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  1. The +/-1 MM wouldn't even be close to the problem many people make it out to be. Just another hair on fire moment.
  2. I liked the old days in WOT for tournaments. Run the weekly and weekend tournaments concurrently. The map, tier, and team composition changed weekly. You build your team according to the allotted points allowed, types, and classes of ships. It gives the option of having the entire player base participate. It was always big fun with tanks.
  3. Does the goldfish have a name?

    I think he's actually called "Fish".
  4. U Boot: Boardgame

    Ok, I'll play...
  5. Camera twirly bug

    I don't know if it's related. There was a time when I used to play WOT, that my tank would start doing the 360 thing. Turns out it was due to the wireless mouse. I just plugged the mouse into the comp. and it never repeated.
  6. Division Interface

    Yep, have to agree. The new division interface does suck. #bringbacktheolddivisioninterface
  7. Blacklist ?

    Noooo... it's a chat/commo function only.
  8. May starve!

    Do you have pets, or maybe children? They're all a good source of protein. If you're a little squeamish, maybe the neighbor's? I'm getting a little older and the Vienna sausage gives me heartburn.
  9. Is this a bug?

    I've had it happen on occasion.
  10. Port Screen Content

    Did you also have a new window that displayed all your added modules and consumables for the selected ship? I thought that was a pretty cool feature. I just kind of assumed the display of your ingame name and the Cyrillic was a result of bad code.
  11. Port Screen Content

    I had that issue as well. It seems to be caused by the "Better ship icons on compact carousel" mod. If it 's bothering you, uncheck that particular mod.
  12. Sorry. No Commies allowed. Just had all our Commissars shot prior to the new year.
  13. Marblehead?

    I loved the Marblehead, prior to the AFT nerf. It's still a decent cruiser and can still be fun, but you need to be a good cruiser drvr to make it work. You're going to be seeing a lot of T7's.
  14. Just purchased 10 crates. 5 x $5. 5 x $3. Pulled down the obligatory camo, flags, and a little gold. Received the Alabama and Gallant in the $5. crates, so all-in-all, not a bad haul.
  15. Manual Log-in everytime?

    That may be dependent on your browser settings.