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  1. POTAF

    With Clan Port Completed, what now?

    Coming in update 9.5, you'll be able to reset your clan's base. Its called content comrade.
  2. POTAF

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    The circle of RB conversation: Begin Here What WG says: these are NOT mandatory. For CB's sure you can use some of them and have them work. When I talk about competitive play, I would probably defer to O7 or OO7 What 007 member says: required uu's for cb are: Yamato, gearing, dm, moskva, grozovoi What WG says: So keep in mind the RB was specifically designed for those players that don't have a lot of content to dive into as they may own 5 or more or ALL the tier X's in the game. What Players say: Please not NTC, don't do it! What WG says: The reason people did not like the NTC was NOT due to UU's it was because UNDERSTANDABLY we were going to add upgrades that would be a literal BUFFS to a tier X ship. What players said: I don't want to reset lines to get buffs to my Tier X. ^go back to the top^
  3. POTAF

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Here's a hurricane guy just commenting on a few "required" ones. I would say Zao's is miles ahead of the standard upgrades. You might even say it overpowers them. Maybe it just power creeps them... You can keep inferring that those of us under 10k battles don't know what we are talking about... I know, you should use more caps because it's tough for us to understand where you're trying to place emphasis.
  4. POTAF

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Resetting a line doesn't create any new content as the ships are already available to the player. All parts of the activity are the same with regard to MM, modes, maps, ships and so on. Most people I've seen comment about using the RB say they FXP the IJN gunboats for points. This is less content than changing some numbers on the 5th or 6th upgrade slot... I get it... you're creating a narrative to explain the "solution" cooked up for the "problem" that is intrinsic to your game design. I was planning on staying out of this nonsense by playing the Italian CA and new Russian cruisers but I'm sure the upgrade for at least the russian ships will be OOC. After all, isn't every player interested in OP ships/upgrades and getting an edge $ ?
  5. I'm an average returning player that just started driving planes(carriers) and I'm hungry for knowledge. Hopefully you can help answer a few of my questions and maybe even point me to some videos for commentary/examples that will make me a better player. Please only post information relevant to random battle(PVP) in the current or upcoming game version. Discuss the past RTS style and what if's/balance elsewhere. 1. Captain skills: Please explain adrenaline rush and if this a good skill. Do the effects remain from injured planes returning to the carrier? I don't have sight stabilization yet. Is it a noticeable improvement? Is demolition expert worth it for HE bombers? 2. Are there periods of invulnerability to flak or AA dps? How does terrain tie in? I've noticed it is difficult to use rocket attacks while coming down a hill. Are there ways to mitigate this or any other terrain tricks you can share? 3. Please explain slingshotting and any tricks you have here. I read that they were testing some changes to limit this technique. Is there anything important regarding those proposed changes? 4. How can I effectively use the fighter consumable? How do you use the first fighter consumable of your first group of planes? What actions do you take when an enemy fighter jumps on your tail? 5. When is it smart to attack enemy CVs and what are the best tools for the job? 6. I've learned to dump ordnance to conserve planes. How many strikes are you trying to get with one flight? Are you focusing a single target until its dead or choosing targets of opportunity? 7. What is the first plane type you bring out and why? Do you immediately try to strike or recon? Any tips on how the game spawns the enemy fleet to make targeting specific ships easier? 8. Let's talk upgrades: are the attack time increases worth anything or is it better to just grab torpedo speed in slot 3? I have the concealment upgrade and commander skill when I run the Kaga because I don't have issues getting planes up in the air. Is this the only ship where flight control mod 1 isn't the best option? 9. Any advice/knowledge on a particular line or carrier that you'd like to share? Are there any particular targets you love going after? I really like going after the New York 10. How much gold is the perm camo for T10 CV? Please let me know if there are any other mechanics or topics I should be aware of. Thanks in advance!