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  1. dscross

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I believe that I can pull it off with only one booster, however, the point I was attempting to make was the utter lack of transparency, and conflicting information on this feature of the game. I do think the dockyard is a great idea, wargaming just could have done it better, but they didn't. I completed the first directive with something like 3 days to spare, so I can grind when I'm motivated. i simply wanted to be motivated by excitement not disappointment. interestingly, today when i logged on, my building progress ( with the first gold booster, first free booster, and first directive booster) was 340 points per min. This puts the base rate at 126 which confirms what another poster wrote.
  2. dscross

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I did the math. Sorry wargaming, it's not possible to complete it without spending money, and not likely without spending the full 24,000 which still doesn't give you the ship I should ad. There are roughly 672 hours in the event. (40,320 mins) The Ship costs 51,300,000 ship building points, and an average of 1273 points per min boost for the entire event. So how much are the boosters? Well, since I'm here feeling like I got date [edited] by wargaming, cause my dumb as drank from the glass they handed me, and I bought the first gold booster. which gives me...104 points per min. first free booster 6 points per min. (up to 110 now, so...) second booster for ship building tokens. +104 points per min. (MOTHER OF GOD THATS 214 points, and an STD from the [edited]. ) But wait, yes, that first booster for gold, it came with a bunch of points, which brings down the average of how many per min I need. Now were at 1130 points per min, bringing the total down from an incurable STD to an unwanted pregnancy with birth defects. (must be that all the cocaine wargaming is snorting off my [edited]that damaged the baby... some shameful crap.) (Please correct my math if you see a mistake, as I was very pissed off, and nursing my sore [edited]while doing the calculations.) Now, as the announcer says, BUT WAIT, there's MORE! "Time alloted to build the ship. If you do not finish the ship within the allotted time, you will still have a chance to complete her using special boosters." (hover over the clock in the drydock to see this message.) Sure wargaming, but... those special boosters? Yeah, the last two are only available until... January 6th 2020. Meaning you won't be able to buy them if the time runs out and you haven't finished, because they won't be available. So how about some transparency. is wargaming in a contest to see how many consumer protection fraud complaints they can rack up? Seriously, this event is so tainted it is going to end up in a class action law suit. I'm not sure what wargaming's lawyers have said about this, but here is a scenario. So, let's say someone does as I have done, and due to the misleading advertising, incorrect notes, impossible deadlines, or an act of god, can't finish the ship.Yet the booster is paying for construction time of the ship. Now if the deadline ends, and the customer does not make the cut, and doesn't get the ship, (for whatever reason, illness, power outages, or the impossibility of actually doing it.) yeah, now we have have fraud. "...complete her using special boosters" (which aren't available. and wargaming won't tell us if they are lying here, or if the boosters will even be available.) Now, all that being said; i do still want the ship. I'm not saying I'll stop playing. I'm not saying I mind paying real money for the wonderful, really wonderful (roofies you gave me, and herpes...) renderings of ships. I love, LOVE (that you used lube) the ships. I love (waking up not knowing where I am, and why my genital region burns) the imagination of seeing what a simplified fight between the Bismarck and the Iowa might have looked like. I think its wonderful that thousands, millions (of future plaintiffs) have been exposed (sex offender style) to historic naval ships. wargaming has done some good things. I acknowledge those things. But it seems that the original intent is gone. Myself, and it seems, a large part of the community aren't having fun being misled. Sure, tell us how much the ship costs, and let us decided, up front. (Cause it's called consent you bastards.) The lies are getting old. "We will never have submarines in world of warships." "The Missouri will always be available, just save up your free exp!" (I'll get back to that one, but I want my Mo. for the price you promised.) "if you log in and complete the directives you can get a free tier X premium ship!" "We won't ever have tier 10 premium ships you can just buy." Wargaming, I don't mind paying for the services you provide. i mind that you lied to the entire community. I mind that I paid 6000 gold for a ship that in all likelihood, I'll never obtain. (that is fraud by the way.) So a friendly word of advice, FIX IT BEFORE LAWYERS RUIN THE GAME FOR EVERYONE! Please explain how my gold wasn't fradulanty obtained? there are conflicting statements made by the game. (you can complete it for gold boosts... which won't be available) PS. is not possible to grind out 1,100,000 experience in 20 hours as your reddit post says. More lies, because the boosters won't be available. so what am I getting for the 6000 gold I foolishly put down on the ship?
  3. dscross

    Update 0.8.11 - Ringing in the New Year!

    Does this mean we all get an extra santa container for the hour we wasted?
  4. dscross

    Update 0.8.11 - Ringing in the New Year!

    So why does the news feed say 8Am eastern time, yet...8:20, it still won't connect. Clicked "Contact Customer Service" tab, and it says 9:00 EST. Come on, really?
  5. I'm having this exact same problem. I submitted a ticket, but nothing yet.