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  1. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    ARP Returns Next Week?

    This is welcome. More chances to get the ships if you want them. If you don't want the ships or captains then don't get them. I only with they would take some time to update the ARP camos some though. They have done so much with actual 3D camo changes (Halloween and space camos) I feel the ARP ones could use some more detailing in that regard.
  2. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    How are teams decided MM?

    I just want to add a few things to this. I agree, MM is broken. I've seen matches like others here where there have been 7 DD's per side and no cruisers. However I don't think it is entirely the fault of the programming. I have had win streaks and lose streaks. I rightfully take my share of blame for each. I am an average player. No more no less. Edit: A severe error on gather data on my part. It would seem the 8.7 update track the amount of time you are bottom tier, not win/lose. Thank you kind folks of the internet for catching me on this. A small point still stands though. If they can track and have the matchmaker change events based on how many time your bottom tier, then it should be possible to track other stats and have the MM adjust from that. They still can do better then what we have. 8.7 patch notes: here are the patch notes
  3. If by "ships 3 maps over" you mean the entire map 3 maps over, then yes. The main rail cannons can fire nukes
  4. That was the hrimfaxi. This has 3000 km rail cannons instead.
  5. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Scrambled message, likely related to Halloween event

    This thing acts really weird on a phone. Maybe a touch screen does something different then keyboard if anyone want to give it a try. I just kind of fiddled around with it. it seems to be divided in to grid where each point in the grid make a sound expect to bottom right where that changes sounds (like spacebar) some of the grid points do not make a sound on some of the different sound modes as well.
  6. Fantastic story. All I have to add is, "God speed you magnificent bastard." o7
  7. Dunkirque Never thought I'd get a front facing only, two turret, right gun, cruiser Hunter to work with how I play. It works, it works really well. And hardly ever lose one of the turrets so that original worry I had of the ship is gone.
  8. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    1: more ship lines. Not even full t2 to T10 lines, just more branches. Georgia and the coming Ohio could have been a new t9 and t 10 for example 2: about the NTC stuff, instead of resetting a line t1 to t10, have a mission series to just play a certain number of matches in each tier to earn the boosts or whatever it ends up being. You know, not making people grind or pay for free exp back to a t10. 3: less steel/coal ships. This is similar to number 1. The more ships that are armory only for steel, coal, or free exp, the less there is to add as a new line. 4: this is a very big opinion thing, but go forward with submarines. I enjoyed the sun Halloween event, and I am looking forward to them possibly/eventually making there way into the game.
  9. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    WoT console testing +1/-1

    link thingy As title says, world if tanks console version is testing a +1/-1 matchmaking system. It will run one day but if the initial results are good they will extend it for further analysis. As this game so badly wants/needs a +1/-1 MM, I hope this goes well and wargaming can modify it to work with there other games.
  10. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Ark Royal ... just why, WG? T_T!

    I agree whole heartedly with this. Swordfish should be the plane used. Nothing else is acceptable. Just like the stuka's for zepplin..... Wait they screwed that up too.
  11. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Tragedy has struck offer help if you know how!!

    PayPal work pretty well for going around regional issues. Had the same issue a couple times.
  12. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Destructible Objects in WoWS!

    This is saddly true. Doesn't change that I wish for the old islands of ice map though. There is always someone who hate whatever map your on.
  13. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Destructible Objects in WoWS!

    For those wanting a link I only have a Facebook small post about it. Link Now if only they could bring back to old islands if ice map with this.
  14. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Display cases instead of port.

    This sounds like a pretty awesome idea actually. Have it as a port option possibly.. I like to blank white room one maybe even a desk/shelf holding glass cases with our boats in them. Could even add a "show water" button that partially fills the case with near transparent water so we can see where the water line if each ship is.
  15. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    State of the Game: It's Wargaming Fault

    Ok, time to admit somthings. Yes, I agree that the way communication has been done is very bad here. Dev blogs being posted on several different sites and sometimes at different times does create confusion. Thank you Radar_X for the input on this. Second, I'd like to see something like the old Q and A sessions brought back. Those where interesting and engaging. Now, I submitted questions to those old Q and A posts when they happened. 6 out of the 7 I submitted too, my question was one of the ones answered. During the last Q and A I submitted a question about how everyone's holidays where going. ... ... The community hated this. I'm not sorry. I asked this because it was the middle of the holiday season and we had just gotten a bunch of stuff released and the Christmas event stuff if the year was about to start. I though it would be nice to just let the people who make/help this game work that we see them as humans. They have a life outside of this forum and this game and the company they work for. We as a community need to treat them as such. If my question in that old Q and A upset this community, to bad. I am happy with the answer i got back then and once again, I'm not sorry for asking it. Communication can be better. Yes WG can be looked at as at fault with this. People make mistakes, and this is a game. Just let people be people and okay the game or not.