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  1. AFT was already weak as an AA skill due to most damage coming from continuous. But now, there's no mid range flak anymore. In fact, flak is greatly weakened in general except when DFAA is being used. So why hasn't AFT been changed to reflect this?
  2. Hearing "You are the last hope!" when the enemy team still has eight ships left. Happens a lot. A lot.
  3. KaptainKaybe

    why is detonation a mechanic

    Because Jutland happened? HIstory is rife with powder rooms getting hit and ships blowing up dramatically.
  4. KaptainKaybe

    USN DD commander builds

    Still working on my last three points. I'm going for: PT AR, LS SE, SI (although I might take BFT instead ... undecided) CE, RL
  5. KaptainKaybe

    There's only one problem with the new AA

    Because of the overlap mechanic, long range AA will do less than damage than previously, while AA at close range can do very significant damage. Also, please do note that AA prior to today was WAY overtuned, and playing any carriers lower than tier 10 was an exercise in frustration.
  6. From what I saw on the patch notes, it seems VERY underwhelming as a 4 point skill. But maybe that's just me.
  7. KaptainKaybe

    AFT vs BFT

    BFT is currently much better than AFT for AA. Only time you'd want to take AFT is if you're in a destroyer, or if you're in a BB with good secondaries.
  8. KaptainKaybe

    Changing my goals!

    I hear you, man. Recently picked up Republique. After 8 games, I'm at 116k average damage, 2 to 1 K/D ... and still only won 25% of those matches as the rest of my team just collapses quickly all the damn time. I really love being chased by a half dozen enemy ships when everyone else died but me. /s
  9. KaptainKaybe

    At the risk of provoking envy...

    Did you get this ship from a Twitch crate ... or was this just dropped into your account? Also, grats!
  10. KaptainKaybe

    Changing my goals!

    It's bloody irritating, yes. But alas, nothing can be done if matchmaking puts you on a team straight off the short bus. Still good for your own pride, XP, and credits to do your best to try and win, mind you.
  11. KaptainKaybe

    Do You Even Need Manual Secondary Fire Control?

    Well, unless the game starts freely handing out 19 point commanders, it'll have to do ;)
  12. KaptainKaybe

    Do You Even Need Manual Secondary Fire Control?

    Well, range is relative. Even if you're secondaries are long range, you can still just close the range to make them more accurate. Personally, I rarely like pure secondary spec as it typically relies on skipping CE ... and CE is so damn strong a skill to have as it means you can close the range a bit further before firing. Not to mention being able to break vision sooner if needed. Hence why I prefer hybrid builds. Although truth be told, I think I'll get rid of BFT in favor of BOS whenever there's another free respec (19 point captains are, alas, quite pricey to respec). I also prefer hybrid builds as I generally only have a single 19 point captain per nation per type. For example, my Mass captain is also used on Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Texas ... and Montana. On the latter, I actually use the secondary range upgrade in slot 3 as the only other usable upgrade is the AA one which, frankly, sucks and sucks hard. I think too many people focus on all or nothing builds that focus heavily on one aspect of a ship at the complete detriment of the other. It's why even on German BBs, where I DO take MFCS and no concealment, I don't grab IFHE so that I can fit AR and BOS. AR especially is too damn good a skill to skip unless absolutely necessary.
  13. KaptainKaybe

    USN vs IJN CVs

    Another significant difference is that USN planes are tougher to shoot down, whereas IJN planes (and the carriers) are very stealthy. It's actually a pain to spot IJN carriers unless you take planes or DDs and push up quite far. The planes themselves can also often spot BBs without themselves being spotted.
  14. KaptainKaybe

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    CVs are the only real counter to DDs, so even if top tier CVs are reduced to slow biplanes with monkeys throwing feces in random directions, many will still complain, hoping that Wargaming will pull CVs completely from the game. In vain, of course. Honestly, when I play DDs these days, CVs are merely a nuisance, not a threat. CVs are in bad shape currently. Maybe now is the time to stop bashing on them, at least until they are buffed again, yes?
  15. New Conq is very strong now, but no longer idiot proof. But while Conq is still much tankier than Yoshino could ever hope to be, Yoshino guns are MUCH more reliable at long range. Conqs firing out at max range and landing anything is pure fluke.