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  1. I play my trap card: Its been done before. Essentially, in the original form of the game, all those years ago, the gun ranges were historical. Firing at 42km was done. Indeed, my fondest in-game memory is still detonating a Colorado at 40km in Amagi. However, the Devs, in their "wisdom" decided that that wasn't where they wanted the game to be. So they compressed the ranges, so where we have it today. As time has gone on, they've made more dubious choices. But they still haven't moved the ****ing Cleveland.
  2. I can't say I'm surprised. Namely because they had the British cruiser line suggested to them as is, and they power-creeped the German and Russian cruiser lines anyway. WG stands wherever they think they will make the most money, and wherever long term planning isn't.
  3. Turn 15 Events & Operations: In the Ottoman, the continued financial troubles are starting to spread the unrest already happening in the remoter regions. In Germany, the Kaiser has declared that he has not made any statements about the Southern Germans, and followed it with a statement about the Southern Germans, saying that they are equal to Northern Germans. The Austrian spies captured some time ago were then brought out to say that it was an elaborate Austrian ruse, but instead they used the opportunity to say that the Kaiser had said the statement, much to Wakehelm’s anger. The Spanish shipping interned in India has begun its journey to its new German home. Operations: None 2.0 – Success Edelweiss – Moderate success 99 Problems but a boche ain’t one – Success
  4. Turn 15 Moderation Third Republic of France: Diplomacy: - Japanese offer to by the Foudre is rejected. - Hotchkiss licenses have been offered to Japan, in light of the previous turn’s requests. - Diplomatic missions have been sent to the former Russian Empire’s territory, with a view to creating embassies. - Diplomatic missions have been established in Czechoslovakia and Hungary. - Given that the Communists seem to be obliging, for now, the Georgians will happily take the aid in order to try and develop further. Internal Affairs: - The counter-counter offer is rejected by a man with a small moustache screaming “Non”; because the cost of the embassies is likely to be extended rather than concentrated in a single year. - In a bid to avoid delays, various components for the planned ships have been ordered. Unfortunately, by doing this all at once, there is now a large traffic jam and backlog on their order books. - The military views aeroplanes with suspicion and guard their monies jealously, hissing when they are mentioned. Construction: - Six Bouclier class destroyers have been laid down; launched T22, ready T24. Research: - Canon de 105 mle 1910 will be researched, ready T22. Second German Empire: Diplomacy: - Moltke class design has been given to the Dutch Republic - Peace has been signed with Japan. If AlfredtheLate remembers to include it this time. - Investment in Romania has begun. Construction & Recruitment: - 2 Moltke class armoured cruisers have been laid down; launched T21, ready T27. - Sixteen Großestorpedoboot 1906 have been laid down; launched T19, ready T21. Research: - Magdeburg class cruiser will be researched, ready T16. Österreich: Military Matters: - Sentry posts and lookout positions are established along the German border. - Everyone on the German border is extra stare-y for three months - You cannot recruit any more troops; indeed, you have so many that industry is suffering. - 25 8cm FK M.99 will be built, ready T18. Diplomacy: - Suitable locations for embassies are now being searched for in the listed countries. - The listed nations have joined the European Union. Internal Affairs: - Ludwig von Mises has started working in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce - Efforts to lower interest rates have begun - Around a third of what you hoped is being sunk into steel and coal industries. Empire of Japan: Diplomacy: - Peace has been signed with Germany. - Licenses for the Benet-Mercie and Hotchkiss Mle 1909 have been acquired from France. - Without more specific information, Vickers, Sons & Maxim cannot supply you with any guns. - PM1910 & MG08 licences have not been sold to you. Kingdom of Romania: Internal Affairs: - The Romanian army has been demobilised. - Reconstruction work has begun. - What remains of the government’s capital is being invested in Romania’s natural resources. Diplomacy: - German investment in Romania has begun.
