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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2024161001243570&id=1909055039420834 Super fancy moskva skin gib please
  2. My experience as a Corgi

    12. In relantion to 3, corgi veterans will defend a corgi on there team to the best of there abilities. Ran into two last night, did my best to save them :3
  3. when corgis try and break match making

    Corgi jousting is the determining way if only corgi's remian in battle. Let rngesus decide who gets credit for sinking who.
  4. what kind of container the corgi gives?

    A tennis ball. It requires lots of chewing and some fetch to open.
  5. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    One for me. Corgi 5, you fought well. Now I feel dirty for sinking a corgi having been one in the previous event. Side note, let's all remember that the corgi captains are game community members. Please don't be rude to them for taking time to do something extra for everyone.
  6. Upbote for discoball and a classy comeback.
  7. April fools idea?

    Wargaming world of tanks console did this two years ago. Even "barrowed" some of the assets from warships for it. was a fun event.
  8. Jingles Senpai noticed me in my Z-52!!!

    Congrats on being noticed, now back to the salt mines with all of us.
  9. Yay, zepplin. Don't forget the stuka bombers sound added. Going to give a lot of people heart attacks just before deleting.
  10. This all sound good, but there where 3 invincible class ships that they could have picked from. Use a less history filled one (going to be difficult) as a test bed ship, maybe keep it pre refits and down tier it. Then have another be one tier up and givien better, more WWII equipment.
  11. I agree with most in wanting Alaska before this paper ship, heck I'd even take the Lexington battlecruiser before this Russian bias.
  12. Don't forget that the amount of time and with you helping sometimes lert.
  13. Have minor distraction to turn to inbetween matches. Have a TV show paused, single player game on a console open to goof off in for a few minutes, cookie clicker to tab to and waste time.
  14. OK, i have ready a lot of these threads that pop up every time something is announced on social media or a dev blog. Everyone please keep in mind that any of these things announce are in testing. let me repeat that key word "TESTING". So regardless of where the data is coming from, there is no guarantee that this will even see the public test serve, much less live game servers. Take it with a grain of salt, keep calm and try to be helpful. Maybe suggest a different idea/fix. such as a tech tree spilt for ijn and usn cv's? yorktown and shinano anyone?
  15. what the eff is that thing on Roma?

    Taking it out in battle so far i have heard: Vino storage, pasta storage, pope's hat