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  1. why thank you. the captains are gone for some reason now though. do i have to relog to get there right pictures and such back? edit: ok so the boats are there now but they don't have the arp skins on them along with the above mentioned commander issue.
  2. Is anyone else missing them from port? i just noticed they where gone from my port. i thought that maybe they got turned off for some reason but i cannot even find the way to turn them back on.
  3. Oh i had this happen once in the kurfrest. simply had to go and sign for a package being delivered. set boat to autopilot along a path, dropped speed to 3/4. came back to my boat being in the middle of 3 enemy ships. main guns turned onto a cruiser, 1 kill. secondaries focused on a DD, 2 kills. and then i got torped by another DD and died. not before doing a bit of damage to a BB that was moving in close as well. fun times.
  4. o/ me. i'm guilty as a whale. Buy all the boats.
  5. I would like to apologize for this. Like most here, i had a match, got a boat stuck in the "in battle" thing and on relogging was stuck with a spinning wheel. I believe this is my fault because the match, i was in the kutuzov, got two double strikes and a kraken. i believe i russian biased the servers to death.
  6. No no, they are right it is kind of cheating saying the same thing as in a previous, older patch. Here, i sometimes listen to this when in a DD. or any of the french cruisers.
  7. really... this is the secodn of these threads i have to post in just because MUSICS! Well, more fun for me. this is what i listen too in game mostly:
  8. I got a laptop and desktop i play on. Laptop is a 2014 Alienware 18. Intel i7 4710MQ 16GB ram (GDDR3) 2X GTX 860m sli 80GB ssd 2X 1TB hdd (i forget the make and model) raid 0 desktop is a different monster. Cooler Master Storm Stryker case ASRock Fatality x99x 2011-v3 intel i7 5820K G. Skill Ripjaws 32GB (8 x 4) GDDR4 Samsung 960 pro 512GB 2x seagate firecuda 2 TB SSHD raid 0 EVGA GTX 970 ftw EVGA Supernove 1000 T2 power supply
  9. I'm just going to be "that guy" and say to win is to have fun. It is a game after all.
  10. I mean really, look at how much fire damage can be done with them. Cruisers are just over powered in this game and need a fix. On a less joking note, this was fun.
  11. for me, oddly this:
  12. Community Summit

    Big thanks for the premium boats added (tirpitz, warspite, cambelltown, and the such) when can we expect a possible next wave of ships to be added (mikasa, sims, yubari, smith, and so on)?
  13. YOU'RE happy for it? then what does that make me?
  14. ok, had this issue before back in open beta, and has returned for me now as well. I've disabled sli and the flickering in game has indeed stopped, whats new this time for me is there is a some what short term flicker of the game remaining on my desktop. It didn't go away for about 15 minutes regardless of sli being on or off.
  15. wow, all this talk about me? i joke. very informative post though.