  5. Turn 14 Events & Operations: As the Spanish delayed signing the peace with Germany for a month, they were furiously negotiating with other powers in order to deny the Germans the majority of their intended prizes. The United States was the most forthcoming. In the Spanish version of events, they were supposed to annex all the territory not ceded to other parties, but leave the Spanish officials in place. However, the USA only made them a protectorate, effectively making them co-owners of the territory. Consequently, when German troops arrived to enforce the writ of the peace treaty, nobody was able to resist. Thus, the Germans have gained control of the majority of Spanish overseas possessions. The minority have passed to the United Kingdom. In exchange for their help in the matter, British companies have gained control of the Spanish arms industry, including shipbuilding. Together, they have formed a body named the British Industrial Conglomerate, or Bic, to oversee, reform and improve what they have acquired. Map: With the removal of the Spanish, the mines that were causing the troubles have closed. Thus, the Rif have gone back to be their prior state of existence. In Germany, along the Austrian border, insults have been yelled across for the entire 3 month period. Whilst it was amusing to begin with, it quickly grew irritating, and eventually just became part of the job. Further inland, unrest amongst the Southern German States has increased, upon the reporting of vile remarks made against them by the Kaiser. In the United Kingdom, a popular movement has resulted in the Government bowing to the pressure to reverse the naval spending cuts of the past two years. Consequently this year’s naval estimate is extraordinary, and hoped to be never seen again. It has been agreed as: - 6 battleships - 2 large armoured cruisers - 4 protected cruisers - 2 scout cruisers - 20 fleet destroyers - 6 submarines Furthermore, in light of the upcoming Imperial Defence Conference, New Zealand has offered to pay for a large armoured cruiser of the present type (i.e. Indefatigable). Said offer has been gratefully accepted, with the ship being named New Zealand so that her origins are never forgotten. In Moscow, President Canadian has blown up himself, the Kremlin and Stalin. Identified as a persona non grata, the President’s name will be erased from history. With the death on Stalin, and that of the President, the hold of the Bolsheviks upon the other members of the overthrowing coalition has been fatally weakened. Outnumbered and outmanoeuvred, the Communists, and other unwanted elements, were made to retake the northernmost territories lost to the Ottoman Empire in the Treaty of Vienna. Consequently, the Bolsheviks have escaped to Georgia; peace has been signed with the Ottoman Empire (who didn’t resist the push south), and Russia can finally start to rebuild. This terrible performance from the Ottoman Empire, combined with their declining economic circumstances, have led to an increase in unrest throughout the country, with Anatolia being the least affected.
  6. Turn 14 Moderation: 2nd German Empire: Diplomacy: - Japan still hasn’t responded. Perhaps they are all dead? - Peace Treaty has been signed with Spain. - Diplomats have been sent to the new nations in Eastern Europe to set up embassies. - The USSR has been recognised as the one true Russia. Unfortunately there is no group calling itself that, so Germany looks foolish. Internal Affairs: - 1st May has been declared to be DS (Deutsch Sieg) day - Plans for a memorial museum are being drawn up. The SMS Oldenburg has been decommissioned as the German Naval contribution. - Memorials for the fallen are also being planned. - The Reichstag counters that the USA isn’t ahead and the French are only ahead because of your own ineptitude. However, they also recognise that the aforementioned ineptitude means that relations have deteriorated with other formerly neutral parties. Subsequently they make a counter offer of: 4 battleships, 2 large armoured cruisers, 6 protected cruisers and 18 large torpedo boats. Construction & Recruitment: - Three Helgoland class battleships have been laid down; launched T17, ready T25. - Four Kolberg class light armoured cruisers have been laid down; launched T17, ready T23. - There is no Zerstörer 1908, so none have been started. - The unused funds from last year’s cruiser allocations were used to finance the reconstructions of the 5 battleships. Research: - As I messed up on the Magdeburg class, it will be able to be built Turn 17 without researching, or Turn 16 if it is researched, vis Turn 18. Austrian Empire: Diplomacy: - The Treaty of Rome has been signed, after two months of negotiations. - Austrian neutrality in the Russian Civil War has been