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  1. Is Roma worth it?

    Incredibly fun to play, but guns are way inaccurate. Needs a sigms buff.
  2. Roma Needs Some Love

    Honestly, she just needs her testing sigma 1.9 back. Her inaccuracy is her only real flaw, so fix that a bit and she'll be fine.
  3. A few days ago, I saw a forum post so asinine, so trollish, it made me go "Hey, he's just like that guy ... damnit, what was his name??" I remember now. Stay awesome, Kaa1el, lol
  4. My annoyance with this nerf is not because she didn't need one (she did), but because they didn't buff all the other ships in the tech tree that are still underperforming first. USN CVs are still not great in general, even if they are better than before (except for Essex which is noticeably worse off). Main problem is this focus on these *incredibly* inconsistent AP dive bombers that are devastating to a few select targets, while being useless against against everything else. They badly need to balance those out to be more reliable. Put simply, drop the alpha damage, but GREATLY drop the minimum armor to fuse the warhead so that all cruisers are susceptible. Cause right now, the cruisers that take the most damage are those with the BEST deck protection, not the worst.
  5. Kii's Kobayashi camo looks great. Roma's is fugly as hell.
  6. I got her this morning, without the ugly beer can camo. I've only played her once, so my observation is limited. I've found her to be exceptionally tanky when angled, but i found her guns very trolly. I got tons of overpens shooting at waterline broadside battleships nearby ... but then I citadelled a Yammy 15km away. If it were me, I'd have kept the original sigma of 1.9, but otherwise keep everything else the same.
  7. Can I shut off badges?

