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  1. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    CV Rework Feedback

    just going to say this, not liking the changes ti dive bombers this time around. aiming is so terrible on them with this test, i can't hit anything. First test was much better aiming them. That being said, torp bombers and rocket attack planes feel a bit better. After a few more matches i can't say this statement is true anymore. torp and rocket planes are way to jumpy and the aiming with them is no where near as good as the first test to me. Plane controlling is smoother but still kind of of odd and very jumpy. Having not gotten a T10 this time around yet i cannot say about Midway vs. Hakuryu, but Lexington vs. Shoukaku feels horribly on sided in favor of the IJN. Please give the USN the AP bombs back...
  2. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    CV Rework Feedback

    Ok, so I got the email for the second test (yay). Had a very interesting time in the first testing round. However, I though we where supposed to get a survey emailed to us after round one... ... Did I miss something or was there no survey?
  3. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    I tried playing CV's again.

    FINALLY, someone put it into words. I tired cv's back in the beta days if this game and thought they where ok. After the addition of strafing, I lost the will to play CV in this game. USN CVS are laughably underpowered in most situations. Luckly I got invited to test the CV rework beta and I am liking it so far from the last testing they did.
  4. Yes vote for me. Was a fun ship when it was in testing and heck, with deep water torps being a thing, I sure wargaming could come up with something to make it work. Side note, that picture with the old islands of ice map....... Please bring that map back wargaming.
  5. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Been away; can someone fill me in? (submarines!)

    Well the CV rework is further ahead then I thought at least. I mean they showed UK cv's recently, so those had to have been in the pipes for a while now. So how far sub are in development is unknown, but I am leaning to the "closer then you think" side.
  6. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Adjust The CV Service Cost on TST

    They did this on purpose so that it wasn't just everyone playing cv's all the time and so balance can be tested for the aa changes as well. If you read the test notes you would know this this news post
  7. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Were you selected for the Aircraft Carrier beta test?

    I got an invite. Downloading the client now. All 22GB of it. Going to be interesting testing. See everyone there.
  8. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    What the Supertest "Zero Damage" Penetration Change Means for BBs

    Well the ideas just keep flowing. Another device bokg released today about a NEW idea to the DD armor/damage "issue". https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2204959436497058&id=1909055039420834 From what I gathered, a BB's shell will now only do about 10% of its damage to a DD. I believe someone already started a forum thread on that Dev blog as well. Got to say, I am not a fan of either of these potential changes (or the black Friday boats for that matter).
  9. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Ready for Dasha

    The next line being added to the game will be British DDs. So if you want a quick captain for that coming line then get British Dasha. As far as recommendations go, you really can't pick wrong here. Now if only we could Italian Dasha and wait for an Italian line.
  10. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Facebook WoWs Commander Voice Question

    The #iamcommander thing was put on hold because to many CC's couldn't participate because either: Internet issues, not a video maker, real live events, any combinations of the previous mentioned. It is supposed to be restarted with new rules and a different way of doing it because of all the mishaps with it, but a when has yet to be determined.
  11. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Facebook WoWs Commander Voice Question

    Samuel L. Jackson for WoWs commander.
  12. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    CV Rework Feedback

    From what i have just seen, i am very interested in how this is going to go forward. I very much like the new control style. The addition of rocket barrages is welcoming, and the new AA mechanics seem... ... workable. i am a bit concerned about how the picking and changing sides of thew ship to focus AA is going to work but i guess i will have to wait and see how that feels later. This focusing on the carrier part and all at the moment. The only concern i have right now off the top of my head is how is controlling you ship going to work with all this new stuff. I mean, this IS World of Warships. i don't want to have to autopilot my ship everywhere all the time and focus a=on flying my attack formation the entire match.
  13. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    And to some of us, Yamato is called The Yamato Ho..., *user banned. Reason: "I am not a hotel"*
  14. Meanwhile, me in my wooster: "what's this, a smoke screen for me to steath fire from? I ACCEPT!" My team: "wooster, what are you doing that's smoke is from an enemy DD?! Me: "Nonsense, they just set it for me to use against them." Pops radar, DD gets sunk Me: "see, mine.".
  15. Fog_Cruiser_Nurnberg

    Wrong Answers Only: 15

    Prototype cruiser submarine hybrid ship, also potato delivery ship when not fighting in war.