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  1. A single commander can be trained on ONE (1) tech tree ship, and can used on that ship plus any premium ship you have of that specific nation, even different ship types.
  2. If you're lucky, WG will do Santa Crates like last year. BEST EVENT EVER. I got both Gremy and Nikolai from those, both of which are also discontinued ships, so perhaps you'll get a Konig Albert. Although not sure they'll do that again. It was perhaps TOO GOOD a deal ;)
  3. There was no option for 'All 3', so I selected 'Other'. All of these are really good ships. That being said, tier 6 kinda gets s**t on these days due to matchmaking, so I'd recommend Alabama. She's a lot of fun and very agile for a ship at her tier.
  4. The current spotting mechanic is fine as it rewards teamwork. The upcoming smoke changes are a good idea also. Quit complaining about one of the few really solid aspects of the game.
  5. Honestly, I was a bit lukewarm with her. But my problem is I'm biased because of the Warspite, a premium QE in the game since beta. And the Warspite is simply a better ship in absolutely every way other than AA, main battery range, and HE damage. So every time I took out the tech tree QE, I tried to play her like the Warspite and she just felt extraordinarily sluggish, inaccurate, with weak penning guns. In the end, I couldn't mentally reconcile those differences and I Free XPed to the KGV ... which so far I am liking.
  6. It should be noted that with both the increase in BB HE, as well as the change in smoke making it useless to BBs, the meta for the last two years is going to change *dramatically*. I don't think a lot of people are happy re-learning their tactics.
  7. The reason people are crying out and gnashing their teeth is because of how strong BB HE can be. But here's a fact ... it's *always* been strong. A full broadside of HE from a Montana will light you up like mad too. Only difference is that RN BB HE is stronger to compensate for the weaker pen on their AP. But HE has always been an option for BBs. It's just that they preferred using AP because of the damage *potential* seeing as AP alpha is typically double HE alpha. Now I personally do think that RN BB HE has perhaps a too high a chance of causing fires, but when you take into account natural fire resistance by tier, it's a lot less of a different than people think. At tier 10, ships have a 50% reduction to catching fire, so the difference between a 36% fire chance and a 48% fire chance is in fact just the difference between 18% and 24%. The reason it seems so assured to happen is because multiple BB calibre shells are hitting the target at once, and odds are at least one of them will napalm the deck. In the end, though, as Lert and others have noted, RN BB's win rate is on par with others for the same exact reason that HE damage farming cruisers don't win games: Enemy ships are not sinking fast like they would with a devastating AP barrage. Sure, it may be burning from three fires ... but in the time it takes those fires to kill it, that BB will have had a chance to wreck your cruiser buddies ... or a broadside BB. Do remember that RN BBs have, other than the main belt, very weak armor. People hate being on fire. Don't get me wrong ... it sucks. But good BB players already know not to hit the damage control button right away when on fire. The purpose of fire on BBs is not to instantly kill them. It's to scare them off because of the continued pressure. But a good BB player can often keep their cool, let fires burn long enough to sink an enemy ship or two, and then disengage behind an island and heal back that damage fully.
  8. You mean when your team lemming trains on one side of the map in Standard and gets flanked by half the enemy team parking in your base? Why that neeeeeeever happens
  9. Roland Emmerich? So the ocean will boil, Midway Island will spontaneously explode, and the US will only win that battle because aliens attacked all the japanese zeros?