    There should absolutely be a way of disabling seeing badges on destruction in the options. It has absolutely no game play value and is only there for "Ha! I killed you ... look how much better I am than you with my super shiny elite badge!" I like badges for collection purposes. Not for bragging. That sh*t has to go.
  8. I can sorta understand why they did that, ever if I dislike it. Allowing easy access to players fighting bots in training rooms would nearly completely disincentivize playing in Co-Op as Co-Op is essentially a 'training room' for practicing gunnery in new ships. Absolutely no one plays Co-Op for credits or XP. They do it because they want to play against predictable easy bots rather than much more challenging other players. So allowing bots to have full functionality in the training room would just completely empty out Co-Op as a whole outside of operations.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Actually, while the guns are the big game changer, Musashi also has a tier 10 health pool ... at tier 9. And even with the elevated citadel, when angled, she's nearly functionally immune to all damage due to not only having a ton of armor to protect against battleship AP, but also thicker armor plating to be mostly immune to HE damage as well. Add in Fire Protection and you have a ship that can tank for ages ... unless she's caught in a close range cross fire. Hence why you follow the same rule as you would in Yamato: don't brawl unless you have to. She's a solid ship and very very strong at tier 9. Her only drawback is she offers absolutely nothing new in terms of gameplay other than the fact that she's a premium with premium earnings.
  10. Honestly, I've very excited only for Richelieu. I have zero plans of grinding past her unless they release the Jean Bart as a premium. And if Richelieu itself ends up as the premium instead of Gascogne, then I'll just pick her up and not grind the line at all. Will save me the effort of grinding a dedicated BB captain when I can just use my French cruiser captain in her like I do Dunkerque. Of course, I may just change my mind once that special french captain comes out. Or if they ever change the battleship France to be all forward gun turret setup (which will never happen at this point). I already have two tier 10 battleships, and am tier 7 and tier 8 in the other two lines. Don't really feel an immense need to grind out a new BB line at the moment.
  11. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Perhaps, but in the end, is 750k XP really worth spending on a ship you already have just for the possibility of wrecking tier 7 ships? Again, not saying don't get it if you don't have the Free XP to spare. She IS a very good ship at tier 9. Just that it's not worth getting this premium if you don't already have that kind of spare Free XP when you could get a Kii for half the price, zero grinding time investment, and comparable credit and XP gain. At least Missouri is unique and offers something other USN BBs don't in the form of Radar, not to mention the crazy credit earning potential. In fact, I'd strongly encourage players who are just on the cusp of getting that 750k Free XP to hurry up and get a Missouri before she's gone rather than grab Musashi.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    I find the problem with Musashi, in terms of being a hefty Free XP premium, is she doesn't really bring anything interesting to the table for dedicated IJN players. Let's be honest ... no one will grind out 750k XP on an IJN BB if they don't already play IJN BBs quite a bit. It was the same for Missouri. No one grinded out Missouri if they didn't already play USN BBs regularly. It's a huge time and money investment to waste on a 10 point captain. So in nearly all cases, a player who might have incentive to get Musashi probably ALSO has a Yamato, or is very close to getting one. And therein lies the issue. There are some hardcore, heavily invested players with 10000 games under their belt who might have multiple 19 point captains in the same tech tree. But for most, myself included, they might have one 19 point captain in one tech tree ship in that line that they share with premium ships. With a little over 2000 games under my belt, I have a single 19 point captain (USN BB) and a bunch of 17-18 point captains spread across different nations and tech trees. And naturally, for the vast majority of tech trees I enjoy most, I either have those captains in Tier 10 ships, or soon will. And that won't change unless I'm doing competitive (never happens) where I might want to put that captain into a tier 6-8 ship instead for a short bit. So let's compare: Montana Captain in Missouri: Montana and MIssouri play differently from one another. Montana is a tanky beast with sick broadside power. Missouri is a very fast radar focused support battleship (really, let's be honest, she plays more like a battlecruiser) designed for assisting in caps and flanking enemies. Obviously, both are USN BBs and are not like night and day, but they are distinct enough to offer something unique and offering a little variety. Plus, as many have observed, Missouri makes mad credits. Yamato Captain in Musashi: *ZERO* difference in playstyle. They are the same exact ship, minus some accuracy, secondary power, and AA. And even with the difference in AA, neither ship has decent enough AA to matter, so it's not like you'd see a difference like you would with between Yamato and Kii. I have Kii with the Kobayashi camo. It's a great ship and I really enjoy playing her. Plus she prints really good credits and XP and as you said, is actually better than Musashi for grinding. So in the end, why would anyone feel the need to get Musashi if they have the Yamato, unless they are unicum players with millions of Free XP already lying around? Not saying Musashi won't be very strong at Tier 9. She absolutely is OP at that tier. But she's basically just a downtiered clone of the current IJN BB pinnacle and if a player has a choice between playing Yamato and Musashi, especially if they (most likely) have the premium camo on the Yamato, why would they feel ANY incentive to play Musashi unless they are just that flat broke in terms of credits? That's where interest in getting Musashi just tanks, especially given that XP cost. Musashi needed to have something unique, like Defensive Fire to make her very weak AA cause bomber panic. Or maybe a different armor layout so that she needs to angle a little differently. Or *anything* really. But she doesn't. And this makes her a boring ship for a player who already has a Yamato captain and other IJN BB premiums. TL;DR: If you have a TON of Free XP just lying around, go nuts and get her. If you don't, just skip her. Use that Free XP to get something truly unique like a Nelson. Or save it to blow past the stock modules on a ton of tech tree ships.
  13. Radared through mountains

    For anyone citing realism , please understand that while realistic ballistics and armor performance are used, it is still a fundamentally arcadey game where ships have hit points and a single fire burning on deck can kill you. In terms of game limitation ... maybe? It's pretty obvious that things like Hydro and Radar essentially affect assured spotting ranges, and those always work through smoke and all obstacles. But I suspect it's that way also for game purposes. Otherwise, they'd be kind of useless if they had those ranges but only worked with line of sight. Unless you want to bring realism into play in which cases radar depends on line of sight, but also can spot everything anywhere on the map. Also, why do new threads about radar line of sight keep cropping up every week or so. Can't anyone just use the search function and comment on one of the ridiculously numerous existing threads?
  14. Arizona Thoughts?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that reload. Never did quite understand why New Mex and Arizona get 35 second reloads, while the much more accurate at range Fuso gets a 28 second reload with the same calibre and number of guns. Granted, Fuso is easier to damage, but that still doesn't invalidate the the fact that it reloads 7 seconds faster
  15. I found FdG incredibly unpleasant to play after the awesomeness that is the Bismarck. So saying you're confused as to why you enjoy Izumo more than another POS ship wouldn't be unheard of. Getting my Kurfurst was a sigh of relief. Note: Izumo does have some good things going for it. It's belt armor is really thick, and it's shell velocity is very very high. I wouldn't brawl with it, but as a mid range sniper, she doesn't look half bad. Mind you, I'm currently at Amagi, so maybe I'll think differently once I actually reach the Izumo.