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  1. Well even then if WG is going to do this to players and make a skill unusable in a ship, they should give that Captain a single free reset.
  2. Rythcan

    Absurd Chat Bans

  3. Rythcan

    Absurd Chat Bans

    Its not the ban that is garbage its the fact I cant even talk to my clanmates in clan chat or private chat with friends. That is beyond excessive.
  4. Rythcan

    Absurd Chat Bans

    its 2 letters they edited out
  5. Rythcan

    Absurd Chat Bans

    Na more like this anger level
  6. Rythcan

    Absurd Chat Bans

    No I don't unfortunately. This is the day and age if you even question someone's actions they cry about it.
  7. Rythcan

    Absurd Chat Bans

    Lol agreed
  8. Rythcan

    Absurd Chat Bans

    Just got a 24hr chat ban for calling out a DD that was hiding most of the time. 24hrs isn't too bad but the [edited] part on WG behalf is I cant even talk to my friends or clanmates from my friends list?????? Also is total [edited] that you cant even chat in you own clan chat. Bit excessive WG and a tad bit totalitarian. Fix it the chat ban should only apply to battles not private messages between friends.