad, I'm not sure how much of it was a true fourth deck, so I couldn't say for sure.
  15. mr3awsome

    Premium Ship Ideas

    The six single guns are the standard QF 4"/45 Mk V that you find on British ships of the era and in game. The three triple mounted guns are BL 4"/45 Mk IXs, the same that you would find singly on Flower class corvettes. The AA is not good for the tier, in truth, being 6 x I QF 4"/45 Mk Vs, 3 x VIII 2pdr Mk VIII 'pom-pom', 8 x I 20mm Oerlikon and 4 x IV 0.5" Mk III Vickers.