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  1. Yamato doesn't have 18" guns, they have 18.1" guns. So they haven't done anything that they said they wouldn't, in that regard.
  2. Whilst several of the guns have been removed and replaced with wooden or fibreglass replicas, there is still quite a few (half a dozen?) originals, although only one dates to Trafalgar. What they're currently doing is replacing her fixed cradle with a large number of hydraulic rams, so that they can slowly stop, and then reverse the warping process. It'll take time, but its happening.
  3. Clemson and topweight

    Availability is a powerful thing in itself, see the Emergency War group of destroyers, for example. Ideally replacing each pair of torpedo tubes with a centre-line mount would have been better, and is entirely possible, as can be seen by the changes made to the ships sent to Britain as part of the Destroyers for Bases deal.
  4. Clemson and topweight

    Not so sure about that; they are included in a book called The World's Worse Warships for a reason.
  5. Admittedly, this was communicated some time ago, but its all we have to go on
  6. The problem with German (and ultimately Russian) CV lines is a lack of planes for them, rather than a lack of designs. Conversely France has enough of both.
  7. us DD AAA stats incorrect?

    No, they're different mounts.
  8. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    The equipment art shows Tatsuta carrying twin 12.7cm"/40s, so they kinda did.
  9. And with every new line that is implemented, the standards change. Which is why the splits involve multiple ships moving tiers. The inconsistency is rather aggravating at this stage.
  10. There is, but that went out the window long ago.
  11. My proposed UK CL changes

    WG got the UK CL line right, they just got the German and Russian lines wrong. Given what was known at the time, the UK CL line fit just fine. Its only WG's own shortsightedness that has caused problems. Kirov at tier V? Thats fine, given the historically poor firing rate (enjoy your 2rpm, nerds). Big risk, big reward ship. Emden at tier V? Also fine, if you cheat a little and use the 4 x II setup originally intended. Duguay Trouin at tier V? Again, fine. Its a direct companion to Omaha in terms of design. There isn't really a citadel in terms of armour, which should help deal with the fragility issue. Furutaka A&B, Omaha and Emerald all mesh well with these ships. Even Arethusa works well; given limited main battery power in exchange for more modern guns with better arcs.
  12. German T IX & X are outright fakes (the IX not even being a sensible one). The rest are either design studies or built ships, as noted above.
  13. So where *is* Vanguard?

    Just messing bud. However, as its the Christmas holidays now I would recommend watching some, if you can find the time.
  14. So where *is* Vanguard?

    Do not sully that great show (may it rest in pieces) with the abomination that is "Monarch"