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  1. So where *is* Vanguard?

    Just messing bud. However, as its the Christmas holidays now I would recommend watching some, if you can find the time.
  2. So where *is* Vanguard?

    Do not sully that great show (may it rest in pieces) with the abomination that is "Monarch"
  3. 50 planes

    Thats just Kidd doing its job.
  4. So where *is* Vanguard?

    Its okay, I have more stuff in the pipework to show soonTM I'd prefer it if they'd saved Atlanta for a line and used Oakland as the premium, tbh. Again, related to the above. Wargaming? Unbalanced premium? Never. :eyes: Agreed on De Grasse. There aren't many tier 8 options, but equally there are tier VII options.
  5. So where *is* Vanguard?

    Hey, we both know what I want for the game and what WG have done are two distinctly different things. T-61 is a good premium choice, even if it is a relatively uninspired one. De Grasse is a wasted opportunity, because she's the 1942 version, which is literally the least interesting option that they could have chosen. Ashitaka is the type of premium that deserves to be destroyed in a fire. Kii should have been a tier IX regular, but again, we know how that's ended.
  6. So where *is* Vanguard?

    That Gascogne made it into the game shouldn't be surprising; Premium ships have always been in two categories: odd-ball real ships, or interesting paper designs (or paper rebuilds, such as the Tenryuu AA conversions) Gascogne definitely falls into the latter category. Vanguard falls into the former category, as well put earlier in this thread: I'd say the carrier Indomitable also falls into that category, but that's a story for another time.
  7. This is not the HMAS Vampire

    Vampire had triple torpedo tubes. She may have tested quads, but she used triples the best part of her life. The 12pdr AA gun was of limited use, and removed later. This can be seen happening on several other destroyers as well. In its place, additional life-rafting material was carried, for if she should be sunk. TLDR; Its correct.
  8. This is not the HMAS Vampire

    The armament detail is correct. We've literally been through this exact thing before.
  9. For me, its definitely the way the game has developed. There will always be people having bad days, and equally there will also be people having good days. That won't ever change.
  10. The theory of Rock-Paper-Scissors balancing is perfectly fine. As usual, its WG's implementation that is dodgy.
  11. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Turn 20 Events & Operations: As the Sultan continues to sit around doing nothing except Hookahs and hookers, he has been killed in a coup, by a group of young Turkish officers. The new government has sued for peace, in light of the continued deterioration of their situation. They have accepted concessions in Western Anatolia in hopes of more generous terms to the south and south east. Those terms will be worked out when Germany has been defeated. To that end, the German troops in the ex-Ottoman land have been ordered to leave. Germany has made more ineffectual thrusts against the Czech and Polish held positions. An overwhelming number of men have been thrown against the Danish. However, British reinforcements have mown down the German reservists as they bum rushed B. The Royal Navy has instituted a distant blockade of Germany’s ports; further isolating their economy. The German Med and Pacific fleets have been forced to shelter in their home ports of Tripoli and Tsingtao. The French have advanced into Alsace Lorraine. There was fierce fighting around Donon and le petit Donon, before they fell to the French, whilst the Fortress City of Metz is threatened by the slow but measured French advance. Attempted counter assaults have been broken up by French reserves. In Austria, the expected German offensive towards Vienna was forestalled by an Austrian counter offensive designed to relieve pressure on Linz. The exposed sides of the bulge have been pushed in, leading to the besiegers of Linz becoming the besieged. However, a small scale German thrust along the more mountainous western end of the front line facing Austria has had some small success. In the Pacific, whilst the German fleet has been contained, the Spanish have landed troops across the northern German Pacific islands. As this is a grudge match, the fighting is fierce, but the Spanish have the upper hand. The southern German Pacific colonies have fallen to troops belonging to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. Once more, the Spanish army has swept into Germany’s African colonies, and taken them for the Glory of Spain. However, there was much more resistance than the first time.
  12. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Turn 20 Moderation: Austria: - Vulnerable persons have been evacuated to Hungary and Italy, for the duration of the conflict - You prepare for the oncoming storm. - Factories are converted to war work. Germany: - Nothing is done, because you can’t afford it. France: - War has been declared on Germany. - Your war aims have been sent to the appropriate parties. - Denmark and Luxembourg accept the offered alliance. - Trade with Germany ends. Spain: - War has been declared on Germany. - Parliament refuses you funding to build more of the largely obsolete Furor class. - Colombus class cruiser is accepted, with provisos, which will be PM'd.
  13. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    I certainly can't disagree with the sentiment. WG's policy on historicity and balance has gone out of the window, to the detriment of the game. However, MV is one of the things that they haven't fudged to date. If they do, its time to jump ship.