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  1. Kuriour

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

  2. Kuriour

    SMOKE and Mirrors?

    Short version: ships historically were very good at hitting targets that they couldn't see, via fire direction from other ships.
  3. Kuriour

    SE on a CV? Why?

    @iDuckman Not to say that I know it all myself, this is how I have my British CV captain set up, with the next still in a red box. And looking at this, I can tell you: Japan: Would not take either DE or Torpedo Acceleration on normal Japanese carriers. I would take it on Kaga though, since it has HE bombs. USN: My US CV captians are pretty much identical to this.
  4. Kuriour

    SE on a CV? Why?

    Correct. That only effects torpedo tubes, not torpedoes in general. However, Torpedo Acceleration does effect CV Torpedo bombers and can be a rather useful skill for them.
  5. Kuriour


    So is the Daring... They haven't said what they will do, but it's kind of obvious that they will do something with advanced ASW weapons.
  6. Kuriour

    Killer Whale objective question

    Yes, it absolutely is, but in a way that benefits the humans. Occasionally it trips as completed early.
  7. I think this was mostly what the OP was interested in. No, there really isn't any point to doing manual depth charges, but locking ASW to depth charges only and forever seems incredibly short sighted. It means no hedgehogs, no weapon alpha. It also pretty much means no K-gun throwers, either....
  8. To be faaaaaiiiiiiir I really doubt a DD can both drive in to a tiny circle and actively fire it's main guns at the same time. This isn't "attack surface ship and manually aim depth charges". It would more like how you can switch, manually aim and fire torpedoes, and then switch back to guns.
  9. And I want special weapons on DDs, not just depth charges. I do think it's pretty obvious that WG will add other ASW weapons eooner than later. How else will they sell us ASW specialized premiums...?
  10. Kuriour

    how do i install special modules for my Midway

    Huh. I think you'll have to open a support ticket then.
  11. Kuriour

    Saipian or Ark Royal

    1) Lots of planes. 2) Bomber dispersion is tiny, elipse is smaller than most BBs and allows you to do rediculous things like put 14 out of 24 bombs on a target. 3) Torpedeo group has three planes to a strike instead of two. Makes beating torpedoes harder. Downside? Swordfish are slower than... some really slow thing? 100 kts base speed. But to be clear: fun ship, even when bottom tier.
  12. Kuriour

    how do i install special modules for my Midway

    Its an option in your upgrade section. If you've already filled the slot, you'll have to sell/demount the upgrade that's already in it.
  13. Kuriour

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    Well, that's like $400 of crates to buy the Thunderer though. I don't think they're actually engineering that for people to buy coal ships.
  14. Kuriour

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    Fair enough.
  15. Kuriour

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    Will have to choose to grind for it. Or not grind for it. You're basically complaining about the game having too much content. That changing this gives players some other reason to keep playing the game. That's just silly. Your origional point wasn't. They should let you sell it for the full credit price. If they did, would you sell yours?