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  1. Musashi - worth paying for?

    Yea, As others have said, wait till you get a little higher in tiers. The difference between tier 6-7 and 8+ is huge. I am still having problems with my few tier 8s. The gameplay is very different and you will get punished without mercy for making a mistake when grouped with 9s and 10s. Take your time and learn the game. That's what I did. DDs were killing me without remorse in my NC, so I went back down and ground a few DD lines to learn their strengths and weaknesses. I am finding much more success at higher tiers now but I am still not where I want to be. Don't be the guy that gets a prem high tier ship and bombs in it and screws over your team.
  2. So how bad were real American warships?

    The USN cruisers were actually within treaty limits unlike many IJN cruisers so apple to orange comparison there. The AA cruisers were shoved into the breach because the USN was running out of ships, they really had no choice if they wanted to prevail on Guadalcanal. The Avenger was probably the best torpedo bomber that saw any kind of combat service in the war. Fragile radar vs no radar... I would rather have fragile tyvm. The standard type BBs were very very good for what they were designed to do. I'll leave this here for your reading enjoyment: http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-071.php
  3. So how bad were real American warships?

    But on the flip side, none of them blew up due to those wonderful torps being hit by shell fire.
  4. Man I was looking for that thing my entire time in the 4ID at Ft. Carson in the 80s....
  5. Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    Same here with selling, I can't sell anything. I have no mods, running the stock game.
  6. Coupons

    I cannot find anything that applies the coupon in WoT, WoWs or WoWp...
  7. Yorktown and Hornet

    Cabot was used but not for an Essex class but an Independence class CVL. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cabot_(CVL-28)
  8. Well, I'm not a great or even a good player but this is not a reroll account. I just keep walking away from the game and can't really stick with it for any length of time. A 3k+ games rule does not apply to everyone.
  9. Well ok I guess. Show me a pilot that is an Ace or Ace quality right out of flight school. They don't exist. The fact remains we had the best trained green pilots in the world. Here is a quote from an article of John Thach, the inventor of the Thach Weave. "After Midway, Thach was assigned to instruct other pilots in combat tactics. The U.S. Navy pulled its best combat pilots out of action to train newer pilots, while the Japanese kept their best pilots in combat. As the war progressed, the Japanese Navy lost their experienced pilots due to attrition and had no well trained replacements, while the U.S. was able to improve the general fighting ability of their own personnel." John Thach is just one example of the USN providing it's new pilots with the best trainers possible. I'm not sure how we could have done it any better. I understand the numerical advantage we had was huge and I am not discounting it in any way. But I wanted to show that, yes we had much better aircraft and pilots by the second half of the war in the Pacific. I think those two facts are just that, facts. Indisputable facts.
  10. This statement is so wrong I almost choked on my coffee. The Hellcat http://acepilots.com/planes/f6f_hellcat.html and F4U http://historywarsweapons.com/zero-vs-corsair/ were so much better than anything the Japanese had in the sky it was a joke. Also, once the Japanese lost the majority of their seasoned pilots at Coral Sea/Midway/Solomon campaign, they were behind the 8 ball without any real training system in place http://www.historynet.com/japans-fatally-flawed-air-forces-in-world-war-ii-2.htm. Quoted from the above link: Another limitation was that Home Island flight instructors were faced with too many students to train them effectively. The urgency of training pilots overwhelmed the curriculum. “We couldn’t watch for individual errors and take the long hours necessary to weed the faults out of a trainee,” Sakai recalled in 1943. “Hardly a day passed when fire engines and ambulances did not race down the runways, sirens shrieking, to dig one or more pilots out of the plane they had wrecked on a clumsy takeoff or landing.” The decision to press for quantity over quality meant that poorly trained fliers graduated to combat units. “We were told to rush men through,” Sakai said, “to forget the fine points, just teach them how to fly and shoot.” By the end of 1943, the army and navy had lost about 10,000 pilots. As American Lt. Gen. George C. Kenney reported to Washington, “Japan’s originally highly trained crews were superb but they are dead.” When matched to pilot production of 5,400 army and 5,000 navy in the same period, and when one considers the expansion in units, missions, tempo and geographical separation, it is clear that Japan’s pilot strength had not increased at all. Worse, the vast majority of prewar and even 1942-43 veterans were dead or wounded, and their replacements had none of the veterans’ experience. So yea, the planes the USN had were much more advanced and the ploits even more so. To compound these problems, yes the USN late in the war outnumbered the Japanese in everything. But even if they had not, the out come would not have been much different.
  11. I am having problems crashing in the middle of games. In the middle of a game I will crash and have to reboot. This happens almost every game now. I am not sure what the problem is but every other game/app I use on my computer runs fine including WoT. Please fix this asap. Thanks!
  12. NGTM_1R, on 18 October 2013 - 08:39 PM, said: Nope. Not by a German and possibly not by a British ship, anyways. Even in late 1942 probably only a US ship. Even the older USN units were lacking in AA like the battleships in Pearl. The newer units were much better but even the 1.1 in AA quad was not up to the task. AA really came into its own with proximity fuses, quad 40mm and the 20mm Oerlikon.
  13. Right so I guess I should have said I hope they get the tiers closer to historic in WoWS than they did in WoT. Tigers first saw service in 1943 I believe and Type 59s were developed around 1960! That's forever in military tech.
  14. I did not see any newer thread on this subject and since I have a huge interest in WoWS and play CW nightly in WoT I wanted to reopen this disscussion. I am going to be playing WoWS with only CW in mind as I do with WoT.