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  1. KaptainKaybe

    Another 30%

    I honestly don't see the point to those discount coupons if they are so restrictive. I got a 20% coupon myself that went to waste. - I need doubloons. No go. - I could use some economic signal flags. No go as even the cheap packages are 'discounted' - Crates would be ... nevermind. - Ooo, how about some of these brand new premium shi ... nope. In the end, the choices available were either premium time (I still have almost a year remaining), or the one or two permanently in store premium ships I don't own and really don't want, like DoY.
  2. If you ask me, secondaries need to be changed so that they have much less range, but much better accuracy. I don't think they should be able to smack around ships 11km away ... but should absolutely rip apart DDs spotted at point blank range so that DDs can't just yolo charge a battleship without paying a heavy price.
  3. KaptainKaybe

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    This ship better be 750k FXP like the previous ships and not 1m. That would definitely be too rich for my blood as I don`t have a huge ton of FXP banked and would need to convert some ship XP. Still waiting on the next 35 to 1 XP conversion sale to happen as it's been a while. Overall, by cruiser standards (as she`ll take up a cruiser slot), she appears quite strong. Her guns take 100% longer to reload compared to most T9 cruisers ... but her AP and HE dpm are not all that bad, especially when you consider significantly better pen on both. Her HE can pen 50mm, which is a step up from the 33mm the 203s can usually hit. She also has great range compared to the other USN cruisers and you can easily fit the reload upgrade instead of the range upgrade.
  4. KaptainKaybe

    The HMS Hood, Should i get her

    Actually, she does very well when uptiered against 15 or 16 inch gun ships due to her generalized belt armor. This means that while angled at 30 degrees, it's easy to bait big guns into shooting at her sides and bouncing harmlessly. You just have to make really sure that you don't just go bow on where they'll have nowhere else to shoot but the 25mm plating. I easily tank tier 8 and 9 battleships in this thing. They really seem to love shooting my sides even when I'm angled.
  5. KaptainKaybe

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    I hid my stats long ago. Not because my stats are bad (51.5% solo win rate in Randoms), but because losing REALLY bothered me as it reflected on my public stats. Not having them displayed just saved me some massive headaches as I raged a bit less than before when my team potatoed hard or lemming trained. But alas, stat shamers do indeed exist. Ignore them unless they are actually offering constructive criticism.
  6. KaptainKaybe

    The HMS Hood, Should i get her

    Hood is an amazing ship if you know how to play her. She's my favorite ship to play, in fact. Very resistant to HE spam, very resistant to AP volleys when angled. Her guns have weak pen, but have that incredible USN CA style improved auto bounce angles, meaning she can shred even well angled ships. She absolutely shines against german BBs, *especially* Scharnhorst. I loooove seeing enemy Scharnhorsts on the enemy team when playing this ship. Her accuracy is ... interesting. She only has a 1.8 sigma on 8 guns, which is meh, but her base dispersion is really good, so she'll still land more shells than not. She's also very fast and fairly responsive on the rudder.
  7. KaptainKaybe

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    I still wish this ship had a smoke generator. There are times where you *can't* be dashing around at 54 knots, especially when supporting a capping attempt. The really sad part is I have a 20% coupon i can pretty much only use on this ship :/
  8. KaptainKaybe

    First look at a shipload of premiums (Flamu video)

    Heh, it's a Flamu vid. And it's trendy to bash on Flamu on these forums, regardless if he's right or wrong. It's why someone gave you a thumbs down for no reason. I'll check out the vid later. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Oh look ... something else I can't use my 20% off coupon on. Most restrictive coupon ever.
  10. KaptainKaybe

    RDF....is it worth the 4 pts ?

    Note that RPF can also act against you. Your target will know he's located ... and then just needs to look around his team to see what spots on the map are closest to himself rather than the rest of his team. Sometimes, it even allows to know a direction. Still worth taking, mind you.
  11. BFT and AFT is good for DDs and any ship with decent AA or secondaries. FP is useful *only* for battleships. I too would like to see a complete captain skill rework rather than just switching up the CV and AA ones.
  12. KaptainKaybe

    20% coupon - what can i even buy?

    I have the exact same problem. I got the coupon AFTER I purchased Vanguard. And that coupon isn't applicable to anything aside from non-discounted ships and premium time. And I have all the premiums ships available in the shop that I want. I might purchase DoY to complete my RN BB collection, but I'm sorta on the fence as it's not that good a ship. So right now, I have a coupon ready to be used and really hoping some new ship hits the shop tomorrow, lol. Otherwise, I might just get some premium time to add to the already years worth I have right now :/
  13. KaptainKaybe

    RDF....is it worth the 4 pts ?

    On most DDs, I consider it a must. On cruisers and battleships, less so.
  14. KaptainKaybe

    black tirpitz or black mass B?

    Actually, using the secondary upgrade and the BFT/AFT combo works really well for both secondaries and AA. Mass' secondaries are 40% more accurate than normal and I found myself landing quite a few sec hits despite not having manual secs.
  15. KaptainKaybe

    Dear WG!

    OP gets a free coupon for just playing the game. CREATES A NEW THREAD TO COMPLAIN that he can't use it despite the store having a ton of different payment options. Textbook definition of entitled behaviour.