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  1. Nopers. EDIT: Actually, you're right. DIdn't see the HE bombs part. Odd, though. There's no reason HE should do more damage against those targets other than the fact they have worse AA.
  2. Basically, AP bombs need a minimum of armor to penetrate before they bomb fuse activates. In the case of the GZ, it's a fairly low amount, like 40 or 50mm. Plus the drop pattern is absolutely tiny. In the case of Enterprise, the fuse activates at 70mm of armor or higher. The reason why German BBs and some IJN BBs take more damage is because they have MORE deck and plating armor rather than less (sounds stupid because it is). The USN and RN BBs, using the all or nothing armor scheme, have heavy armor on their belt, but very little everywhere else. So the AP bombs don't fuse and just pass through the ship uselessly. The other problem with USN AP bombs on the Enterprise is that the drop pattern is long and narrow. So even if you get a perfect lined up drop, half the bombs will hit fore or aft, with only some of them hitting the centerline of the ship where the citadel is. GZ AP bombs (last I checked) have a very very tiny drop circle that doesn't even require manual dropping and who's placement is exactly middle of the ship. tl;dr: German AP bombs is FAR superior to USN AP bombs at this current stage. Note: Again, this is last I checked. I haven't been following the GZ development in the last couple of weeks, so not sure if it's the same as I when I last read up on it.
  3. Either way, I do hope they fix the minimum penetration values on the USN AP bombs soon. People were already complaining about the reliance on HE dive bombers before, but those HE dive bombers do much more damage to everything that's not German and carrying really big guns.
  4. Yup. I'm actually not sure why WG went the 1/1/2 route on Ranger and Lex instead of the *significantly* more viable 2/1/1 route. Especially given the poor state of the USN AP bombers as seen on the Enterprise (long narrow drop patterns and unable to citadel anything other than KM BBs). The AP bombs on the GZ are much much better in every way.
  5. Except that we said the same about CV premiums at the start of the year ... and then they released three of them. So I have no doubt that WG will be happy to release more premiums and even tech tree ships prior to this unicorn level myth that is the supposed CV overhaul.
  6. Worse guys are simply those don't care about winning or pushing the objectives. People who claim they play for 'fun' without realizing that helping their team lose all the time is not 'fun'.
  7. Yeah, I'm not sure why either. It doesn't make sense. Sure, AS should not be the only viable build ... but given the strength of USN fighters, AS should be at least an option. Otherwise, you run into too many 1/1/2 style builds that get stomped on by 3 fighter squad IJN carriers.
  8. Our experiences certainly taint our impressions. I was a god in the Benson. Smashed every DD i came across and ended the Benson with a 62% WR (my average is 52%). I was very much looking forward to the Fletcher. But suddenly I hit this ugly brick wall. I could not get a win in the Fletcher to save my life. I keep getting teams that refuse to push. In fact, in my last Fletcher game, while I was running around trying to cap alone, *8* out of the 12 ships in my team ran backwards from spawn and all sat in a clump together near the border being useless. I mean, just sitting there, not moving. I'd seen many potato teams, but nowhere near this bad. But that's overall my experience in the Fletcher, currently sitting at 37% WR after 27 matches. It's a cursed ship for me. But is it a bad DD? No, of course not. On paper, she's amazing. Everyone else says she's amazing. Me? Nothing but losses.
  9. Does iEarlGrey ever not have clickbait titles? I'm not a fan.
  10. Both are very aggressive. Bismarck is better at dealing with DDs and pushing caps. Tirpitz is better at dealing with other battleships. So take your pick based on which you prefer. That being said, Tirpitz is a premium and hence will offer better credit rewards, plus it has the ability to use any german captain rather than have one dedicated to itself like the Bismarck. So if your best captain is on the FdG or GK, then play the Tirpitz.
  11. I was debating whether or not to get this ship for a long while, but now I finally got it, played two games in it ... and OMGWTFBBQAWESOMESAUCE! I LOVE this ship. Her Repair Party alone is well worth the loss of half her torpedoes. The really strong AA is merely icing on the cake. Both times I played her so far, said Repair Party is what kept me alive till the end while I ran around capping and smacking other DDs in the face. Also helps that both games I played in had CVs who tried really hard (and failed) to sink me. If you like gunboating and dueling in caps, this is THE ship to get.
  12. The fact that USN CVs are getting balanced loadouts is great. The fact that USN CVs are getting ONLY one loadout is not.
  13. People keep talking about Radar as if it's absolutely everywhere and even a small fishing boat has it. Smoke is still supremely useful to DDs. it also provides a visual screen to your team, and although battleships can no longer fire their guns from smoke and remain invisible, once the 20 seconds is up, they'll disappear from view, even if they are just a few km away. It's still great for allowing your team to sneak a cap undetected as long as they are aware of their smoke firing spotting ranges. It's still great for protecting a teammate who's under heavy fire and trying to run.
  14. Picked it up. Played one game in it. Downed 11 Taiho planes before he stopped sending my way and I could finally cap twice. Very little damage done, lol. I like it, though. I burned through all my Repair Partys to keep me alive. Don't yet have SI on my 15 point USN DD captain. Curiously, while I have RPF on him, I'm actually thinking of getting rid of it. I find it incredibly distracting and it takes away from my usual DD approach of extreme paranoia and assuming that there's an enemy DD *everywhere*, lol. I played the next two games on the Blys and the Gaede and I was able to exert tremendous control without needing RPF. I'm actually thinking of going with this build for my USN DD captain. Still debating between Vigilance and BFT: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000000011010001010000000119
  15. Male cv potato here (not that i actually play them, mind you). I've so far mastered sinking ships. Soon I hope to master sinking enemy ships too :D