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  1. What's the HE pen on her bombs?
  2. KaptainKaybe

    should I buy the first two doubloons boosters

    No. Those doubloon ones were only really valuable when the event first started since it gives you points over time. Buying them now would be a waste IMO.
  3. KaptainKaybe

    Cruiser armor? What armor?

    I'd basically buff the deck armor on all tier X heavy cruisers to 32mm, although I'd leave the upper belt at 30mm. It's all fine and good to have BBs that can punch through 30mm, but it gets old to get blapped by a Republique at every angle.
  4. Neither ship is amazing, but between the two, Kii is the way better ship. Roma is absolute garbage.
  5. KaptainKaybe


    Friesland shells are not too floaty 14+ km out?
  6. KaptainKaybe

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    It should be noted that while Yoshino does not have the improved pen angles that PR has, her actual AP pen is better. It's just that her HE is so strong that people forget she has AP. And as others have stated, Yoshino's dispersion is super tight like regular cruisers, whereas PR's dispersion is that of Kronshtadt's minus the battleship slaying AP pen or shell velocity..
  7. KaptainKaybe

    Must have T7 and T8 current premium ships?

    Hmmm ... Cruisers: Atago, Prince Eugen. Battleships: Scharnhorst, Hood (way way better than people realize), Mass, Tirpitz. Destroyers: Haida, Z39, Kidd, Cossack. Carriers: Enterprise.
  8. If someone really wants to spend an absurd amount of money on a single average at best ship, then let them. OP, you can get it in dockyard by spending way WAY too many doubloons for it. Or you can just get Alaska which costs less than half the price and is arguably a better ship due to more consistent guns and tiering.
  9. KaptainKaybe

    PSA: Forum Restructure

    Does this mean you'll put the Discussion about Warships section out of the Historical section and back into the General one? It's the forum where people go to ask specific questions about certain lines, and no one goes there to talk about history.
  10. KaptainKaybe

    Some of you wont like this, but its the reality of the world

    Businesses need to tread a fine line between profit and customer satisfaction. The latter is important as unhappy customers are customers that stop doing business with them, and hence won't buy anything at all. Wargaming came out with the most brutally impossible grind and cash grab in the history of the game... during the holidays when players are blowing money on gifts and spending time with family. So I'd say they are failing spectacularly hard at achieving that balance. I myself have lost interest in this game I love because of the increasingly grotesque monetization in the last year. I'm only on now to blow off snowflakes. But I haven't actually played in months previous because of how bitter I got at the excessive focus on crate gambling. And I'm a HUGE whale who has spent well over a grand (if not two) since launch on premium ships and doubloons. To put it into perspective, WG tossed me a 30% coupon a couple of days ago and I don't even want to use it. This coming from a guy used to throw his wallet at the screen anytime an interesting premium ship came out.
  11. Before Mid-January: "Yup! You can only get it during this event, either by grinding away your life, or forking over a mortgage payment" After Mid-January: "We noticed that very few players got this fantastic ship, so we'll be adding it as a coal ship in the armory in the next update!"
  12. As a general rule, money spent on Real Life(TM) is a better long term investment than that spent on digital goods tied to a single game. And in the case of spending on dates, you generally get ... more bang for the buck, heh. I'm a pretty big whale in this game and have easily spent in the four digits since game launch. And even I have my limits. 240 USD on a single ship that's just an imagined upgrade to an existing historical ship is way past that limit. As for the grind ... I have a job and a life that prevents me from playing the 14 hours a day for a straight month to get this ship for free. On top of it all, this is happening right in the middle of the holiday season which is already very busy and full of expenses! It's as if some lonely and bitter marketing executive wanted to send a giant f**k you to the community. I feel especially bad for WG's streamers like Fem and Conway. They are forced to keep a straight face and pretend this is fair when its likely they are raging and throwing chairs when the camera turns off.
  13. KaptainKaybe

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    I think Wargaming needs to realize that while many players are okay with spending time and money for a good ship, there IS a limit to both that most people are unwilling to commit to. In the case of the PR event, it's past that line. There have been similar events in the past that were nowhere near as greedy as this one. I'm indeed glad it's optional and that there's nothing about PR that makes her a must have to remain competitive.
  14. KaptainKaybe

    Unplayed Ships

    I have a bunch of ships I rarely play anymore, typically because they've been power crept hard and are in need of buffs. This includes ships like tech tree German DDs, Blyskawica, and until recently, German BBs. Then there are ships I *thought* I'd enjoy, but in the end don't, for example French cruisers (with the exception of DeGrasse which I love to this day).
  15. I have no interest in getting PR for a variety of reasons: - I have Alaska which is a better ship at tier 9 than PR is at tier 10. - I wish to have a life and not grind like a madman for a few weeks, ignoring everything else. - I have no desire to throw a car payment worth of cash to speed up said grind.