  10. First off, it IS critically important to score caps right from the start if you can. Caps tick points, and in close games, those points from capping can be the difference between winning and losing. Now obviously if you have a strategy to recapture it *right away*, that's fine. But the vast majority of players who don't care about capping at the start typically don't consider capping later either. Destroyers need to be supported and defended at all costs. They are by far the single most critical ships to winning matches in Domination, and typically, those teams with good DD supporting teamwork will win 90% of the time. That being said, a DD who solo yolo charges into a cap and doesn't immediately turn around when he sees a radar cruiser nearby is just asking to be killed. But the moment a radar cruiser is spotted within radar range of a capture point, the whole team needs to focus him down ASAP. Remember that DDs are the single most important type in Domination, and you should be doing absolutely everything in your power to keep them safe. Assuming, again, they don't yolo across the map or go chasing after carriers instead of capping. Then you can safely let them rot for not playing to the objectives. But if you see your DDs pushing into caps nearby, you are obligated to support them. It's not bloody optional in Domination. As for farming damage ... listen, damage is indeed important. But damage in a way that doesn't further objectives is @#$%!@#$% stupid and selfish. Too often I've seen cruisers lob HE at far away battleships instead of firing on cruisers and destroyers pushing into caps. They seem to forget that *killing* the enemy is FAR more important than simply trying to burn down a ship that can heal it all back. Cruisers are there to support. They are support ships. If they don't understand what supporting means, they need to stop playing that type. Period. Also, XP is calculated based on % of enemy ship health they zap, not total damage for a reason. Doing 20k to a DD is much much more important than 20k fire damage to a battleship. Yes, battleships are dangerous, but unless several teammates are focusing that battleship, or that battleship is so low on health that you can kill it in one or two salvos, leave it the frak alone and focus your fire on DDs and cruisers. Simply put ... farming damage for the sake of farming damage is selfish. Winning is *everything* because everyone on your team benefits from winning, and if you as a player are not dedicated to that very goal, you should stop playing this game. Period. Losing is not fun for anyone. P.S: I absolutely agree that players who solo yolo and immediately die because they way overextended before any teammates could back them up, and then immediately spend the rest of the match whining in chat are a miserable pain.
  11. I had tried cruisers early on and sucked hard at them due to the aforementioned overly aggressive nature. So I did some destroyer and a lot of battleship play. Now I'm doing cruisers again and find myself MUCH better at them. I love Des Moines and Hindenburg (especially the latter, oh my god love that ship). In fact, while I prefer BBs in mid tiers, at tiers 9 and 10, I much prefer playing cruisers due to the fact that BBs become A LOT more sluggish at high tiers, whereas cruisers all get a heal at those tiers. My advise for cruisers? Stay at long range and support with HE early on. Hug your BBs if there's CVs in the match to cover them with AA if you have Defensive Fire. Either way, weave and dodge like mad and DO NOT STAY STILL. The goal is to take out any enemy BBs on your flank. Plus any DDs that get spotted. Once they are dealt with, and all the other enemy BBs have been spotted and are busy elsewhere, push and push hard with your cruiser to claim the cap and sweep it clear of DDs and other cruisers. Afterwards, keep pushing until you can flank the enemy BBs and cruisers so they have to deal with firepower on both sides and sending them into a panic when they realize they can't turn their guns fast enough to deal with both sides. Doing the above, I find I tend to win more than not unless my whole team potatoes hard on my flank. tl;dr: stay at long range and lob HE in early game. Push hard and flank later. Focus DDs that show themselves always. EDIT: Exception to not staying still - If you're playing a cruiser with slow shells, you can get in closer and stay behind an island to lob shells over it. Just be aware that if you get spotted, a good player can and will shoot at you back over said island.
  12. Roon is a solid ship ... BUT ... I too had troubles with the Roon simply because I found her boring. Her rate of fire and her ability to bait long range fire is amazing. Roon's problem is she is best at either running away or long range shelling, but she suffers when it comes to brawling or charging a target due to having only a single forward facing turret and only four torpedoes to a side, compared to the six on Hipper/Eugen and the eight on Hindenburg. So I myself did indeed free XP past her after having played her a while simply because I was just bored. Playing Roon felt more like I was playing a russian long range spammer than the brawling monsters that Hipper and Hindy can be due to their armor layout, torpedoes, and significantly better AP penetration up close. All that being said, whether you free XP or not, Hindy is absolutely a worthy prize. She is by far my favorite ship in the game, and that's saying something from someone who has spent most of his WoWS career being a battleship main. Advice: Grab CE on her captain, but use the propulsion mod + the 40% rudder shift mod on her rather than the concealment mod. Makes that ship MUCH more agile than most people think she can be.
  13. Obvious troll is obvious
  14. The ship was used at Bikini Atoll because her propulsion kept failing and they had already ripping out the technology on the ship for study. It had nothing to do with it's rate of fire. Please remember that the rate of fire you see in game, and the rate of fire in real life are not the same thing. Game RoF is set for balance purposes. Don't use in game revisionist thinking when describing a ship's *real life* capabilities. PE had a better rate of fire than the Baltimore class cruisers ... which was reflected in the game until they buffed the Balti's rate of fire without touching the PE's.
  15. The 7% tighter dispersion isn't going to help that. At all. That's due to the floaty shells not being able to reliably hit a small moving target at that range unless they are sailing in a straight line for the over 10 or 15 seconds it takes for the shells to arrive.