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  1. If you're not in a clan, you receive no oil whatsoever. If you're in a clan and leave, any oil accrued in your personal account remains with you.
  2. You could always purchase a second one. They should give you the difference in gold. Maybe, if you haven't played her yet, a refund?
  3. Many people felt that all the T5's in the match were gimping their chances of winning the game. There's some truth to that.
  4. Lycian, Bumping into friendlies is treated the same as shooting them, as well. If you're pink don't do it. Viper(never been pink, yet)
  5. Asia and Europe are all over that and haven't even dropped the update. NA late to the game as usual.
  6. Maybe I wasn't clear. You do have to belong to a clan. They weren't talking about using mercenaries. Allies would be another clan you have an association with.
  7. Herr, the last Q&A I saw talked about clan battles being a 7vs7 kind of thing. Much smaller than that will start looking like divisions. Early on when they were talking about the 30 man limit, they mentioned the ability of forming alliances with other clans to fill out your roster. I don't know if that ever went anywhere.
  8. That's actually a good idea...
  9. Oil is a form of in-game currency. It's been in use on the Russian server for a long time. I believe I saw it first, back when we were doing the pearl missions.
  10. There was a Q&A not too long ago that mentioned a 7vs7 (team battles? the template is already in place) lineup for clan wars. Teams would be matched using the clans ranking from previously played clan battles. This was part of the reason that team battles failed. If this is true, I hope they'll reconsider. From the gist of it, it also looks like it may initially be run seasonally (like ranked) as well. They didn't mention anything about holding land or territories as in WOT. I highly doubt that it'll be released for T10 only. That would immediately kill it on the NA server. We've already seen the similarities to Strongholds from WOT, so that aspect is pretty much locked and cocked.
  11. Oh NO! Woe is me... Not another demerit!
  12. There should be some kind of an event for acquiring the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya as well. Maybe it'll be a Halloween thing.
  13. Well......I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I've been playing since beta and didn't know that the "bridge" was instrumental to being spotted.
  14. The clan tab is there for me, but when selecting you get a "WEB SERVER IS UNAVAILABLE" message.
  15. It was given as a reward the last couple of weeks in July on the Russian server. It's currently in their store for purchase now. Sounds like we'll have the opportunity to win it as well.