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  1. DDs in general are best here since they get a good deal of base xp from capping. And a good DD player can wreck other DDs and then torp big ships. In my experience, I've gotten by far the most base xp from playing DDs.
  2. KaptainKaybe

    Mikasa Secondary Gunners....we need to talk

    Mikasa's secondaries are not that bad. They are just really short range. On the other hand, her main guns are ridiculously inaccurate to the point of being able to completely straddle a target at point blank range. I save my Mikasa for coop and just charge in to let my secondaries kill targets since my big guns can't hit them.
  3. Tier 10 DDs are quite fat and very susceptible to AP salvos from smaller calibres. Basically, if a DD is showing it's side and not angled sharply, use AP. if you can. Although I don't blame you if you forget as I do so all the time.
  4. Quite simply: be aggressive. The Z-52 does not reward passive play at all, unlike the Z-46. If you're not comfortable being a bully, don't play this ship. You do need to be mindful of radar, but once you've accounted for those boats and they have either been taken out of the picture or are on the other side of the map, then push like mad. 6km hydro is no joke when dealing with DDs. You can push into a cap and turn it into a no man's land for other DDs by simply sitting in smoke and shooting at everything that tries to inch forward. Just as long as radar is no longer an issue. If there's a radar boat nearby, ping the ever living <bleep> out of it for your team to shoot at. Meanwhile, you can use your quick reloading torps and toss them into smokes and choke points to cause floods and force DCPs.
  5. KaptainKaybe

    Thanks WG - free Z-23 permacamo

    Z-23 is such a good ship, especially since the hydro buff. Nice get!
  6. KaptainKaybe

    Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    USN cruisers lob behind islands because they can. Wouldn't you? When it comes to the heavies, they can move out in the open as long as no 16+ inch gun BB is aiming at them. Baltimore and up can bow tank 15 inch shells from ships like Bismarck and Alsace.
  7. KaptainKaybe

    Premium Tier VIII USN CA: Wichita

    Wichita has 5k less health, worse radar and noticeably worse AA. In exchange, she gets 1k better concealment and a smaller profile. DPM and armor on both is exactly the same. She's not overpowered. Her stealth is sick, but if it were not, she'd be just a worse Baltimore in every way. I think she'll be very strong in the hands of players who enjoy ambush tactics and wrecking other cruisers, but for those who want to play standard USN tactics of sitting behind islands and lobbing shells while remaining unspotted, Baltimore will be better.
  8. KaptainKaybe

    HMS Daring: Day 1 first Impressions.

    Incidently, how floaty are those shells? I know the 120s are horrid at long range.
  9. KaptainKaybe

    HMS Daring: Day 1 first Impressions.

    Regarding IFHE, the Daring/Jutland AP shells have the exact same characteristic as RN CL shells but in smaller calibre. And RN CLs don't exactly have trouble shredding anything. Granted, light cruiser AP will have better penetration at range. Without IFHE, the 113s can't pen anything all at those tiers. That being said, their high fire chance and batsh*t rate of fire means lighting multiple fires would be absolutely trivial. So on bigger ships, use the HE to light fires, and once two or three are lit up (post DCP), switch to AP and shred the superstructure. That's something Mino can't do. This is theory for me right now, mind you. Still grinding up the Jervis.
  10. KaptainKaybe

    Do the 150's have 1/4 pen?

    It would be unbelievably awesome if they did, but alas no.
  11. KaptainKaybe

    The Rise And Rise Of Russian Premiums

    Russian premiums are no more common than any other nation. In fact, if there's any nation and line guilty of too much, it's USN battleships. That being said, a premium british light cruiser is baaaaadly needed. Belfast has been permanently retired, and even then, it doesn't play at all like the tech tree ships.
  12. KaptainKaybe

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    I find the problem with most complainy types is that they don't offer any suggestions on new gameplay and instead only ask to keep the *obviously broken* status quo. There *are* problems with the new test model, notably the lack of fine control over the carrier and fighters, as well as the whole AA quadrant system, but anything is better than the high skill floor and overpowered mess that is the currently live version.
  13. KaptainKaybe

    Wichita - no angle?

    Welcome to USN heavy cruiser AP. It's wonderful and soaked in salty tears.
  14. KaptainKaybe

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    Torpedo bulge bit is a big problem. Only ever doing overpens on DDs is a problem (it's already uncommon to full pen DDs as is unless they are bow on). The changes to CE, though, make complete sense.
  15. KaptainKaybe

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    This is a *horrible* idea. At least the way it's implemented above. If for balancing purposes, WG wants to reduce the chance for DDs to take regular AP pen damage from BBs, fine. Reduce, not remove. I play a mix of BBs and DDs. At high tiers, it's pretty exclusively DDs. I've seen both ends. And my impression as a DD is that I am already not that afraid of BB AP. Yes, it happens once in a while, but that's typically because I'm charging at them or away from them. Regular AP pens when I'm broadside is rarely a thing. And remember ... DDs don't have citadels. So BB AP is effectively their version of taking a citadel and punishes bad play by going bow on to a BB just as going broadside in a cruiser or battleship will punish those. *Knowing* BB AP can't do more than overpens on me, regardless of the angle, turns BBs into a complete non threat. Facing BBs, especially if I'm full health as a DD, would become 100% risk free. I charge a BB at my stealth range, he sees me, for some miraculous reason, his turrets are aimed at me and ready to fire ... he hits me with half his shells (let's be honest here ... no BB lands all their shells on a DD even at close range), I lose a third of my life, and then I end him. There's zero challenge for the DD. And BBs switching to HE to deal with a single just now spotted DD on a 30 second reload? /rollseyes You want to help DDs? Tweak consumables like radar so they are not so insta-deadly for DDs in range. DDs are the rogue class of the game. Deadly while invisible, fragile when spotted. Except they aren't that fragile, are they? Cruisers are MUCH more vulnerable targets when spotted. Even BBs, who's poor concealment and turning circles make them easy to hit targets. I feel *very* safe when I play a DD already. This change just makes it easy for me and much much harder for battleships.