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  1. Ready for Dasha

    The next line being added to the game will be British DDs. So if you want a quick captain for that coming line then get British Dasha. As far as recommendations go, you really can't pick wrong here. Now if only we could Italian Dasha and wait for an Italian line.
  2. Facebook WoWs Commander Voice Question

    The #iamcommander thing was put on hold because to many CC's couldn't participate because either: Internet issues, not a video maker, real live events, any combinations of the previous mentioned. It is supposed to be restarted with new rules and a different way of doing it because of all the mishaps with it, but a when has yet to be determined.
  3. Facebook WoWs Commander Voice Question

    Samuel L. Jackson for WoWs commander.
  4. CV Rework Feedback

    From what i have just seen, i am very interested in how this is going to go forward. I very much like the new control style. The addition of rocket barrages is welcoming, and the new AA mechanics seem... ... workable. i am a bit concerned about how the picking and changing sides of thew ship to focus AA is going to work but i guess i will have to wait and see how that feels later. This focusing on the carrier part and all at the moment. The only concern i have right now off the top of my head is how is controlling you ship going to work with all this new stuff. I mean, this IS World of Warships. i don't want to have to autopilot my ship everywhere all the time and focus a=on flying my attack formation the entire match.
  5. Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    And to some of us, Yamato is called The Yamato Ho..., *user banned. Reason: "I am not a hotel"*
  6. Meanwhile, me in my wooster: "what's this, a smoke screen for me to steath fire from? I ACCEPT!" My team: "wooster, what are you doing that's smoke is from an enemy DD?! Me: "Nonsense, they just set it for me to use against them." Pops radar, DD gets sunk Me: "see, mine.".
  7. Wrong Answers Only: 15

    Prototype cruiser submarine hybrid ship, also potato delivery ship when not fighting in war.
  8. 152mm w/ IFHE gives better damage against DDs?

    All this mathing is valid and importent on playing the game. However, angleing is a thing as well and you won't always it the 19mm plate. Although the chance is slim, sometimes a shell will hit a DD at an angle where if he can pen but a regular sheep won't. Again against a DD, this isn't likely, but something to take into consideration.
  9. Best special mission ever....

    Get Confederate medal, in Worcester, on ocean. Challenge accepted!
  10. Best of luck to you sir. As for the people saying jingles will win, the scoring system might actually go against him. Each CC participating will make a video that warships will upload. They take the views of the video, the comments on the video, and the likes on the video and mutliply them together. Then divide that large number by the CC's total subscribers. This is where jingles having more viewers is going to make things interesting. Edit: link of the event rules and such.

    Hello, and welcome to hotel Yamato. Congrats on getting such a fine bote. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to put myself in gulag for calling Yamato a hotel... ... Again
  12. https://wowslegends.com/forums/topic/88-friendly-fire-and-why-we-dont-have-it/ So as the title states, the console version of world of warships is going to have Friendly fire completely turned off. This is going to be interesting to see how it affects the game. Maybe a testing to see if the PC version could do the same. Anyone here have any thoughts on if this should come to the PC version? (I vote no but that's just me) As per usual, and lease keep it civil.
  13. June Missions Secret?

    My vote is something like the T9 and T10 akizuki line also being put in with the patch.
  14. OMG what a difference!

    You feel bad, I got 32 GB as well on an intel X99 chipset. Quad channel memory is fun for this game. Also congrats on the new rig. May your frames be many and your shells find there targets o7
  15. Question about Mikasa

    Ran into this a lot taking mine out. One is the surprise, yes there is another mikasa in queue with you. The other is it is a T2/T3 match and mixes you in with the T3 BB's. It's unfortunate when this happens but still fun.