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  1. The most humiliating way to die...

    Oh i've done that enough times. And it is indeed most embarrassing. Last time that happened, I was in my Z-39 on Trap. Was concealed around 10km from a BB doing a number on my teammates coming in from C. So I decided to go into run and gun mode and opened up to try and create a (weak) cross fire and hopefully make that BB panic a little seeing a DD to the side. And all of 2 seconds after I started firing, I get the warning that I'm about to hit a a landmass. I had once again forgotten that there's an island in the middle of B on that map, lol. I had already used my smoke and basically grounded myself and got killed in short order.
  2. Dummies Guide to the USS Sims

    Don't use the long range torps to target a specific ship. It doesn't work. Instead, use it for area denial at choke points. Or to force enemy ships to turn into them if doing so exposes their sides to battleship guns. I'm lukewarm in this ship. Super duper agile, but I feel she needs at least a small buff, possibly to her health pool and/or concealment. The Kidd at tier 8 is a MUCH better premium DD option. As in a totally different league of awesome.
  3. Follow-up To "I Got My T10!"

    LOL, no one is defending anything. We're just telling you how it is. It's something we're all aware of ;)
  4. Follow-up To "I Got My T10!"

    LOL, welcome to tier 10! It's really pricey to play at this tier ... and it used to be MUCH worse, too. I buy the premium camo on all my tier 10s, which is an absolute waste of doubloons for sure as I don't play that all that much. I just do it so I don't have to feel guilty playing them ;)
  5. Premium Ship Review #100

    Oh jesus, Mouse, you nearly gave me a heart attack, lol
  6. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    The problem with people who post these threads is that they lack a fundamental understanding of WHY the rework is necessary. It can be summed up in two easy points: 1) The CV skill floor and skill ceiling is absurdly high 2) CVs have a disproportionate amount of influence on a match's success or failure compared to any other ship type. It used to be that almost no one played CVs, notably after the introduction of strafing. And then Wargaming removed manual drops and strafes from tiers 4 and 5 and now a TON of players play CVs at those tiers .... and then sharply drop off above it. This has nothing to do them not knowing how to play manual and everything to do with them enjoying playing a type with a moderate skill floor, and then suddenly realizing that the type they are playing is MUCH HARDER than they originally thought. Many players know the *mechanics* of CV play quite well. But there is a big difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it. High tier CV play is micro hell and you need *significantly* greater levels of focus and mental processing than any other type *by far*. Not only that, but even a small skill difference between two opposing CV players means one can and will run all over the other one due to strafing control. On top of that, CVs have much greater influence over a match's success than any other type. No other type can spot ships risk free like a CV can. It's kind of a miserable pain playing a DD without Defensive Fire and having a single fighter squad hovering over your head for several minutes. No other type can fly around enemy ships and then one shotting lone battleships regardless of angling like a CV can. Now don't get me wrong ... CVs should absolutely be strong. But they should not be stronger by a large margin than all other ship types which is currently the case. THAT is why the rework and overhaul is necessary. Because while it should reward skill, it should not be this much more difficult for WoWs player to play well. And it should have a power level and influence on par with the other ship types. Unless you can find a solution to both of these, then please stop posting threads saying the rework is not necessary.
  7. question about IFHE on secondaries

    While I'd go manual secondaries + AFT on french battleships, I wouldn't go so far as to use IFHE. The reason why IFHE works well on german battleship secondaries is because they have improved pen on their HE from 128mm and up. So IFHE on a Kurfurst means *all* it's secondaries can tear into high tier battleship 32mm plating with ease whereas IFHE on Republique means those 127mm ones can still only hurt cruisers even if the 152s with IFHE will damage BBs. On the other hand, french secondaries have absolutely absurd fire chance on them compared to the german ones, and I wouldn't want to mess with that fire chance given the choice. So I figure those four points would be best spent elsewhere, for example CE ... or having the points to take both Adrenalin Rush and Expert Marksman on the special french commander.
  8. Hehe, I'm not sure how much I 'get it' even now after 2400 battles. In terms of game mechanics, I know them backwards and forwards, no problem. Where my problem lies is in map awareness. I've thankfully stopped with the tunnel visioning and yolo rushing, but I'll still often find myself moving to a section of the map ... and then only realize a few minutes later that I put myself in a bad spot where I didn't expect the enemy to appear.
  9. We know that CVs will float and they may or may not have aircraft.
  10. Hmm, not bad. The 40% base secondary accuracy means that it might be viable with a regular USN BB commander and not a specialized secondary build commander.
  11. The problem is not with AP bombs. It's with GZ AP bombs exclusively. The USN AP bomb range is, I believe, 70 - 170mm, so it's barely usable on most targets and you'll hear a lot of USN CV players complaining about this. Graf Zeppelin's AP, on the other hand, has this giant window where it can multi-citadel virtually every cruiser or battleship it comes across which is way too powerful. On top of that, it has a perfectly circular drop pattern, so it's not like you can turn your ship to reduce the drop area. The only defense against those bombers is having AA powerful enough to reduce the number of bombers that reach you, or being supported by a cruiser with Defensive Fire to increase the drop circle and pray that RNG throws you a bone. Basically, they took an overly weak ship on initial release and then tweaked it so that it's grossly OP now. F*cking GG, Wargaming.
  12. ^ This. It's my USN BB captain build. Only difference between this and my DM build is that I swapped out BFT for DE because of the lack of carriers at high tiers. But otherwise, it's a good universal build for both USN battleships and heavy cruisers. USN BBs and cruisers have monstrous mid range AA. May as well spec for what they are good at.
  13. What's wrong with Z-39?

    Z-39 is basically a Z-23 with Gaede guns at tier 7. Not great DPM, but it more than makes up for it with it's gigantic health pool and great concealment. And it's torps are the same as Maass which is to say more than decent at that tier. Z-39 is not meant for 1v1 dueling with other destroyers without support. But when both DDs have support from their respective teams, Z-39 will easily outlast opposing DDs. And because of her concealment, she can easily outspot other tier 7 DDs to allow her supporting team to start shelling that DD. Against cruisers and battleships, she is simply better than the competition since she has the kind of health pool to survive getting spotted by them.