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  1. mr3awsome

    Lexington-class CC Model Circa 1941

    I think that it probably would have happened after Pearl Harbour, like the other rebuilds.
  2. Hood is a bit of an oddity in that it is a mixture of pre and post Jutland design philosophy. Things could be changed to better reflect the experience of that battle, but there is only so much that can be done without resorting to a clean slate. J3, of the post war design series, in perhaps the best reflection of that, being fairly close to Hood in several ways, but also being a better design. The three half sisters, being less advanced, could be adapted to a greater extent. Hood likely could have been modified, but that isn't always the best choice. Look at the Dantons. Constantly modified etc. during building, years late and a dollar short anyways, as well as being massively expensive. Still, they are still half sisters to Hood, there is only so much that can be done. Hence, ultimate cancellation once the need for numbers became less pressing.
  3. mr3awsome


    Originally built as Coastal Defence ships for Norway, they were taken over after the outbreak of war, and refitted as monitors, with the addition of the big bulges you can just about see in the picture.
  4. And fulfilling the same intended roles, yes.
  5. Nope, the armoured cruiser and the heavy cruiser are two different things. Armoured cruisers split two ways, to the battlecruiser and the light cruiser. From the light cruiser, the heavy cruiser came into being. The Treaty was mooted by the outbreak of war, something that was accounted for in the text of the Treaty.
  6. They did, but its the closest thing to to a universal unit of measure as there is. Most people stuck to the Treaties, at least in part. Most nations had armoured cruisers that didn't adhere to the limits set out in the Treaty. However, by that point it didn't really matter, because they were obsolete in their intended role, due to the developments in propulsion, and the battle-cruiser revolution.
  7. Per the last iteration of the Treaty, anything over 17,000t or armed with 10" or larger guns is a Capital Ship.
  8. First and foremost, the three sisters were suspended so that labour could be used more productively on other Admiralty and merchantile work. This is the first quarter of 1917. By the last quarter of 1918 and first of 1919, all work has been suspended, with the explicit mention of incurring no further costs. In February 1919, all three are cancelled, though it was noted that the building of extra battlecruisers was something to be reconsidered after the terms of peace were decided. Between the scuttling of the German Battlecruisers and being somewhere between broke and needing money for social spending, it was a better deal to break up the three suspended ships, so that what limited funds there were could be funneled into the new generation of designs, which would become G3. TLDR: Both points are technically correct, with the financial argument coming first chronologically.
  9. Well they've released some of the best ships for those tech tree branches as those premiums, so that's hardly a shocker.
  10. mr3awsome

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    Two ships, Hovey and Long. DEs, probably not, but torpedo boats already are. T-22, for instance. As for including Spica, it shouldn't be a regular ship, because the Italians have plenty enough choice for the tiers that it could fit at. However, given the class' success during the war, one might sell fairly well as a premium, especially if introduced prior to the regular line to give people a ship to better train their Captains.
  11. mr3awsome

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Yep, there have been cases of all six of the Type 45s sitting in harbour more than once in the past five years or so. It'll be interesting to watch, if nothing else, though for good or ill one could not say for sure at this point.
  12. mr3awsome

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Might get as small as nine (9) before it gets better, between all the assorted problems (with manning, procurement and defects being the largest three). Doesn't really bode well for the future.
  13. mr3awsome

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Looks like Prince of Wales is off for another round of trials.
  14. Need to court Turkey a little more for that to happen. Indeed, Turkey was counted amongst the forces ranged against the USSR in the Third Year Plan programmes of construction.
  15. The USSR tended to overestimate the opposition it would face, with that being especially true of the Black Sea & Arctic.