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  1. I don't usually ever play subs, but I asked Warships to tell me how to dive, etc: key use, they sent me to a page with nothing about that..I just wanted to know how to dive, ......?????
  2. oldnamfart

    No points, Nothing....

    You see it says 412 battles?LOL my profile shows battles:140, vict 59 and defeats 81.....same numbers for days now.????HELP.
  3. oldnamfart

    No points, Nothing....

    I don't know what is going on but I have played for days now and profile says I have not played any games, even though I have, doesn't show victories, loses,ships sunk??Put in tickets to WOW and then still have not replied.wth>
  4. Do victories count in warships? Cause for last three days my scores have stayed the same,even though I have won most of them, not totals changed?

    1. oldnamfart


       I meant, in co-op games, do victories and defeats matter, since for the last few days I have played and the scores in profile never change.