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  1. CaptToshiro

    Can't view forum posts

    Awww, bummer. I just got the notification after I earned the Collector III emblem. Oh, well. At least I know it isn't just me.
  2. How do I get the one-time offer?
  3. 12 more Guineas?! Im 16 short from getting Cossack!
  4. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MedvedevTD, the mod just got corrupted again. Edit; Nvm. However, some mods that I want are under construction. Why?
  5. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    No more corrupted program again?
  6. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    Oh, wow. That was disturbing. Before I delete all of the (non-important) replays, I could not see the text words in File Explorer or Control Panel. I think it what happened when I tried to update the ModStation for latest version, it what caused the texts to go disappeared after the corrupted error. That never happened to me before. This is first.
  7. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MedvedevTD , I just ran the update for modpack and I got the corrupted error (see the red circle). That shouldn't happen like that. Edit: Nvm. The only way to get it fix is to open the Modpack icon again to get it work. I wonder if that is the only way to fix it?
  8. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MedvedevTD, does this mod have the AltHud for AltHud full feature? The one that show angle of yours and enemy ship? If not, can you please, add that to the list? Nevermind, I found it.
  9. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MedvedevTD, is there any bugs or glitch in the modpack I need to know about it?
  10. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    Oh, okay.
  11. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    @SyndicatedINC Um, it isn't ATZE_77. It the WG staff made that modpack, you know?
  12. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    @Herr_Reitz, there's your answer! We got ourself a brand new official modpack!
  13. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MedvedevTD, he is asking if this new mod is legal and not cheat. I'd like to know if that is legal. And I also like to know if this is a new official modpack after the old WG ModPack.
  14. CaptToshiro

    [ALL] ModStation

    I want to know if this mod is like the same as the WG ModPack.