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  1. I am really thinking hard on the Ashitaka, being tier 7. The other two I want but tier 8 MM is so bad right now. Just finished my Baltimore grind and man, it was painful. Awesome ship, not so much when facing tens more than half the battles.
  2. Did Ashitaka ever get Amagi's AP?
  3. This is the 155mm M-109A6 Paladin. and the M-110 8" Howitzer
  4. Question: If you have the Roma without the beer can, then buy the camo, does the beer can appear on the normal Roma?
  5. Mine looks like the Exxon Valdez. 19 pounds of pure Ragdoll cuddles.
  6. I spent most of my time in the US Army in field artillery. We had the M-109A4's and 5's. Paladins were just coming into widespread service when I was leaving. Those are puny 155mm guns or 6" guns. When we were shooting charge 7 white bags, wow! You really cannot appreciate the force of these pieces without being in person. Video gives them no justice what so ever!
  7. This would be awesome!
  8. Something like SH in WoT would be cool as well. Premade vs premade format. Also, across several different tiers would liven the game up as well. Ranked stinks and SB is very sup par imo.
  9. Patch 0.7.7 reactions

    Shakespeare, was he in the Navy? I am going team Eagle. I have a thing for Dasha and I love Eagles.
  10. I would recommend in this order. 1. Nelson 2. Nelson 3. I guess the only one left, Nelson.
  11. Patch 0.7.7 reactions

    I am more than a tad, I'm a devout Roman Catholic! BTW, they are all boys. Fun fact. Kinda on topic: Don't BBs have the lowest impact on the game than any other class? I've heard many CCs and overall very good players state this opinion. If so, then buffing them is bad how? Skill floor/ceiling related or just people trying to look out for their favorite class/s?
  12. Patch 0.7.7 reactions

    He hates cats? Also, I have nine kids and the emblems do not bother me at all. I am unsure if that means anything though.
  13. Not you, sorry I should have quoted the OP. I was asking thegreatblasto guy.
  14. Didn't you just quit the game other day? Or was that someone else?