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  1. They have started a small event where you can get some bonus stuff from the new articles on the website Article about event -button one of free stuff found in this article -button two of free stuff found in this article -button three of free stuff found in this article The buttons are at the bottom of the articles. Each button give five Soviet tokens and some camo. You have to clock the participation button in the event article first.
  2. With the Ochakov Having a great concealment for a cruiser it can get it's detection down to 9.1. This ship also has a 10KM radar range. If my memory is correct when WG updated radar ships, Worcester got it's nerfed to better match it's max concealment. and yet now we have a russian ship that has the same radar range and concealment as Worcester used to have. I was annoyed when the "simplified" radar by lessening the difference between the USN and Russian Navy but now that they just gave a russian ship something that a USN had that was deemed a bit to strong, I think there is room for argument to have Worcester radar range increased to what it used to be before.
  3. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    What do you hope to get from the Soviet Cruisers EA event?

    The release of these ships is going to be awful. We knew about the spread increase as range increases, we knew they would have slightly better AP (not equal to USN AP but ok ap) from what i ready this is the first time they mentioned the new cruisers getting the shortend fuse on the AP rounds, like what the RN light cruisers have, and ONLY HAVE. These new cruisers get a lessend USN AP bonus, the RN AP mechanics, The usual Russian navy high velocity guns, and they kept to keep the HE unlike the RN. Now all this just has me bit worried that they new ship will be broken, I'm fine with that as long as WG catch it and fix it at some point if they are. If i am wrong in my worries and they actually are "balanced", then i will probably be getting the new T10 and one or two of the premiums being added. I'm not holding my breath though.
  4. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Impero T8 premium or Italian BB line?

    Isn't it just a Roma with SAP and the full speed smoke? i thought i heard that's all it really was, but i do not remember where from. As to it being a ship just to test mechanics for a potential full line, it seems likely considering the same mechanics are on the CA line, though it could still show up as a premium as well.
  5. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Pay to win with extra steps is still pay to win....

    I would like to add that they said we would be "compensated" for progress on the old mission for the upgrades in credits. You know that one thing that if you are working on the missions you probably have to much of already. They should be compensating progress done with RP so we can be a bit closer to getting them as we already played for.
  6. I feel like asking for full 360 rotation on izumo's number two turret would be a better question. She too is a paper ship and not limited by having a real world ship to be modeled after, problems and all.
  7. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    If you could remove any one thing from the game, what would it be?

    The loot boxes. Specifically the ones with the "early access" ships in it. If only a portion of the line is ready to be released then release only a portion of the line. Let us grind the usual way to up to whatever ships are available, then add in the other ships later and balance the rest if need be. If you want us to pay for early access to a new ship line then name a price up front. Not behind boxes that may or may not have them in it (or may or may not have enough tokens in them, I saw what you did with these European DD's WG)
  8. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    ARP Returns Next Week?

    This is welcome. More chances to get the ships if you want them. If you don't want the ships or captains then don't get them. I only with they would take some time to update the ARP camos some though. They have done so much with actual 3D camo changes (Halloween and space camos) I feel the ARP ones could use some more detailing in that regard.
  9. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    How are teams decided MM?

    I just want to add a few things to this. I agree, MM is broken. I've seen matches like others here where there have been 7 DD's per side and no cruisers. However I don't think it is entirely the fault of the programming. I have had win streaks and lose streaks. I rightfully take my share of blame for each. I am an average player. No more no less. Edit: A severe error on gather data on my part. It would seem the 8.7 update track the amount of time you are bottom tier, not win/lose. Thank you kind folks of the internet for catching me on this. A small point still stands though. If they can track and have the matchmaker change events based on how many time your bottom tier, then it should be possible to track other stats and have the MM adjust from that. They still can do better then what we have. 8.7 patch notes: here are the patch notes
  10. If by "ships 3 maps over" you mean the entire map 3 maps over, then yes. The main rail cannons can fire nukes
  11. That was the hrimfaxi. This has 3000 km rail cannons instead.
  12. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Scrambled message, likely related to Halloween event

    This thing acts really weird on a phone. Maybe a touch screen does something different then keyboard if anyone want to give it a try. I just kind of fiddled around with it. it seems to be divided in to grid where each point in the grid make a sound expect to bottom right where that changes sounds (like spacebar) some of the grid points do not make a sound on some of the different sound modes as well.
  13. Fantastic story. All I have to add is, "God speed you magnificent bastard." o7
  14. Dunkirque Never thought I'd get a front facing only, two turret, right gun, cruiser Hunter to work with how I play. It works, it works really well. And hardly ever lose one of the turrets so that original worry I had of the ship is gone.
  15. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    1: more ship lines. Not even full t2 to T10 lines, just more branches. Georgia and the coming Ohio could have been a new t9 and t 10 for example 2: about the NTC stuff, instead of resetting a line t1 to t10, have a mission series to just play a certain number of matches in each tier to earn the boosts or whatever it ends up being. You know, not making people grind or pay for free exp back to a t10. 3: less steel/coal ships. This is similar to number 1. The more ships that are armory only for steel, coal, or free exp, the less there is to add as a new line. 4: this is a very big opinion thing, but go forward with submarines. I enjoyed the sun Halloween event, and I am looking forward to them possibly/eventually making there way into the game.