declared. - Beer has been sent to various persons, in thanks. - Negotiations for a loan of £250,000 have begun. - Apologies have been given to President Canadian. - The Austro-Hungarian Concession in Tianjin has been given back to the Qing dynasty. Military Matters: - The downsizing of the army has begun. - Industrial expansion is being planned. - Artillery is emplaced along the German border. Internal Affairs: - The laws of the USAH have been confirmed as the Laws of Austria - A banquet is held in Wien to promote education and intellectuals. Kingdom of Spain: Military Matters: - With peace now here, work has begun in earnest to repair the dockyards. - As the two large drydocks are currently both damaged and occupied, SECN is unable to comply with the order. Not to mention the weak state of Spain’s economy. Internal Affairs: - All damaged areas of the country are starting to be repaired. Diplomacy: - Peace has been signed with Germany, on the 1st of May 1909. Kingdom of the Netherlands: Military Matters: - The military of the Dutch East Indies is being mobilised. - Stormtroepen have entered basic training. They will be the best chefs in any military, ever. Diplomacy: - Germany has been approached for a license to build two Van der Tann class large cruisers - Diplomats & their staff have been sent to reopen the embassy in the Ottoman Empire. - Discussions are had with Romania. - Communism has been condemned, and the Russian rebels with it. - Extra diplomats are to China, for talks. - Spain has been condemned, rather late. Research: - Wolf class destroyer will be researched, ready T15 - Brinio class gunboat is outside the tech cap. - Hydra class minelayer will be researched, ready T19. Ottoman Empire: Diplomacy: - A ceasefire has been asked of the CSSR. - An offer has been made to Italy. It has been rejected. - CSSR has been recognised as the one true Russia. - Efforts to get Trade deals with former Russian states have begun. Internal Affairs: - The dockyard workers sent to France have been brought back, to start teaching others. - Surveying near the intended railway lines for suitable factory sites has begun. - Germany has been petitioned for help constructing a new railway. - The Caucus businessmen stay away, due to the declining economic circumstances of the country. 3rdFrench Republic: Diplomacy: - The torpedo-boat tender Foudre and its passenger boats have been licensed to Japan. - Spain has been granted permission to order two JuDantons in French yards, for 108% of the price it would cost the French government. - France has signed the Treaty of Rome - Mead and an Edgar Quinet class armoured cruiser have been delivered to Constantinople. Internal Affairs: - Efforts to equip the new conscripts have redoubled in hope of the 18% bonus. Whether it will happen or not remains to be seen. Military Matters: - Given the expansion of the army, the Senate counters with an offer for 3 battleships, 2 large armoured cruisers and 12 destroyers, and the graving dock & basic facilities in Dakar, with the prospect of greater expansion at a later date. - Materials for the first six of the new class of destroyers have been ordered, although the design is still subject to change. Research: - Jourdan class large armoured cruiser will be researched, ready T17. - It will have the weaker armour scheme, and the installed power is only good enough for 25.5 knots. Republic of Chile: Diplomacy: - Thornycroft informs you that the destroyers were delivered were delivered T12, and that they only built four for you. Military Matters: - Integration of the new Madsen machine guns into the army has begun. Internal Affairs: - Work on double tracking the railways on industrial routes, and other work that improves capacity, has begun. Construction: - 5,000 M1904 Chilean Mauser will be built, ready T17. United States of America: Internal Affairs: - Congress cares not for Europe, and their constant bickering. Consequently they authorise 2 battleships, 2 armoured cruisers and 16 destroyers. Military Matters: - The Great White Fleet has been sent on its way. Construction: - Two Florida class battleships have been laid down; launched T18, ready T23. - Five Smith class destroyers have been laid down; launched T19, ready T22. Empire of Japan: Construction & Recruitment: - Nobody knows what this “Kawachi” you are talking about is. Aki continues to be built. - You don’t have any Maxim guns. Perhaps you should buy some. Diplomacy: - France doesn’t agree to reconvert Foudre, however they have granted you a license. - France hasn’t agreed to the licenses for the two type of Hotchkiss machine guns, however. - Vickers won’t climb down, however they have offered to send the documentation for the plant required to produce the QF 1pdr pom-pom if it will make you feel better.
