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  1. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    Stop what your doing, find the nearest theater and closest to current time you can and go see the movie. Shut up, don't argue, just go see the movie. ........ this ends the review i liked it
  2. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    I kind of like the rental system for clan wars, maybe a system with lower tiered ships could be used to allow new players to try a ship class before committing to a specific line. Could rotate the ships given every major update like the clan wars rentals. I'm thinking maybe wait till a player reaches either a certain tier or commander level before just handing a new player a ship to try.
  3. PSA: Hypocrisy

    Further reinforcing the driving analogy.
  4. High tier premiums are great and all...

    woops, internet errored on me and clicked post twice XD
  5. High tier premiums are great and all...

    Ah yes, low tier premium boats. Fun things and i agree with most here in saying that Olympia would be a wonderful ship and i will absolutely through my face at the buy button to have it in game. However, i think you used the wrong picture to beg for it, Got to use a corgi to get niko's attention ;)
  6. NA team Halloween

    Saw this on the warships facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1983287925219735&substory_index=0&id=1570951153120083 And I find it hilarious that one of you went as cap and fishy. Anyone else have a nice Halloween costume they care to share?
  7. seriously... to MISSOURI, or to NOT MISSOURI

    I would like to say yes to motivating someone to get mighty mo, but with the potential of musashi being another free xp ship, you might want to hold on for a bit.
  8. I have the Kitakami in my port!!! <333

    Oh my i forgot how Beta warships looked. This image has a certain charm to it, Both in the wall of torps and the split in half (okay, 1/3 cut off from the other 2/3) kitakami.
  9. For my 12 T10s Wargaming gave to me ...

    Yeah that's about how well my 11 supercontainers did. Lucky me to get a 12th one as the try my luck for the day. :D
  10. Corgi Captain Debrief

    This was by far the funnest weekend in this game i have played. Trying to win matches with the added difficulty of almost everyone aiming at me gave the game such a thrill, and to do so knowing that death in a match only gave to the community. I didn't have the best results compared to other corgis, but there they are. Fun times for me and most of the other in the matches i played. Corgi 136 wishing everyone farewell for now. (and thanks Niko for the opportunity to be a corgi captain)
  11. Are these Corgis real or fake?

    Corgi 136 here. And let loose the borks of war!

    keep in mind, free stuff is free stuff, they basically painted a massive target on there heads. yoloing isn't the right thing to do, but the second they get detected, just about all guns are on them.
  13. Yeah that's me as well. 8PM is the time I have to wait for where I am.
  14. Thanks Noshiro. See all the fellow corgi's on the seas. o7
  15. Right, i am terrible with time zone converting, does anyone have an easy site or already converted to US east coast?