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  1. Viper069

    Having a horrible time lately

    You're driving T8's and your average damage is < 20K. You're going to need a lot more work to win.
  2. Viper069

    Venezia seriously

    Italian ships have been a tough play. It would have been a hard sell for the casual player. The angle of impact for the SAP rounds has been buffed this update. Perhaps it's made for a significant improvement.
  3. Viper069

    Naval Battle Counter Bug

    Happened to us yesterday and again this afternoon. Come on WG it's been going on for awhile and seems to be getting more pronounced.
  4. Viper069

    Naval Battles Not Scoring?

    We had that happen earlier this afternoon. Not the first time this kind of thing happens. Gotta be a bug crawling around somewhere.
  5. Agreed. Ocean should always be part of the regular rotation.
  6. Viper069

    Naval Battles - Can we just remove base XP?

    We don't have that many active players in our clan, but do pretty well overall. We prefer the Base XP, it adds to the challenge. Win/Lose/Draw doesn't make that much difference. You can almost make the Damage thresholds just by showing up.
  7. Viper069

    Game Freezes on Exit

    Having the same issue. I have to kill the process in task mgr.
  8. Viper069

    How to report a player?

    Really? I'm betting you're a lot of fun to be around... I suppose you should probably report me too.
  9. Viper069

    Reduced Coal in daily containers?

    Didn't resource containers always have two bags of coal in every drop? Hence the name Resource... Now it's more often just one, and two, if you're lucky. If I'd wanted flags, I'd select the flag option.
  10. Ship/Naval based games have always been a niche type game. Only a particular type gamer will play and stay with it.
  11. Tier placement/selection is supposed to be determined by the Div Cdr's battle count. MM doesn't look at the other members of the div.
  12. Viper069

    Rogue Wave captains and camo

    I probably bought at least 20 or more of those captains, none of which came with any camo. Guess you got a really good deal...
  13. Viper069

    Thrust issues

    I was thinking the same thing...
  14. Viper069

    New MM Rules and Divisions

    Tier selection is based on the Div Cdr. * That was a direct response from Kami to me from a question I posed in another thread. I haven't seen it in any WG publication. Doesn't mean it isn't correct. Have to take it for what it is.