  7. Done hunting for sanma, or something else?
  8. Turn 13 Events: The increasingly erratic behaviour of President Canadian continues, with crowds of workers being shelled and shot at his command, being mistaken for protestors. Those unfortunate enough to be injured enough to be unable to flee have been crucified around the Kremlin for his pleasure. As news of this spreads, the Confederation begins to collapse. The drive on St Petersburg collapses, and the military disintegrates. The Black Guard, zealously loyal to Canadian, have withdrawn to a perimeter surrounding Moscow, and begun digging in. In a bid to defeat the German blockade, the Spanish have purchased a number of ships from the French. Unfortunately, the ships purchased were old and small. Moving in off el Ferrol in the darkness, they proved impotent in the face of the well trained German fleet. All of the former French ships are sunk. Consequently the German naval attacks on coastal targets continue, with the area of targets being extended to the Canary Islands, Spanish Morocco and the Spanish East African territories. In Spanish Morocco, the Rif have attacked Spanish mines, which they claim are illegal. As a result of the German blockade, no reinforcements are able to reach the colony, resulting in a series of setbacks for the Spanish army. In the former German colonies, offers of surrender have been taken up by something like half of the soldiers there, who are demoralised and isolated, with little hope of victory. In the Caucuses, the Ottoman Empire has renewed its assault on Russian territory. Due to the increased number of men employed, slightly more progress has been made. However, it came at considerable cost: 1 in 6 of the reinforcements have been killed, and 1 in 3 wounded. Their naval efforts have faired even worse. Sending in a force that is outnumbered, they were out manoeuvred by the smaller Russian units whilst suppressed by the larger Russian units. Consequently the Ottoman cruisers have been sunk, and the three former Russian battleship retaken by the Russians. Any surviving crew have been taken prisoner.
  9. Turn 13 Moderation: Ottoman Empire: Military Matters: - The Hamidiye has been decommissioned, been stripped of anything useful, and has been put up for sale on the scrap market. - Another batch of uniforms has been ordered. - A new fleet organisation has been formed, as outlined. Diplomacy: - There is no Khedivate, and thus no problem. - Luftschiffbau Zeppelin rejects your request. - £1,500,000 has been paid to the 2nd German Empire. - £800,000 has been paid to the 3rdRepublic of France. - Bosnia-Herzegovina has been given to Austria-Hungary in exchange for military foundry help. Internal Affairs: - A mission has been sent to Azerbaijan in the hope of reaching an understanding. Austria-Hungary: Diplomacy: - You are informed that it’s rather late to talk to the people of the areas whom you have treated so arbitrarily. - Luftschiffbau Zepplein rejects your request. Military Matters: - 25 M.1907 machine guns and 25 M.1909 machine guns will be ready next turn. - Naval exercises have been conducted in the Adriatic and Mediterranean. - Planning for the Long term aims of the Navy have begun. No construction has happened this financial year, however. - Carpathian defences are to be abandoned. Internal Affairs: - An internal poll is run. The results are still be corroborated. - Bosnia-Herzegovina has been annexed. - Work regarding Galicia proceeds apace, largely because you are ignored. - Various social laws are passed through Parliament. - Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian and Slavic all give rousing speeches espousing belonging, national pride and national interest. It is the closing remark, by a Hungarian, that gains the most vigorous ovation through the stamping of feet. “What would a second rate German state know about those?” Research: - Synchronisation gear is rejected. 2nd German Empire: Internal Issues: - The Reichstag rejects your bid for extra funding, stating that the lack of shipbuilding is on you, nobody else. Military Matters: - Ships have been sold to the Ottoman Empire for £1,500,000. - Furst Bismarck has been taken into dockyard hands for “extended maintenance”. Further details are required for it to continue, however. Research: - LZ 7 Deutschland will be researched, ready T17. - Kaiser class battleship will be researched, ready T19. Kingdom of Spain: Military Matters: - All military projects are delayed by six months. Research: - España class battleship is rejected. 