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  1. mr3awsome

    WWI-WWII AA Guns and Effectiveness?

    Well you have the 40mm/60 Bofors, but then you have the 57mm Bofors and the 40mm/70 Bofors. The first aims to increase the weight of the shell fired, at the same rate as the 40mm/60, whilst the second aims to double the rate of fire with the same weight (or thereabouts) of projectile.
  2. mr3awsome

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Looks like the Poles are aiming to replace their 2 Oliver Hazard Perry's with a pair of Frigates of Intermediate Size. https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2019/10/greece-france-sign-letter-of-intent-for-two-4000-tons-frigate/
  3. mr3awsome

    A German Dunkerque

    Matsushima had hers after, her two sisters had them forward.
  4. mr3awsome

    A German Dunkerque

    Matsushima. She had two sisters, but their main armament turret was forward rather than aft.
  5. There had been tests of various shot & shell against mock ups prior, but the actions in the US Civil War are certainly the first trial by fire for the Ironclad, and as such are a valuable contribution to development. That much is, I think, beyond contention. Warrior never did see battle, but even by the time that she was under construction, shells were being designed and produced. Several of the guns that she would be fitted with would be rifled shell firers, with screw breeches. The first turret on a warship would mount such a gun. So whilst there was already an appreciation for it, the Monitor - Virginia action really drove it home.
  6. Neither Monitor or Virginia were revolutionary, due to the existence of Gloire, Warrior and Trusty before either was completed. Indeed, almost before they were ordered, let alone completed. Of course, that doesn't take away from the valuable operational experience gained with the two ships and their successors, but to claim that they are as revolutionary as Dreadnought and South Carolina is mistaken. That mantle firmly belongs to Gloire and Warrior.
  7. Strasbourg was built because waiting to have a 30 or 35000t design would delay the ship getting into service by a year and a half, if not two years. The same reason is why the KGVs extended to five units, whilst the Lion design was being finalised. The 17,500t figure was chosen because it meant that up to 10 ships could be built.
  8. The Myoukous have a 102mm belt, compared to Deutschlands 80mm, though I cannot speak for the layers behind the armoured belt. Had they been built the Surreys would perhaps have been the closest analogue to the Deutschlands, being similarly slow (for a cruiser), but investing the saved tonnage in armour rather than her main battery. Ultimately, I'm not sure that I could say that the Deutschlands were quite so revolutionary as Dreadnought, and one could debate that Hawkins is revolutionary too, for spurring the evolution of Heavy Cruisers, or perhaps the first light cruiser on the same grounds. Of course, that doesn't mean that they aren't noteworthy, just not quite at the very pinnacle.
  9. Skoda is Czech, not Yugoslav. Minor nitpick, but still worth mentioning. Part of the reasoning, at least from what I've seen, is that fire control was one of the major bottlenecks in outfitting ships, and the British needed more, so they limited exports in order to produce what they needed domestically (because exports tend to be a little more lucrative). Not sure if that is the only reason, but it seems plausible enough.
  10. The built ships, perhaps, but there are unbuilt projects that can go higher. ZG-3 Hermes is definitely a ship that deserves to be more widely recognised.
  11. Interesting choice. Ah yes, the same guns that are the secondaries on the French Dreadnoughts
  12. Able to elaborate on that any?
  13. Stop, stop, I can only get so erect
  14. mr3awsome

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    More details about the successful Type 31e bid here
  15. mr3awsome

    Flower-class corvette

    The Hedgehog was carried by a number of Flowers, it being a British weapon first. Squid is its successor, designed to be more effective at greater depths, by having a smaller number of larger charges. Limbo is the last in that line, having three aimable tubes rather than the fixed angle of the Squid. Anyways, as noted by others above, whilst the Flowers are undoubtedly neat ships, which were of great value, and their widespread service offers interesting points of comparison (such as the French ones), they are not really suited to this game.