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  1. KaptainKaybe

    CVs CVs CVs CVs ARGH!!

    ... oh #$^!#^. All this time, I thought catapult planes still did. Uhm ... yeah, this changes things, lol
  2. KaptainKaybe

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    Uhm ... you're certain? Cause I generally keep an eye out and it seems pretty consistent that the continuous aura seems to turn all my place yellow first before any of them go red. Training room time for me, perhaps, although I'd need to find a ship that has only short ranged AA so that flak doesn't play a part.
  3. KaptainKaybe

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    Awesome post, Mouse! I have both Enterprise and Saipan. Of the two, I have more fun with Enterprise. The AP dive bombers can still be quite nasty (just ask the Tirpitz I kept multi-citadeling over and over), although they are indeed very selective. But if you can find an isolated BB with a weaker citadel deck and strike him several times early on, that's a BB that's unable to heal up and is forced to spend the rest of the match crippled, assuming you don't finish him off. I also like these since it's the only USN ship with AP bombers so it offers a little variety. That being said, I suspect I'll need to spend some time in the training room to practice ... had a Montana lined up with with only 2k health remaining ... and all my bombs shattered, lol. Saipan ... meh? As you state, Enterprise is much more forgiving of mistakes. Saipan planes are very fast and tough, but all it takes is wandering into the wrong AA aura to find ALL planes instantly fragged. And while such a loss stings in Enterprise, it really REALLY hurts when you're in a Saipan. Hell, I have the concealment upgrade on Enterprise instead of the additional planes one, and I *still* have less trouble keeping my reserves alive on Enterprise compared to Saipan's. I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of selling Enterprise now. She's 'solid' (as solid as any tier 8 carrier can be given the absolutely nasty AA DPS that exists currently), plays in a unique way compared to other USN carriers ... and of course, there's that whole history thing. Saipan ... I don't know. I like doubloons, lol.
  4. KaptainKaybe

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    Guys, as a general rule, since the very very beginning of the game, underperforming ships, both tech tree and premium, have eventually gotten buffed to put them in line with their competition since power creep is a thing. Only difference here is that Premiums never get directly nerfed whereas some tech tree ships sometimes do (read: Alsace). Premiums are still affected by global nerfs, of course. I really don't know why people insist on bringing up the whole GC case whenever someone talks about a premium ship seeming weak. They are not the same concern at all. One is common practice, whereas the other came dangerously close to setting a precedent that would kill consumer confidence. Big big difference here. Just because GC didn't get nerfed, it doesn't mean other ships can't get buffed if needed. After all, these premium ships do not exist in a vacuum, and no one will be willing to jump into the premium shop to pay for a ship that's doing worse than their tech tree and other premium counterparts. And people would most certainly not buy any more premiums if a precedent was set that would directly nerf one ... since nerfing one means nerfing all the problem children for the sake of fairness. Now if you want to discuss whether or not you believe this ship deserves to be buffed or not *based on it's performance*, that's fine. Just enough with the whole GC thing. Man, sometimes you guys cling to these issues like bees to honey laced with ecstasy.
  5. KaptainKaybe

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    Normally, those people I've seen at high tiers retain full squad sizes past the halfway mark are those who intentionally dump most of their payload into the water right away to only either spot or do a quick attack with the one remaining squad so that AA doesn't shred the rest as they fly overhead. Or they intentionally take a very long way around so their attack run is aimed so that their fly over brings them over their ships as opposed to the enemy's. Is this the tactic you've adopted at tier 10? Note: I only have experience with tiers 6 and 8 myself. If I'm top tier, I can usually do moderately okay. Even had a 120k Enterprise match a couple of days ago. I mean, we still lost since the team collapsed and most of my damage was backended, but it was still enjoyable, lol. Seems Enterprise AP bombs are still quite toxic against German BBs ;) On the other hand, I'm at a complete loss of what to do when in a tier 8 carrier in a tier 10 match. Maybe I just got unlucky and have gone up against teams that were surprisingly good at sticking together, but they are *ROUGH*. I basically can only skirt the very edges of their AA to spot their ships and if I'm lucky, a single ship breaks off from the rest of their team and I can attack it. Assuming said ship is not a cruiser with good AA. Otherwise, I get 20k games out of those. This compares to the 50k+ games I can easily accomplish with any other tier 8 in tier 10 matchmaking. Any tips on playing tiers 6 and 8 would definitely be appreciated.
  6. KaptainKaybe

    So I watched Gaishu frag other players on Twitch

    Skill gap is not as much of a factor as the RTS version as RTS allowed better players to completely shut down worse ones and then go on a rampage. Now, competing CV players can't complain humiliate the other and it just becomes a race for spotting, damage output, and proper usage of the fighter consumable. What IS a problem is that while the skill ceiling is reasonably high, the skill FLOOR is also very high due to the ridiculous strength of AA currently. You CAN do well in mid tier CVs, but man do you have to work at it, and man is it unforgiving of mistakes. It's basically like having a battleship with an 18km concealment, a citadel that covers the entire side of the ship, and guns so inaccurate that targeting smaller ships is challenging unless extremely close. A Unicum can make it work. The rest of us would just need to deal with hundreds or thousands of matches of pure rage before we grasp it enough to start performing consistently well. Not to mention the hellish grind that is tier 6 and 8 CVs that are constantly uptiered into matches loaded with high tier AA boats. Cause doing 20k damage matches because you can't do anything but spot and hope your team takes advantage is ...fun? I just worry that unicums like Gaishuu give viewers the wrong impression. I mean, we all see folks like Flamu and Flambass get consistent 150-200k (sometimes much more) games in BBs and DDs, yet no one is claiming those ships are too strong.
  7. KaptainKaybe

