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  1. Those boats are actually used while in port or other harbors for ferrying sailors to and from shore. Supply runs etc. Not really designed for the open sea.
  2. It doesn't do too bad. But it does get a little old.
  3. High Ping is not fun at all

    I believe there's something going on with their servers at the moment.
  4. Secondary builds are very ship dependent. I find the builds for Tirpitz and Massachusetts big fun.
  5. Unified WG Account and Gold

    So far WG has reneged on their original promotion that gold would be interchangeable between all titles. People that were around prior to WoWS launch should remember that.
  6. The Tirpitz prints credits. I really wasn't that fond of the Scharnhorst. Bear in mind the German BB's are brawlers and to be successful you'll have to adjust your playstyle.
  7. It looks like you're a BB player, with the US in particular. Stick with what you know and enjoy. Maybe the Alabama. The Massachusetts was just released, but I haven't played her. If you want to go off on a tear, the Tirpitz can be a real hoot with a secondary build. ** on a personal note, it sounds like you may need to look into trading that 'marital restriction' in on a more compliant model.
  8. I picked up 30 days last week. Was pleasantly surprised.
  9. Pink because a stupid player

    Never been pink before. Now twice in the past 10 days. It's very rare that I ever hit a friendly. Things they are a changing. They'll work it out over time.
  10. All guided missiles today. The old strike aircraft have zero chance of survivability over a modern warship.
  11. player occupation

    Doc, you're on-call and being paid very well for it. Be Happy! There could've been a couple of just perfect rib-eyes on the grill that set you back $80.
  12. Not what he's really referring to. Looks like marketing has decided to only sell the flags in bundles. I used to buy the PaPa flags myself. Helped get me the Mo. Won't be buying any flags now...