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  1. mr3awsome

    Warships "classic"

    Not sure that counts as 'classic' when Paper Ships & Carriers have been a thing since the beginning.
  2. mr3awsome

    Why were 2nd Rates more durable than 3rd Rates?

    There are probably a few, like bits of the keel, if Victory is anything to go by.
  3. mr3awsome

    Why were 2nd Rates more durable than 3rd Rates?

    Well, it would depend on how many decks they had in that case, with 80 gun 3rd rates actually being later. The 3 deckers proved to be too short. Part of it might be Napoleon Total War being NTW, and the need for progression there. Otherwise it would relate to the structure, the lower portions needing to be more strongly built to support the greater weight atop them compared to their 2 decker peers. As for Santisima Trinidad, I'm not sure how much of it was a true fourth deck, so I couldn't say for sure.
  4. mr3awsome

    Premium Ship Ideas

    The six single guns are the standard QF 4"/45 Mk V that you find on British ships of the era and in game. The three triple mounted guns are BL 4"/45 Mk IXs, the same that you would find singly on Flower class corvettes. The AA is not good for the tier, in truth, being 6 x I QF 4"/45 Mk Vs, 3 x VIII 2pdr Mk VIII 'pom-pom', 8 x I 20mm Oerlikon and 4 x IV 0.5" Mk III Vickers.
  5. mr3awsome

    Successful Ships vs Successful Designs

    Arguably, in terms of design, Fiji would be a closer analogue, as both were design to the 8,000t limit of the Second London Naval Treaty. Conversely, the result is probably the same, the Atlanta is a better design, but the Fiji were more successful ships.
  6. I'm definitely a fan of the Concept, though I must admit that I am in the 'Have the line fold back in to Neptune & Minotaur' camp, because both have DP main guns and because they are the successors to N2, which was cancelled in favour of Neptune. Both share the Buster 40mm/60 mount that we, alas, do not have in game. Equally, Dido at tier VI and K25 (or one of the variants thereof) at tier VII also seem like a closer match to Leander and Fiji respectively. Coventry or Curlew as a tier IV premium with the 10 QF 4"/45 Mk V, Delhi as a premium at tier V and Scylla & another Dido or Bellona at VI seem fairly sensible bets, based on that. Very nicely done, overall.
  7. mr3awsome

    Ship Proposal: INS Eilat

    Eliat and all her sisters had the QF 4.5"/45 Mk IV gun on Mk V mounting. As for the proposal as a whole, Cavalier is something that has been hoped for for a long time, and Eliat is not so far from her that hopefully both could come in the future.
  8. mr3awsome

    Brainstorm Fun: Age of Sail Warships PvP Ideas?

    Victory and Royal Sovereign were both heavily damaged as they were both first in action, and therefore received the greater part of fire directed on the approach. The first 74 to make it into action was the Belleisle in Collingwood's column, which was reduced to near a wreck, and was only saved by the arrival of the following ships in the division. Indeed, all of the first ships into action on the British side suffered heavily, regardless of their rating, and if anything it is a testament to their construction that they were able to make it to port, despite the storm. Santa Ana did fairly well, getting locked into combat with Royal Sovereign until obliged to strike. Principe de Asturias also did fairly well, pushing Revenge hard until she came under attack from Thunderer and Dreadnought. Rayo was in the van and seems to have done little and less, like much of the van, whilst Santisima Trinidad proved disappointing in the weather conditions. Britannia arguably did about as much as Rayo, not getting into action for more than three hours, and having been overtaken multiple times on the way in. In proportion to the composition of the fleets, I would say that the 1st rates did their fair share of work, being the ram that kicked the door in to allow the lighter ships to do their work. The Admiral having to change ships afterwards is hardly surprising given the heat of the fight, and that they arrived at the point when the enemy was most capable. Perhaps not a glorious day for first rates. The glory of that day firmly belongs to the men aboard the British ships.
  9. mr3awsome

    Brainstorm Fun: Age of Sail Warships PvP Ideas?

    To be fair, the only ship to sink at Trafalgar was the Achille, and that was largely due to blowing up. Its hard to give credit to a single ship for this, because like most of the ships in the Franco-Spanish fleet that were engaged, they were often engaged by multiple ships. Achille, for instance, engaged at various times, no fewer than four enemy ships of the line.
  10. I'd argue that having Petard in her 4 x I guise rather than her 2 x II guise is a waste. Otherwise, the same good quality one would expect from you.
  11. mr3awsome

    HMCS Uganda ship request

    The Minotaur in game isn't entirely made up, and if the British economy hadn't been dead on its feet would have been built immediately after the war (46/47).
  12. mr3awsome

    HMCS Uganda ship request

    The name Minotaur got reused after the Swiftsure class ship got sold/given to Canada. Same way one of her half sisters would become the Lion.
  13. mr3awsome

    AA ships

    Whilst there are enough designs about for distinct ships, both as premiums and regular ships, as well as optional hull upgrades in a number of cases, the prospect of it has rapidly diminished with time because of the direction that WG has taken new lines (in terms of upgrades & fictional AA fits) and carriers (in general). Its a shame, because some of them would be quite fun, like a premium Omaha that looses all of the 6" outside the turrets, and gets 7 5"/38s in return, along with 6 quad 1.1"s and probably some 0.5" MGs for good measure.
  14. mr3awsome

    This will make you cry

    Implementing at this stage, and have been for two, three years now. Once its operational, she'll slowly be bent back to how she should be. Very slowly. It will also make below the ship more accessible than it was before, so folks can wander round there too, which is an added bonus.
  15. The worst thing I have to say is that Danae's guns should be called Mk XIIs, as naming guns after their mounts is a post WWII thing (along with the shift to arabic numerals). Says a lot about the rest of the post ;) Always thought this group of designs was interesting, as they vary from the normal of German light cruisers. What you'd hope from a premium.