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    Except that Sims has gotten several buffs since that time, still has a bigger gun DPM and is far far more agile. And has better concealment. And Defensive Fire. Really, only the torps on Sims are worse, and not by much.
  8. KaptainKaybe

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    I'm a big fan of jack of all trades master of none boats. I'm a big fan of hybrids in general. But for those to work, you need to create a middle ground baseline and then ensure that the boat's features are both slightly better and slightly worse than average. Problem is that over time, Blys' baseline has remained the same, but everyone else's baseline has been raised up so that Blys no longer has her average stats in the tier 7 middle and has lost much of it's popularity. Note: Not asking for major buffs. I just wish to raise her baseline a bit. Either a small dpm buff or a small concealment buff would be fine.
  9. KaptainKaybe

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    Mouse, question: do you have access to a site that offers server player stats broken down by day, week, month, year? I used to use Warships Today for that, but that site's dead. Wows-Numbers only offers that breakdown when viewing individual players, but not server averages as a whole. She is indeed dead center, but I'm also curious how much of that is heavily front loaded from the days where Blys was popular, could OWSF, and only three or four DDs existed at that tier. Not trying to nitpick. I've honestly been looking for a good WT replacement for a while.
  10. KaptainKaybe

    Salt in Co-op

    I don't get salt in Coop. It's Coop for goodness sakes. The whole point of Coop is to try new things, test builds, run through mission chains quickly. People actually get triggered by anything at all in Coop? I mean, all it is is a bunch of bots who charge bow on at the nearest cap as quickly as possible. Even yoloing like an idiot I can still take out out two or three ships before dying. It's not meant to be taken seriously. Apologies if that sounds elitist to dedicated Coop players.
  11. KaptainKaybe

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    Oh absolutely. It's not snarky as I see it all the time, especially in regards to the CV rework where even a tiny bit of a threat to some players results in massive rage filled posts. Bias is bias. But in this case, we're just comparing stats. Side by side with other ships on pure ship values alone, she's comparatively weak. Not saying she needs some giant buffs to be OP. I just wish to see her get the same treatment as a bunch of other ships that were underperforming. There were buffs to ships that were not even that needed. I love Hood and she's my favorite ship, and even I don't think she *needed* the sigma buff when ships like Blys are untouched, know what I mean?
  12. KaptainKaybe

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    "Without Support" being the keyword here. And even there, it's very sketchy. Montana has crazy strong AA, so only way that Montana didn't shred more planes is likely due to having received substantial HE spam prior to that attack. But most of the time, now, battleships are being escorted by cruisers, as they should be, and creating an absolute block against lower tier carriers. And even equal tier carriers may still lose more planes than is worth it. Now if Wargaming wishes to balance out carriers so that they are only really effective against a ship with half it's AA mounts available, that's fine ... but then they need to noticeably buff plane damage output since all of that damage can only be applied at the end of the battle and needs to somehow be a game changer. But when most of your team dies in the first 10 minutes of the match and there's absolutely nothing you can do but spot, that's a problem.
  13. KaptainKaybe

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    Seriously, Wargaming. Why is this not a thing? Absolutely everyone here and on Reddit has told you this needs to happen and yet this ship was completely overlooked in the recent round of buffs to a bunch of ships a month back. This is not just a few loud voices here. This is not just "the DD mafia". This ship NEEDS buffs and nearly everyone agrees. And now you create an event so players can get a nice new camo for it. Not with increased stats, mind you. Just another regular premium camo for a very underwhelming ship. Let's compare: - Worst concealment at tier 7. Tied with Minsk, a pure gunboat. - Some of the worst guns at her tier. Yes, I know this is incredibly dissonant to folks who bought her when she released years ago, but in that time, new DDs were added and existing DDs were buffed. Blys has a good alpha, but her DPM drops off when compared to nearly everything else. She does 110k HE dpm. In contrast, Leningrad and Minsk do 114k with much more accurate shells at long range (Blys has great initial shell velocity, but 120s are notoriously floaty at range). Mahan does 162k now (hell of a buff, guys!). Sims *only* does 130k, lol. Akatsuki does 103k, nearly as much, and she's an IJN DD and not an especially notorious one. - So so torps at best. She has six of them. SIX. And they are fairly slow and don't hit especially hard. And an 8km range when your boat has a 6.8km concealment. Sure, guys, whatever. - Most sluggish DD at tier 7 due to that rudder. Doesn't have Hydro or anything of the sort, so close range duels with other DDs often ends in disaster as she can't reliably thread enemy torpedoes. But hey ... at least she's fast, right? No, not the fastest by any stretch. Just faster than average. Can we please stop overlooking this boat, maybe?
  14. KaptainKaybe

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    *Completely* useless? All carriers tiers 4 through 8. Borderline useless because of massive power creep at her tier turning a once great DD into a port queen for most? Blyskawica, without a doubt. I have NO IDEA why this ship was passed over in the rounds of buffs a few months back. Folks have been clamoring for buffs on this ship for years.
  15. KaptainKaybe

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    A) Never ever happens when a carrier is up tiered unless that carrier was AFK or something. B) Even top tier carriers have to play *extremely* conservative to have full squads at the end of the match. That means having very little impact in the early and mid game. You know what other ships have offensive power that can be rendered mostly or completely ineffective if they take hits? None. No other ship type at all. Sure, turrets can be disabled, but it's very very rare for them to be flat out destroyed unless RNG really takes a dump on you. When it comes to planes, it's pretty much defacto. You use planes to attack? It means less planes to attack later. Period.