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  1. Viper069

    I see the forum is back to normal...

    Saving it up for the coming Submarine hate.
  2. Viper069

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    I got one and don't live in Canada. I drove the ALCAN Highway once. Does that count?
  3. I'm betting most of these developers spend very little time actually playing the game. That would explain the overall WG decision making process throughout their game.
  4. Viper069

    This WILL happen if they remove TK and TD!

    As if the playerbase isn't already bad enough. How much more can WG do to lower the bar? Let me count the ways...
  5. Viper069

    Client refusing to load.

  6. Viper069

    AFK in Ranked

    Not for the first offense.
  7. Looks good for the masochistic types... How will the MM update effect divisions? I play almost exclusively in divisions. We are pretty much always uptiered regardless of tier being played. Whose number of entries into a match will be used to determine the tier played? Division cdr? Team member? Anybody?
  8. Viper069

    Ranked Sprint?

    Wasn't Ranked Sprint starting today? Or maybe later today? WG didn't mention a start time. Or is it maybe still broken? Any body hear any updates? "The fifth season of the Ranked Sprint will start on July 3rd and will run for a week until July 10th."
  9. Yep. At the very least, on average, you should be shooting your ships weight in damage.
  10. Viper069

    WG's Latest Submarine Video

    There will be more of these. Submarines are coming...
  11. Viper069

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    You want to get WG's attention, quit spending money. Issues will be addressed much sooner. I've spent a boat load of money with WG, not another dime.
  12. Don't believe anything WGing is saying concerning the future availability of the Benham. It'll be available sooner rather than later. WGing never met a dollar they didn't like. Submarines are in the future as well. Everyone knows that WGing stated they would NEVER be in the game. That should kill a lot of the CV hate.
  13. Viper069

    Dread the Nought - 17th - 24th

    Try my luck...
  14. Viper069

    Georgia vs Jean Bart... Which to choose.

    Isn't the Georgia cash only?
  15. Viper069

    Why I Exit World of Warships After a Few Battles.

    I believe what you're talking about are 'Game Instances'. I've never heard WG ever mention using those. The better answer would probably be that the majority of the playerbase just really sucks. It's never really been very good. For me, it really took a dive prior to this past Christmas and has never returned to it's normal. I don't play a fraction of what I used to, and I was a fairly big spender. No more...