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  1. Viper069

    More Predreadnoughts!!!

    It's a computer game, they don't have to be crap. Maybe pair them with Japanese speaking cartoon chics with hooters and the idea will take off...
  2. Viper069

    Still Can Not Leave Clan

    Blood In, Blood Out...
  3. Viper069

    Solid-state drive for World of Warships

    I'm going with what Navalpride is saying. If you're adding an SSD drive to an old W7 rig you're performance issues are not going to be that greatly improved. You're architecture is the computer equivalent of a boat anchor. Probably time to replace the whole rig.
  4. Viper069

    285 ships. It takes 75 seconds to authorize and login.

    That's not the game dude...
  5. 20+ Big gift boxes = no ships
  6. Viper069

    Coal ships: Georgia vs Thunderer

    I have both the Massachusetts and Georgia. I've used both with a secondary build. They are not the same ship. The Georgia doesn't perform as well with a secondary build. Too many sissy's playing at high tier. You'll will easily find yourself out front and alone being shot to pieces. It's definitely not a brawler under those circumstances. Play to it's strengths at medium range or better.
  7. People actually pay agencies to write that kind of apologetic dribble. How much did that one cost? No Soup Christmas bonus for you!
  8. Viper069

    Modifying Engine.config file

    Been using NVidia for years across many computers and have never had to modify any config files to make the game run properly.
  9. Viper069

    MM balancing?

    Ranked players are hardly the measure of a successful player. Most simply fail their way to rank 1. Much like they get to T10.
  10. Viper069

    No Armada this year?

    Hasn't the Armada deal always been part of the Christmas sale in the past?
  11. Viper069

    Matchmaker is broken with CV's recently.

    I believe you can currently see up to 3 CV's per side. Ran into it just yesterday. It isn't pleasant.
  12. Viper069

    Having a horrible time lately

    You're driving T8's and your average damage is < 20K. You're going to need a lot more work to win.
  13. Viper069

    Venezia seriously

    Italian ships have been a tough play. It would have been a hard sell for the casual player. The angle of impact for the SAP rounds has been buffed this update. Perhaps it's made for a significant improvement.
  14. Viper069

    Naval Battle Counter Bug

    Happened to us yesterday and again this afternoon. Come on WG it's been going on for awhile and seems to be getting more pronounced.