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  1. Viper069

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    Maybe you just got the good one?
  2. Viper069

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    I'd be good with just a +1/-1 MM. It would probably solve most of the moaning and groaning.
  3. Viper069

    Moving WoW to another drive

    Or... you could just download it again.
  4. Viper069

    Sales for Christmas?

    Doesn't look like WG went out of their way for Christmas this year. Been kind of a disappointment really.
  5. Viper069

    Santa Horn..why can't we disable it

    Oh, poor, poor, pitiful me...I'm a religious minority. If Santa triggers you, you must be loads of fun to be around the rest of the year. There are lots of other important issues to direct your whine. Get a puppy and coloring book and enjoy the season.
  6. Viper069


    I don't remember where, but I do believe I saw where that was one of the reasons WG gave. I've currently got 30 games saved using >36Mb. I have plenty of space, but always dump mine once a month. I can see where this can be an issue for older computers with smaller drives. The Russian playerbase runs quite a few of the older platforms. And lots of ppl who only know where the ON button is.
  7. Viper069


    Well, I could have gone with there are too many stupids out there that don't know how to perform regular disk maintenance and wonder why there HD is full. That's the answer to your question right there.
  8. Viper069


    You can set the number yourself... Go to your game folder and edit the 'engine_config' file in your res folder. <maxReplaysToSave>500</maxReplaysToSave> There are a few things in the file that I update that allow the game to play more smoothly. You just have to remember to make your changes whenever WG puts out a new update.
  9. Really? I was working it exactly the opposite. Not much to think about, just charge in and kill everything. There's no playing the objectives or anything else. Just looks like a slug fest to me.
  10. Viper069

    Is it real?

    Was thinking the same thing. Me thinks the OP may be part of the problem.
  11. It's no different than playing the slots.
  12. I did way better last year with the $3 crates. I still have ships I haven't played yet. Didn't really spend that much. There's not a lot out there that I don't already have or want. Too bad they omitted premium time from the crates. Looking to purchase some. Last years discount was a big disappointment.
  13. Viper069

    Titanic sinking: Morse code messages

    I read it over forty years ago. Don't remember much detail. Some really good photos of survivors and such. I remember the casualty list taking more than a couple of pages. I don't remember if it mentions the ship breaking apart before going under. Going to have to dig it out and take a look.
  14. Viper069

    Titanic sinking: Morse code messages

    Yea, grew up in the 60's as well. I've got an old book about the Titanic. It belonged to my great grandmother, printed in 1917. Keep it out in the gun safe with the family jewels.