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  1. This would be awesome!
  2. Something like SH in WoT would be cool as well. Premade vs premade format. Also, across several different tiers would liven the game up as well. Ranked stinks and SB is very sup par imo.
  3. Patch 0.7.7 reactions

    Shakespeare, was he in the Navy? I am going team Eagle. I have a thing for Dasha and I love Eagles.
  4. I would recommend in this order. 1. Nelson 2. Nelson 3. I guess the only one left, Nelson.
  5. Patch 0.7.7 reactions

    I am more than a tad, I'm a devout Roman Catholic! BTW, they are all boys. Fun fact. Kinda on topic: Don't BBs have the lowest impact on the game than any other class? I've heard many CCs and overall very good players state this opinion. If so, then buffing them is bad how? Skill floor/ceiling related or just people trying to look out for their favorite class/s?
  6. Patch 0.7.7 reactions

    He hates cats? Also, I have nine kids and the emblems do not bother me at all. I am unsure if that means anything though.
  7. Not you, sorry I should have quoted the OP. I was asking thegreatblasto guy.
  8. Didn't you just quit the game other day? Or was that someone else?
  9. Well, this is the NA forums after all. That being said, you could argue WW2 was just a continuation of WW1. Or you could argue, Japan attacking the US had nothing to do with the war in Europe and had Hitler not declared war on the US (he was not treaty bound to do so), Roosevelt would have had to prove a hard case to declare war on the rest of the Pact of Steel considering the other two major powders had nothing to do with the Pearl Harbor attack. Or that Pearl Harbor was a result of our pressuring Japan to stop its war in China that had been going on way before the war in Europe.
  10. ONAVY Recruiting

    I'm interested in your clan. I've been playing for a long time but just really got active recently. I am having a blast and just got my first two T10s. I like cruiser play mostly but I also enjoy BBs. I really want to get into clan wars and learn the ropes. I play every day between 4-10 pm CST and anytime over the weekend. I'm a bit of a min-maxer and I run prem everything. My two T10s have 18+ point cpt (Montana/Hindenburg). My next ten will be the DM I think. I love to grind and have just about any tier. I want to div with clan mates as much as possible. My priority right now is to get more battles under my belt in my two tier tens then get the DM. If you guys think I would be a good fit to your clan and would like to talk with me, I will be online later today. Thanks!
  11. Musashi - worth paying for?

    Yea, As others have said, wait till you get a little higher in tiers. The difference between tier 6-7 and 8+ is huge. I am still having problems with my few tier 8s. The gameplay is very different and you will get punished without mercy for making a mistake when grouped with 9s and 10s. Take your time and learn the game. That's what I did. DDs were killing me without remorse in my NC, so I went back down and ground a few DD lines to learn their strengths and weaknesses. I am finding much more success at higher tiers now but I am still not where I want to be. Don't be the guy that gets a prem high tier ship and bombs in it and screws over your team.
  12. So how bad were real American warships?

    The USN cruisers were actually within treaty limits unlike many IJN cruisers so apple to orange comparison there. The AA cruisers were shoved into the breach because the USN was running out of ships, they really had no choice if they wanted to prevail on Guadalcanal. The Avenger was probably the best torpedo bomber that saw any kind of combat service in the war. Fragile radar vs no radar... I would rather have fragile tyvm. The standard type BBs were very very good for what they were designed to do. I'll leave this here for your reading enjoyment: http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-071.php
  13. So how bad were real American warships?

    But on the flip side, none of them blew up due to those wonderful torps being hit by shell fire.
  14. Man I was looking for that thing my entire time in the 4ID at Ft. Carson in the 80s....
  15. Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    Same here with selling, I can't sell anything. I have no mods, running the stock game.