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  1. Let's not panic kids. This hasn't even been litigated yet. Depending on how far the industry wants to play this out, it could go on in the courts for a number of years.
  2. Isn't that only if the current MM population in the queue permits it?
  3. Move closer. ^This
  4. Prushn, I went through 2 sets of the G933's and had to return them both. Was never able to make them work. Worked the issue with Logitech support with no resolution. I'm now on my 3rd set of the G930's. I believe the 930's may be out of production and are getting more difficult to source. They last a year or two until something cracks or breaks and they become unusable. I suggest Amazon for either purchase. If the 933's don't work for you, returning is a snap and no charge. They'll pick it up at your door. Viper
  5. I've used it as well. It doesn't pull the overall stats. It pulls each team members stats in the ship that is being run in your current match.
  6. Simply moving folders may not work. There's more to it than just the games files. Idk if running the game ctr app will fix that. Just "Clone" the drive. There's free sftw on the web. Find and download what's best for you.
  7. Everything resides server side. Just reinstall on the new drive.
  8. I'm not one who likes the idea of a mandatory loadout on torpedo type. If we must have them, just like AP/HE, provide an option where standard and deep water torps can be selected when loading. And not locked at the beginning of the match, but optional while ingame.
  9. wth

    I feel you. Today wasn't too bad for us. But, the last couple of weeks have been brutal. Teams have been horribad. I platoon up almost all the time with reasonably decent players and we're all getting hammered. A decent platoon can easily turn a match, but got a number of matches where we're just being rolled. Not sure, but I think when platooning we open ourselves up to being down tiered more often than usual. Still waiting for the tide to turn. I think maybe the free ship event may have been a draw for some pretty bad game play.
  10. Today's update took me <1 min. Is your computer unable to multitask? While doing a long download, I typically am doing other things.
  11. I think the biggest issue here is that you are playing Ranked battles.
  12. As Ozzy stated, it's the # of T10 ships in the clan.
  13. Define - decent players...
  14. Picked her up yesterday, but have zero games, as yet. I'll attempt to play her at least once, every time I sit down to play and provide details as acquired.