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  1. Nope. Maybe ensure you're logged in, verify you have the correct link. Clear your web cache.
  2. Tournaments?! Why no tournaments? The template is already available from WOT. I'd think this would be something relatively easy to implement. Anything WG?
  3. nope, and currently no plans to do so...
  4. Mods...
  5. You're going to have to be a well above average player to even be in the running to acquire the Kamikaze in this event. Even with that, the time involved is quite prohibitive. I would be interested to know how many were actually won after the event completion. I'm betting <100. Even that is probably overly optimistic.
  6. I'm not aware that they've ever merged accounts across any of their product lines.
  8. Sorry, it makes absolutely no sense to continue support of a game for an operating system that's no longer supported by the manufacturer. Try going to your local auto parts store and pick up something for your Edsel. Pickings are going to be pretty slim. It's actually a big problem with WG products, in that they continue their support for older platforms. It holds them back from using all the new technologies that are constantly are being developed. There are lots of features being asked for on these very forums that are easily available, but cannot be implemented because a large part of their customer base would be shut out of the game.
  9. There's only one test server. Shouldn't really matter what region your playing from. Everyone is thrown into the same pot.
  10. This is a great ship. Just play defensively and choose your battles. Don't yolo in early in the match. Try to ensure you're not the only target half the red team is shooting at (make sure there are plenty of friendlies near by). You can really rack up the damage mid game and beyond, but you have to live to get there.
  11. I own quite a few premmies and can understand why people would be put off. Let's apply this to the purchase of any product. You go out and spend your money. Purchase a product with all the bells and whistles and after a period of time the manufacturer comes back and takes one of your whistles (all under the guise of fairness, or some such nonsense). I imagine if this kind of thing went on, everyone would be screaming about those damned dirty corporations while manning the ramparts.
  12. This is very true. Most of those experts typically have a couple hundred to a few thousand games and a W/R in the low to mid forties. Not sure how they square that circle. Guess their mommas must have spent years telling them how great they are.
  13. The OP's question was asking if he should skip the Chappy. I couldn't see where you'd played either the Shchors or the Chappy, so not sure what you're even commenting on.
  14. Wow, the Shchors and Chappy are both excellent ships. If you're having difficulties you're definitely playing them wrong. It's a cruiser, don't lead with it, or yolo into the red ships. It won't end well. Use HE at range, maybe some AP as you get closer and proper target angle.
  15. Very good, WG! Looks like my Marblehead is going to be taken out of mothballs and get a new coat of paint.