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  1. Well that sucks

    It's our mistake. Will be fixed very soon for all other players, and they will get appropriate reward after login. And for players who already skip this reward, we will send this reward in a few days, then we'll be able to calculate all this cases. Sorry for this inconvenience =(
  2. Saipan is just marvelous

    Hi all. I've checked Saipan's earning rate and current result is that all ok with this ship right now. She earn even more than other tier 7 premium ships (Sims and Atlanta), and almost like tier 8 premium ships (<10% difference with, for example, Atago). I guess that Saipan's targets are frequently battleships and that's the explanation of huge damage and comparativelly not so huge earnings we can see on screenshots. It's sad, but I have no reason to increase this ship farf factor yet. According to current data, her farm is stable and good. But we should understand that now I have data only for 2 days, and it's absolutelly not enough to get final results. Statistics can (and will) change in the future, and I'll keep my attention directly on this ship for a few weeks to repair her in any case. If it woulds be broken. If you'll have any concerns about Saipan, msg me here, I'll try to answer.
  3. Saipan is just marvelous

    Congratulations with this great battle! Thanks for this information. I'll carefully check her earnings one more time. Tier 7 should earn almost like tier 8 premium ships. And they do it:
  4. Unfortunately, when we make smoke particles visible on shorter distance (and you can understand that you are in smoke), performance become really bad =( We started a new render feature to solve this issue, will finish soon and release after small polishing. In a few major patches, I guess.
  5. So WGing....

    Minor patch, I hope it will be done in 1 or 2 days.
  6. So WGing....

    Sorry for this rare bug . It will be fixed in a few days.