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  1. OMG what a difference!

    You feel bad, I got 32 GB as well on an intel X99 chipset. Quad channel memory is fun for this game. Also congrats on the new rig. May your frames be many and your shells find there targets o7
  2. Question about Mikasa

    Ran into this a lot taking mine out. One is the surprise, yes there is another mikasa in queue with you. The other is it is a T2/T3 match and mixes you in with the T3 BB's. It's unfortunate when this happens but still fun.
  3. I'd triple the amount of guns on the okhotnik, increase the turret rotation, and maybe shave some off the top to increase concealment. I mean if we could add buffs with steel, why not be able to take some steel off.
  4. Mouse Needs Your Help for Salem Review

    Would you prefer us to just write a single post to add more match pictures or a bunch of separate posts?
  5. Tier 10 Special Module Additions

    Ok I have to speak up a little. Can we stop calling the 30% survivability to attack craft on Midway a buff. At best, it is a partial undoing of the nerf of lowering the aircraft tier. Making you use a mod slot for it as well.
  6. Screenshot of upcoming USN cruiser premium

    A valid point. Still want one.
  7. Screenshot of upcoming USN cruiser premium

    I want it, can you hint to it's concealment Mr forum cat? It has to be a selling point for it.
  8. Tactical Tip Tuesday - Cruiser Support

    Find a sneaky position to take advantage of spotted targets from your DD. Prioritize enemy DDs to keep your team mates alive. Lastly, hope enemy BBs are paying no attention to you.
  9. Dev Blog - Anti abuse system update

    This is going to be a weird one once it hits the public test server. "Ok players, we want you to purposefully team kill and cause mischief to see how this new system works."
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2024161001243570&id=1909055039420834 Super fancy moskva skin gib please
  11. My experience as a Corgi

    12. In relantion to 3, corgi veterans will defend a corgi on there team to the best of there abilities. Ran into two last night, did my best to save them :3
  12. when corgis try and break match making

    Corgi jousting is the determining way if only corgi's remian in battle. Let rngesus decide who gets credit for sinking who.
  13. what kind of container the corgi gives?

    A tennis ball. It requires lots of chewing and some fetch to open.
  14. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    One for me. Corgi 5, you fought well. Now I feel dirty for sinking a corgi having been one in the previous event. Side note, let's all remember that the corgi captains are game community members. Please don't be rude to them for taking time to do something extra for everyone.
  15. Upbote for discoball and a classy comeback.