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  1. USS Texas BB-35 Museum Ship

    Not many of those to go around, plus the cost of towing her would be prohibitive, not to mention she is far too wide to use the St Lawrence seaway if she were to go to the great lakes and has a far too deep draft to move along the missipi
  2. amazing thread
  3. Ship XP...

    you get xp to research ships or modules on ships, after you do that you get better and better ships, pretty basic really
  4. Ship Models

    another completed yet not painted ship ( I have other models to paint first) the Wickes class destroyer in 1/250 scale by Revell
  5. What's the Use in Carrying your Team?

    crap happens man, at least you got a good game out of it
  6. Navy Vet here...

    welcome aboard sir! looking foreword to see you in battle!
  7. Rust Buckets

    well they were maintained but after long voyages at sea even the most well maintained vessel would look rustry, especially near the water line and the anchors
  8. Ship Models

    yes completed construction, no paint.... yet
  9. Ship Models

    this very detailed model was 30$, great price and quality
  10. Ship Models

    they are a cheap fun way to spend a afternoon, this is a Tamya model. I have 10 to build still. ill have my fleet ready soon.
  11. Ship Models

    starting this thread for the community to share scale models built that represent warships my completed model (more to come) HMS Nelson in 1/700 scale
  12. finally found my groove with usn DD's and cruisers

  13. Subs

    submarines of the battleship era are quite slow under water, and on the surface they are still very slow and incredibly vulnerable. they have the speed of a rowboat and the armor of one too. its just they could not keep pace with the fleet or really become a asset to the fleet. also they would need to surface on occasion to recharge their batteries so the would make them sitting ducks with only a single deck gun to try to defend itself. there is no real point to see them in the battlespace.