3rdRepublic of France: Diplomacy: - Ships have been sold to the Ottoman Empire for £800,000. Internal Affairs: - As the need for military hardware has increased, more has been ordered to the sum of 200,000 units. A breakdown of requested delivery date would be most helpful to the various procurers. - Older units have been retired from the navy and sold, with the crews being used to man more effective units from the reserve, pending newer ships currently under construction. Research: - It is widely agreed that amongst the Admiralty that the name “Jourdan” would make an excellent name for an armoured cruiser. Unfortunately they seem to have spent the entire turn admiring it, and thinking of which of his peers should join him in his class in the future. The plans will be rediscovered and developed next turn, it is hoped. United States of America: Diplomacy: - Congress has ratified the Treaty of Vienna. - Bessarabia has been occupied by US forces in accordance with the above treaty. Internal Affairs: - The Big Red One has moved into Bessarabia to install Law and Order. It is planned that elections will take place in late June. - National Defence Act 1909 has been passed. Its enactment will begin in the new financial year. Recruitment & Construction: - 2 Northampton class cruisers will be built for Chile; launched T17, ready T23. - 6 14” M1907 coastal defence guns will be built, ready for deployment T18. - 6 12” M1900 coastal defence guns will be built, ready for deployment T18. Russia: See Events.
  10. All the classes are gone over in this useful topic:
  11. Glorious is a better fit for tier VI in a regular line, imho. I agree about Eagle though.
  12. Would you prefer a Colossus/Majestic, Unicorn or Furious?
  13. Turn 12 Events & Operations: The situation in Spain continues to deteriorate. The German blockade has been extended to the entire coastline. Attempts by obsolete coastal artillery to defend their shores have resulted in very little beyond the destruction of the guns and the deaths of their crews. Mobile field artillery batteries fare better, if only because they can run away from the replying German naval guns. In an attempt to raise morale, a force of 500 PSE agents was sent to Germany by land, posing as Dutch tourists. Unfortunately, their constant desire for coarse red wine marked them out as Spanish, and they were killed in various shoot outs with the German police and army. 10,000 men of the Spanish army have also been arrested, trying to infiltrate their way through to Sparrenburg Castle, along with 100 75mm artillery pieces. Whilst the Prime Minister thought “Hunters” would be a cunning disguise, the outfit of a Spanish hunter and a German hunter is rather different, it transpires. Furthermore, the dockyard of Cartagena has been bombarded, leading to the destruction of the two destroyers started earlier this quarter. In Russia, Federation forces have begun pushing towards St Petersburg. Using much of their limited supply of artillery (and shells), they have made significant progress. However, by concentrating such a significant (~20%) of their forces on that one push, it has led to setbacks on practically every other front. In the West, the Byelorussian nationalists are gaining traction, along with the Baltic nationalists. To the North, the Finnish nationalists have driven out the Communists, who reluctantly agree to acknowledge Finnish independence, but in return the Communists have been able to consolidate their hold on the North. More critically, the line to the Far East has been cut by the previously small holdings around the Trans-Siberian railway. Prison breaks from the Gulags have added to the troubles in that region. In Austria-Hungary, the movements of Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian and Italian nationalism are gaining momentum from the recent electoral successes.
  14. Nope, you are a hypocrite, by the virtue of berating someone for only reading what you wanted to see, whilst you did the same regarding torpedoes in game, and indeed the range of the torpedo in question. Whilst WG has pushed the limits in some cases (Huang He, for example), torpedoes are all altered to a degree that isn't implausible. Perhaps they have documents pertaining to experiments of which we know not. Perhaps not. As for fixed tubes, they won't do submerged tubes. Because they won't do gyroscopes, which leaves no aim arc whatsoever.
  15. You are a hypocrite. Namely because every single torpedo in the game has ~20 knots more than it did in real life. So in game, the 24.5" Mk I torpedo would have 50 or 55 knot speeds, going out to 18.3km or 13.7km respectively (which is not short ranged either, fyi). Alternatively, WG will make the speed even higher, with a corresponding decrease in range. Damage is ~15,500. Hardly useless.